So We Went to the Doctor… and Nothing Happened

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Two and a half hours up the spout: the doctor’s other office failed to send him the results of Patty’s tests, so the whole thing today was a waste of everybody’s time. So we have to do it all over again on Monday morning. Meanwhile, it’s limbo. Not the dance: that place that’s neither Heaven nor Hell, where nothing happens.

Couldn’t jump the hurdle ’cause they never set it up.

Please continue to pray for us. We need it.

10 comments on “So We Went to the Doctor… and Nothing Happened

  1. Oh, sorry. I know how frustrating this is, I hear it from my sons all the time.
    I don’t go to doctors that much, but my younger one does, and he sometimes wants to scream.

  2. You’ve got my prayers, more fervent than ever… Hard to enjoy a journey that takes you nowhere, except back to “go” – again.

    1. That’s no joke. My friend in Canada needed an operation in January–you know, life-or-death situation. He was lucky to get it in April.

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