Versatile Critters

We’ve got a dog who gets into a car like Jackie Chan would do it, if he didn’t feel like opening the door, and a parrot who draws his own bath water, and a cat who grooms–what was that? a prairie dog or a woodchuck?–and somebody who swims with the manatees and lives to tell about it. Could you ask for anything more?

8 comments on “Versatile Critters

  1. That was a pretty good video. It almost looked like a Prairie Dog, but I’m not sure. Lots of neat stuff and I’ve never seen a chick hatch before.

    1. I’ve only seen fence lizards hatch, and that’s very different. They come out of the eggs as tiny but exact copies of the adults.

    2. It’s amazing how our God created all of the animals uniquely. Reptiles, it would seem, start life as miniature adults. Birds are not fully developed and require significant care by parents whom provide this by instinct. As best I understand it, reptile parents might hang around and act as guards, but they aren’t as directly involved as bird parents. Mammals, of course, take this to another level, spending significant amounts of time raising their offspring.

      The development and growth from birth (or hatching) is a miracle in and of itself.

    3. I had two dozen of those lizard eggs, and advice from the Staten Island Zoo–and they all hatched. That was quite an event in the ol’ living room.

    4. That had to be quite the experience. There’s a video called “ My Life as a Turkey” which is about a fellow that hatched a clutch of wild turkey eggs, then raised the birds. You might like it.

    5. And I’ll bet all those birds imprinted on him, for life. I knew somebody who took in a pair of young Canada geese–and boy, were they ever his!

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