Nice Baby Animals

They’d better be nice! I had a devil of a time trying to load this video. The computer thought I wanted ghost stories. Well, yeah, I like ghost stories–but this is time for critter video.

Anyway, enjoy the baby animals while I try to figure out what happened.

Guinea Pigs Consumed by Zoomies

I’m falling in love with guinea pigs. I can’t help it. What’s going on in their minds, when they run around like this? What would make a couple of human beings behave like that?

Exciting False Fact! A guinea pig named “Dr. Edwards” taught Superhero Studies for three years before the college caught on to him. It is believed he shredded final exam papers to make nests.

Crazy for Mice?

Now that’s eccentric. Big-time eccentric: building a hobbit village in your garden… for mice. But that’s just what this man named Simon has done. Obviously the English have not forgotten how to be eccentric.

I’ve had many pet mice, and I can tell you they’re affectionate, adaptable, and very intelligent. If a mouse could live ten years, he’d be practicing law.

These are wild mice, in the video. Now that they’ve got nice houses of their own, they don’t come into Simon’s house.

There’s something very Beatrix Potter about this…

Does Your Pet Roomba?

One of the dogs in this video has a very peculiar reaction to the roomba. I wonder where he learned it.

Anyhow, this video proves that animals are individuals, just like us, and each has his own way of dealing with the roomba.

Dogs and Cats Meet Dragons

Lizards aren’t mammals. Dogs and cats are. They’re very different sorts of animals, and their interactions together can be tricky. My iguana, for one, had a cat and a dog for friends: all three used to cuddle up together. I’m guessing that was kind of unusual.

All the lizards in this video are bearded dragons. When they puff out the “beard” under their jaws, or bob their heads up and down, they’re annoyed and those are signals–which the cats and dogs ignore. They’re lucky they didn’t get bitten–although the lizards probably know that once they bite the other animal, the die is cast. So they exercise an admirable restraint.

P.S.–The squirrel would’ve gotten it but good, had the window been open.

Don’t Have a Cow, Man!

Well, at least not in your living room. Not unless you have the right kind of chair or sofa.

I daresay this is something you don’t see here in New Jersey.

Betcha this cow comes indoors whenever they leave the door open. She does seem to know herd way around.

Bonus Video: Quokka Kisses, with Meerkats

Nooze has left a bad taste in my mouth. Time for an antidote: quokka kisses! Along with some frisky meerkats, at Wildlife HQ Zoo. Would you like to trade places with this keeper?

Cat Goes Fox-Hunting

We’re told this wild animal, a fox, and this pet, a cat, are playing a game together. I believe it: these are highly intelligent animals and good at adapting, even innovating, to unfamiliar situations. So the cat chases the fox, never quite catching him, and the fox is not running flat-out… and we’re enjoying it. A little taste of what God has in store for His creation, once it gets renovated.

A Guinea Pig Train?

Well, that’s what they’re calling it–a guinea pig train. It looks like they’ve been trained to do this as a prelude to dinnertime. I’ve never had a guinea pig, but I always got the impression they could learn a lot of tricks. And there’s something very appealing about them, don’t you think?

Who Needs to Fly, When You Can Jump?

You won’t believe some of these gravity-defying leaps by assorted animals. We regret to say no turtles were involved. But dogs, goats, and even cows–up, up, and away!