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At Last! Today’s Cat Video!

Duh! I loaded this video onto the mouse and then never got around to posting it. And there I sat, looking at my stats page and wondering why not even one viewer went to the cat video. (There aren’t that many cats in it, but never mind…) Yo, Mr. Genius! That’s because it isn’t there!

So, three hours late, here it is, delivered with a sigh.

Piggy-Back, Anyone?

Oddly enough, there are no piggies in this video. And it looks like baby goats are the champions of hitching piggy-back rides.

By the way, I recommend not encouraging your kittens to jump onto your back for a ride. This becomes much less amusing when they’re full-sized cats. And, uh, when you’ve got company, or a repairman, they might find it even less amusing.

Cuddly Cows

It’s beginning to look like I missed a lot by living in the suburbs all my life. But I should have remembered about cows! Once, when I was only five years old or so, my parents went on some sort of getaway in upstate New York. We stayed at a farm, and each day, I would go out to the stone wall in the back yard and hang out with the cows on the next-door farmer’s field. I remember showing those cows my toys, petting them, talking to them, getting licked by them (“cow kisses”), and just plain loving it. There weren’t any other kids around to play with, but who needs other kids when you’ve got cows?

We really ought to love them.

Some Frisky Critters

A soccer-playing cow, a pole-dancing cat, and a great big possum sleeping on your shoulder–what gives? What, you mean animals aren’t just biological robots programmed to react the same way to the same things, all the time? Like, they just might have some ideas of their own?

You bet!

Bonus Video: Critters Who Don’t Yell ‘Fore’

Enough of politics already. I sort of have to report it, but I don’t have to like it.

Instead, let us contemplate the attraction which a golf course holds for alligators and other animals. They don’t come there to play golf.

Hint: If the moose had really wanted to catch that golfer, he would’ve.

More Candid Critters!

So you thought they were behaving themselves when you weren’t looking, did you? Well, the security camera proves you wrong. Check out the squirrel visiting his local convenience store. Seems he forgot to bring money…

Candid Critters

Patty showed me this video earlier today, and I just had to use it. Dig the bear and the dumpster: moving it to a more convenient location.

P.S.–Suddenly with every single post I’m getting these “Saving of draft failed” messages. This is WordPress’s way of distressing me. I don’t know what the message means.

Animal Escape Artists

That last video was awfully short, so I’m giving you another one.

When you can’t find your pet where he’s supposed to be, it’s probably because he has figured out how to escape. Like the critters in this video.

Believe it or not, the best animal escape artists I’ve ever seen are–of all things–box turtles. You’d be amazed by their artfulness. Keeping Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson penned up in the old stalag was a piece of cake, compared to keeping box turtles.

Exuberant Pets

There’s something about that cockatoo trying to catch the roach, and then panicking because it’s harder than expected, that fascinates me. Ditto the chicken opening the door to let herself in. And the dog and the deer enjoying a back-and-forth foot race.

Hey, the verdict’s in–animals are fun!

Pets & Babies Laughing

I can’t say any of my lizards ever laughed, and I had a lot of different kinds of lizards. None of my cats ever laughed, either. But oh, I love the sound of a gull laughing!

And what is it about dogs and cats that send babies into rolls and rolls of merry laughter? Don’t we wish we understood that batter? It may be a treasure just waiting to be unearthed.

And check out the dog who won’t let the toddler open the drawer and play with the cutlery. Extra milk-bones for him!

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