‘Go Back to Bed, Lee’

I’m pretty sure that’s what this growling gator is trying to tell me: “Go back to bed!”

One should always do what a growling gator says. Maybe two or three hours at rest will do me some good.

Crazy? Cute Spider Christmas

There are folks on YouTube who are just crazy about jumping spiders. Patty fell in love with this cute video. I offer it as a bit of wimsey, worth a smile or two. Who ever thought of cute spiders? And yet they are. Kind of.

I have absolutely no idea how this video was made. Can you really train spiders to gift-wrap presents?

Orangutan Optics

A visitor accidentally dropped her sunglasses into the organgutan enclosure. The orangutan picked them up–and knew exactly what to do with them! I’m thinking it’s a mama orangutan because there’s a baby following her around.

Not only does the orang know just how to use sunglasses. She also throws them away when the novelty wears off–and that’s a pretty good throwing arm she’s got, could’ve used her on my softball team.

Baby Elephant Loves Snow

Come now! Who doesn’t love baby elephants?

We know elephants live in the tropics–who knew they’d enjoy snow so much? This is Lucas, the baby African elephant at the Toledo Zoo. Tropics, schmopicks, he loves the snow!


Cheetah Impersonates Cat

Technically they’re big cats, but you don’t have to be afraid of being attacked by a cheetah. That only happens, very rarely, in zoos–not in the wild.

So I have had to discard my theory that the cheetah makes this meowing noise to try to lure gullible humans to their deaths. You think you’re going to rescue some poor cat lost on the savannah, and uh-oh, it’s a cheetah! Run for it!

Good luck with that, kimosabe.

A Teddy Bears’ Picnic?

Holy cow! This happened right here in New Jersey! Who would’ve thought it?

Momma Bear and five cubs discovered this family’s backyard pool and decided to enjoy it.

The bear-claws don’t interact well with the pool’s liner, but they weren’t going to worry about that.

None of the humans ventured out of the house to join in the fun.

Now I’ve Seen Everything: Dog & Guinea Pig

Betcha you’ve never seen this before.

The nice lady in the video is taking her dog for a walk. And her guinea pig, too. The dog has a leash. The guinea pig doesn’t. The neighborhood features some really fancy buildings. Maybe palaces.

I never heard of taking your guinea pig for a walk. Then again, my iguana almost did a dog food commercial…

Special! Guest Quokka Leaf Video!

G’day! Byron the Quokka here with a special treat sent to us by Phoebe–top-secret video of a bunch of us quokkas snacking on leaves. We call them “ponga leaves” so that humans won’t come along and take ’em all.

We can never understand why humans don’t like leaves. You don’t know what you’re missing! And they’re good for you, too. A woman named Smith ate leaves and lived to be 120 years old. You could look it up!

We hope you appreciate this wee glimpse through a keyhole into the lovely motel room of quokka cuisine. I am working hard on my metaphors!

Nice Baby Animals

They’d better be nice! I had a devil of a time trying to load this video. The computer thought I wanted ghost stories. Well, yeah, I like ghost stories–but this is time for critter video.

Anyway, enjoy the baby animals while I try to figure out what happened.

Guinea Pigs Consumed by Zoomies

I’m falling in love with guinea pigs. I can’t help it. What’s going on in their minds, when they run around like this? What would make a couple of human beings behave like that?

Exciting False Fact! A guinea pig named “Dr. Edwards” taught Superhero Studies for three years before the college caught on to him. It is believed he shredded final exam papers to make nests.