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You Can’t Keep This Badger Penned

(Note: Our friend Erlene, who once had a badger for a pet, is all right, but has a lot she needs to do for her son; and her computer’s not working up to snuff. Let us keep her in our prayers.)

Here’s a South African conservation team trying everything they can think of to keep their honey badger inside his enclosure. They can’t! He’s really much too smart for them. The only thing he doesn’t know how to do is forge papers.

Holy Cow! ‘We’ve Got Bears!’

You’ve got a nice little backyard pool, and you live in New Jersey–that’s safe, right?–and the last thing you expect to see when you look out the window is a whole family of bears cavorting in your pool. A mother bear with five cubs.

They liked the swing set, too.

You will notice that none of the humans involved chose to run outside and try to chase away the bears.

What a good time they had!

Bird vs. Cat-Nap

This strikes me as very strange. The cat is trying to take a nap; the bird is trying to get him up. Parrots or parakeets might do this–but a dove? Why is this dove so totally unafraid of this cat? Why doesn’t the cat harm the bird? Honk if you can explain what’s going on here.

‘Fore!’ for a Fox

They forgot to put up a “Humans Only” sign; so here’s a fox who’s learned that he can have a lot of fun on a golf course.

Question! If the fox should drop or roll your ball into the hole… how do you score that?

Wait’ll they discover bowling alleys.

Funny Animal Friendships

We love to watch animals playing together, don’t we? Some of the combinations in this video, you never would’ve thought of. Bear and tiger rubbing faces–not something you see every day. I guess the closest I’ve come to seeing this in real life was my iguana napping on the bed, cuddled up with his two friends–the schnauzer and the big black cat.

The Cockatoo from Hell (and other offenders)

I don’t say my cats are paragons, but Robbie and Peep would never, ever do any of the things depicted in these videos. We give them cardboard boxes to shred into confetti, and they seem content with that.

But oh! the cups and straws and toilet paper, and mail, and pages from a magazine–all over the place! They’ll be clamoring for free college next…

Mommy Critters

We once had a mouse named Sleepy, who had a lot of babies. They didn’t want to be weaned. Instead, they would chase her around until they caught her, then all try to nurse at once: and wound up lifting her off the floor of the aquarium. Her only recourse was to climb up to the top of the water bottle, where they couldn’t get her, and chatter crossly at them.

The mommy critters in this video all had an easier time than that.

Still More Cozy Critters

If the lion and the lamb can lie down together, then so can the gecko and the French bulldog. And the dog and the parakeet. And the kitten and the chicken.

If the human race has done nothing else right, at least we’ve created conditions whereby animals can love each other–even if we haven’t yet quite mastered it.

Follow the Bouncing Bison

This is something we don’t get to see much of, here in New Jersey. Several people in my neighborhood have trampolines in the back yard, but you never see anyone, human or animal, using them.

The bison in this video clearly wants to use the trampoline, and is just as clearly miffed not to find it in working order. He acts like he’s used a trampoline before, but it’s possible he’s only trying to give that impression.

Cuddly Critters

Do you love it when your pets show affection for each other? Although the parrot and the dog in this video are not so much friends as they are partners in crime.

I once lived in a house where the cat learned how to open the refrigerator and push stuff out for the dog to eat. Cuddling is one thing; stealing the humans’ suppers is another.


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