Dog Gone Fishin’

Look at the size of that fish! And this dog means to catch it. I don’t know about these giant catfish; but the little ones in Tommy’s Pond had spikes on their fins and you’d better be careful with them.

Armadillo Playtime

I know this is awfully short, but I just couldn’t resist it. Who knew armadillos were such jolly little souls? Look at the fun this one has with his simple toy. I wonder if they’ll play with pipe cleaners.

A Different Kind of Bunny

I guess you’ve got to go out West to see these in the wild: the American pika likes rocky, rough terrain. They’re related to rabbits, but look more like a cross between a hamster and a teddy bear. I wonder if they’re good company.

Beyond Zoomies. Way Beyond

Cats and dogs and other critters–even a spider–are sometimes so excited, they just can’t contain themselves. I am by no means ready for another work week to begin. Maybe I should try some zoomies. What could it hurt?


Imagine you’re out in a rowboat at night, fishing under a full moon. And you’ve hooked into something hefty, you’re reeling it in, eager to see what you’ve caught–

And this is the face that comes up from the water!

The Asian sheepshead wrasse: I guess you could say it has personality.

Sleepy Critters

How do you come to fall asleep in your water dish? I don’t see that at all. Anyway, it’s been raining all day here, it’s cold… and I think these assorted critters have the right idea.

Does This Ever Happen in Your House?

Things happen very differently in houses than they do in forests. I don’t know how many fawns and bear cubs find their way into houses. Maybe one or the other–but both? Be ready, I guess, for funny things to happen.

The Real Elephant in the Room

Here “the elephant in the room” is not a figure of speech; it’s a real elephant… whose ambition seems to be to go indoors. Maybe he heard the phone ringing. Given that an elephant can’t use the door, he does less damage than you’d expect.

Battle of Wits: Squirrel vs. Human

Normally my money would be on the squirrel; but this time out, I would’ve lost.

The squirrel will try and try to climb the pole to the bird feeder, but he can’t get past the Slinky.

But he’s a rodent: give him time, he’ll think of something.

‘There’s Bears in the Pool!’


Hey, bears get hot, too. And they like a nice dip in the pool as much as anybody. Your family pool, bunky!

This video’s from northern New Jersey, where black bears are not uncommon–only a mother bear with five cubs is stretching it past the limit.