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Kooky Kritters: The Saga Continues

I’m sure a dog who takes it upon himself to transfer stones from one stream to another is worthy of a saga. Ditto the cat who grooms the owl, and the cockatiel who wants to pluck keys off the keyboard. I’ve studied the Icelandic sagas, and I have to say they’re kind of short on kooky animals. Thorstein Cod-Biter would have been much the better for having a pet turtle to take care of.

‘Jurassic World IV’: Hedgehogs

I thought that headline might prove irresistible.

Anyhow… I’ve never had a hedgehog, but there’s something about those little characters that makes me smile when I see them. I have heard that they are most closely related to ladybugs and school administrators, but I don’t see that at all. You can tell by the way they run that they’re mammals.

Laugh Break

See the source image

I can’t stand any more nooze! How about a funny story instead?

This is a true story from an impeccable source. I think.

“I was fishin’ down the river one day, and wouldn’t you know it, I ran out of worms. I wanted to keep on fishin’, but how could I do it without bait?

“Just then a copperhead came slitherin’ along with a nice big worm in its mouth. Well, I wanted that worm! So I took my flask of whiskey and poured a little sip into the copperhead’s mouth. He dropped the worm and slithered away real fast, and I had the bait I needed.

“I no sooner put the worm on the hook when I heard a rustlin’ in the bushes. It was the copperhead, come back. And he had another worm…” And a newfound taste for whiskey, I guess.

Endearingly Goofy Pets

Honestly, I could’ve sat here and cried as I watched the rat try to use $20 bills as nesting material–and so persistent! Wasn’t going to take no for an answer. I’m so glad my rats never did that.

In this video you will also be treated to the spectacle of a dog being chased by a fish. That’s something you don’t see every day.

Gotcha! (Startled Critters)

Don’t miss the red panda. I’ve never seen one in a video before. What a gorgeous animal!

But like everybody else in this installment, the panda gets spooked. A few of these victims are pranked on purpose by other household pets. My cat Henry used to like to jump out on you when you least expected it. It would’ve been horribly scary, coming from a giant spider; but your cat? Naaah…

The Joy of Boxes (Not Just for Cats)

The love felt by cats for cardboard boxes will echo down the corridors of time; but other critters love ’em, too. Even wolf cubs. Even bunnies. And dogs of all ages can have a blast with cardboard boxes.

And you can, too, if you don’t care what people think.

More Funny Critters

Want to drive yourself absolutely bonkers? Take a little four-year-old girl and give her one of those toy accordions that wheeze out random notes bearing no resemblance to any known form of music, and add a howling dog. Guaranteed to freak you out.

And then we’ve got the Corgi packing for vacation, and the cat operating the water cooler (without a cup), and the bunny enthusiastically unrolling the toilet paper–

Welcome to our world.

A Cavalcade of Critters

Why do snow-white dogs always want to dig in thick, soupy, black mud?

Why do cats want to stop you from drawing or writing?

And what rules of etiquette govern how you ought to feed your giraffes if you’re feeding them indoors?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Kooky Kritters

Watch in admiration as three huskies show you a sure-fire way to get evicted from your apartment! Plus the cat who wants to be a mobile on the ceiling, the two ferrets fighting over one water dish (not shown: the genius who gave them only one dish), and a cast of dozens. By popular demand, we do not have the chameleons’ Thanksgiving dinner.

Baby Armadillos

These odd little animals are a lot more playful than I thought. Dig the two armadillos playing with the kitten–with the dog checking in from time to time to make sure they don’t hurt the kitten. Animals are way cooler than we give them credit for.

Here in armadilloless New Jersey, we are in the midst of a fierce thunderstorm. *sigh*

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