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Pets with Ideas of Their Own

“I will not have this water bottle up here, no matter how many times you put it back.”

“I will knock you over and run on your face.”

“Stop reading that stupid book and pet me!”

All of the cats and dogs and goats (plus one raccoon!) in this video have their own ideas of what they and their humans ought to be doing: some good ideas, and some not so good.

More Funky Critters

Y’know something? I have no idea what I meant by that headline.

Anyhow, our dogs and cats and birds, et al, live in a world designed for and dominated by human beings–and look how well they make the best of it. Their adaptability always amazes me. We wouldn’t do half as well in a world designed by and for cats.

National Pet Day

Well, it’s always Pet Day around here. It’s one of the ways we keep our sanity. Cats and dogs, bunnies and guinea pigs, birds, with even a hedgehog (where do you go to buy a hedgehog?) and a bearded lizard thrown in–all getting along with their humans just fine, all helping them overcome the urge to go out and punch somebody in the nose.

Pets at Peace

This is astounding: the big scary pit bull cuddling the guinea pig and exchanging sniffs and kisses with the tiny baby rabbit, while the cat presides like a doting grandparent. How are animals able to learn to do this? And why can’t we?

I am pretty sure that Heaven looks like this.

Full of Fun: Baby Goats

They’ll jump on anything that doesn’t run away–sleeping dogs, horses, bulls, and even human beings. And trampolines!

They’re baby goats, and they have the gift of joy.

Frolicky Lambs

The more of these videos I watch, the more amazed I am by the capacity for joy which God built into so many of His creatures. He didn’t have to do that. If any of us had had the job, we never would have thought of doing it.

Watch these lambs. They love their lives! And for all we know, clams and sponges do, too. They just don’t show it in any way that we can recognize. The suburbanite in me wonders, wistfully, what it would be like to spend a day with these lambs. Yo, Heidi, wait for me!

God’s stuff. It always works.

They Don’t Just Steal Your Heart

In fact, your pets’ll steal just about anything–especially if they think they can eat it. Here it’s mostly dogs and cats, but also a monitor lizard with a yen for socks–I don’t get that at all–and a greedy frog who wants the greens that the lizard’s eating: and that’s a new one on me, ’cause there’s no such thing as a herbivorous frog.

Is There a Donkey in the House?

Extraordinary! This donkey was born with a liver that wasn’t working properly. He’s okay now, but he almost died, and the condition left him… well, undersized. Much smaller than a donkey ought to be.

His people took him into the house and nursed him to health. Consequently, the baby donkey was socialized by human beings and their dogs–so he behaves more like a dog than a donkey. Such adaptability hints at high intelligence. Or else he just realized early on that dogs have a lot more fun than donkeys.

Pets of the Week

Enough with the crummy news already–let’s relax with our pets.

That business with the hedgehog reminds me of when I discovered, as a kid, that if I rubbed my pet lizards’ bellies, with would put them into something like a hypnotic trance. I’ll bet the same thing happened with that hedgehog.

Cute Guinea Pigs

I’m not sure this is the video I selected.

I’ve never had a pet guinea pig, and I’m sure I missed out on a good thing. I really love those floppy ears, and that sound they make. I don’t love the combination of guinea pigs and water beds, but that’s another story.

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