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Funny Armadillos (with atrocious “music”)

Armadillos are cool, funny, and we don’t get a chance to see much of them–well, not up here in New Jersey, we don’t.

To enhance your enjoyment of this video, turn off the sound track. I am sure I never heard worse… music? can I call this garbage music?… in my life. Don’t even think about it getting better as it goes on.

Bears Just Wanna Have Fun

The way they heard it, Goldilocks was a bear who wandered into the house of The Three Humans and tried out all the hammocks.

Momma Bear and two cubs get the most out of this hammock. Meanwhile, I’d like to know what that thing is in the background. Has someone partially buried an old brass bed? Something spooky about this whole scene…

The Three Amigos (Cat, Rat, & Dog)

Here’s something you don’t see every day–a cat, a rat, and a dog all playing together. Like, isn’t the rat supposed to get eaten?

But our pets are marvelously adaptable, and learn to do a lot of things at home that they would never do in the wild. Our rats were smart as whips, affectionate, and playful. But they only had humans to play with. This rat has got it made.

Special Fantastic Video Treat!

What if you really did have an elephant in the living room? Here’s a house in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand, where a wild bull elephant decided to drop in for a visit.

But look how careful he is not to wreck the place. If he shrugs his shoulders, that’s it for the roof.

Those wet patches under his eyes are not tears. They are a sign that he’s seriously looking for a mate. And I guess he was determined to look just about anywhere.

Cranking Up the Cat

The cat wants to take a nap. But the ferret wants to play–specifically, wants to play with the cat–and will do just about anything to get the cat cranked up. Some of this footage would convert very nicely into a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Amazing False Fact: The original Roman chariots were pulled by ferrets, not horses.

Incredible Snoring Animals

Penguins sleep standing up, seals can sleep floating in the water, and even hummingbirds and chameleons have their own sleep style. But there’s one thing they all have in common.

They snore. They all snore.

My cats can really saw wood, once they get going…

Smart Iguana vs. Cat

My iguana had cat and dog friends. But this is a neighbor’s cat, and the iguana in this house can’t quite decide what to do. He could charge the cat–that’s sometimes an option for iguanas, and it can be quite scary–but it seems he’d rather not. Note he’s perfectly okay with the dog with whom he shares the house.

And then watch how cleverly the iguana solves his problem. Somebody raised him to be a good boy!

(Iguanas are social animals, and if you want one to be a good pet, you have to bond with and train him while he’s still young and little.)

The Hen Who Raises Cats

This is fascinating. The hen raised a cat to adulthood, and is now helping the cat raise her kittens. The hen won’t let any of the other chickens into the hen-house while the kittens are there–except for her own daughter, who helps her (hey, somebody help me with a verb here!) tend to the kittens.

Mere biological machines–what bunk.

More Baby Rhino

Such a lively little fellow! And he does seem to enjoy the company of humans. Who knew?

True, we don’t see Momma Rhino frolicking and cutting capers. Maybe that’s just too hard to do when you weigh a ton or more. Then again, an adult rhino can run fast–30 miles per hour, and change. If one of them plowed into you at full speed… where would you come down?

Smart Donkeys

How about something nice, for a change? Yeah, let’s do that.

There’s a fence between these donkeys and where they want to go. They study the situation. They think about it. And then they solve the problem.

It’s not a bad thing to be a smart ass–if you’re a donkey.

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