In Pursuit of a Pigeon

Mysterious animal interaction! Guinea pigs don’t eat pigeons, they’re not predators–so why are they chasing the pigeon all around the yard. The pigeon can fly–so why doesn’t he just fly away? Or up to the top of the fence, from which safe location he can taunt the guinea pigs?

Really, what is going on here?

It’s No Reflection on You

All sorts of animals get confused by mirrors, but at least dogs and cats seem to enjoy it. You will also see a boy mugged by a parakeet.

I once had a chameleon who responded so aggressively to his reflection (the males get shirty with one another) that I had to take the mirror away before he did himself a mischief.

Who’s That Knocking at My Door?

I think this must’ve been filmed through one of those fisheye lens peepholes in the door. Otherwise, the homeowner might have just opened the door when the doorbell rang.

But be fair! When your doorbell rings, how would you ever imagine it was… a bear? Since when do bears ring doorbells?

And those little figures he knocked down and played with–didn’t those used to be made of concrete? I remember them as being fairly heavy.

Moral of the video: Don’t be in too much of a hurry to open your door.

Spider Man!

You know we’re starting to lose it when we talk to spiders and want to play with them. I remember the first day I suddenly realized I was actually playing with one of those little zebra jumping spiders. Starting to go round the bend, ain’t ya?

But there’s something oddly appealing about them! Just don’t ask me what it is.

Try This Simple Trick to Make Your Pets Pick Winning Lottery Numbers!

Oh, fap! Those email headlines’ll be the death of me.

Anyway, we have some amusing pets for you here. I don’t recommend giving a raccoon a treat that dissolves in water when he tries to wash it. It’s too much like a headline about some “bombshell” or other that turns out to be a big fat nothing

Let Your Pets Do Your Laundry

We know about cats and dogs–just try to keep them out of the laundry. But here we also have a piglet, a raccoon… and a monitor lizard who has a thing for towels. Be warned: the piglet steals the show.

It is said that the great Tunisian poet, Ike Flannagan, had a pet seal that also did his ironing for him. But who can believe a thing like that?

The Possum’s Girlfriend

Here is a possum who’s just plain crazy about this girl. Who knew they could be so affectionate? Did somebody say opossums are primitive mammals, left over from the Age of the Dinosaurs? Fap! to that. A dog will make this kind of fuss over someone, but no dinosaur ever did.

Or maybe it’s just her hair…

P.S.–My wife had a pet possum years ago, a female with babies, and has fond memories of it.

I brought a baby possum up to my room when I was a boy, but my mother freaked out when she saw it.

Where It’s Always Groundhog Day

The man in this video is trying to tame a young wild groundhog. He’s obviously making progress. You can do this with squirrels, chipmunks, and wild rabbits, too.

I hit a home run in a softball game once, courtesy of a groundhog. I hit the ball and it rolled into a groundhog burrow under the left field fence. No ground rule covered that rather unusual situation, so the homer was allowed.

It’s not like I did it on purpose, y’know.

Kitten vs. Duckling: The Steel Cage Match

We couldn’t really get a steel cage, so the barnyard will have to do.

What are this cat and duckling doing? It looks like they’re fighting, but neither one is getting hurt. At any time the kitten could have run away, jumped onto a chair, climbed a fence, whatever. But no–he sticks around to have his face pecked repeatedly. As for the duckling–well, maybe he pushes this a little farther than it ought to go. He’ll learn.

Cats & Dogs &… Tanks? (Did He Say ‘Tanks’?)

If you ever visit the Aberdeen Proving Ground, you’ll see a lot of vintage tanks that’ll make you wonder how anyone ever managed to get inside them and fight a battle–and how they ever got back out. But as you can see in this video, cats don’t have that problem. Neither do chihuahuas.

But we also have a couple of guinea pigs, a hamster, and a parakeet trying their luck at armored warfare. Guinea pigs really do seem to get the hang of it. The hamster is hopeless. Try to keep him out of your order of battle, if you can.