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Flash! How to Make a Lizard Go to Sleep

I had a couple hours’ worth of errands to do today, I am so far behind in my work, I’m fed up with the nooze–

But I couldn’t take a break without sharing this vital information with you all.

I’ve tried this with a lot of different kinds of lizards, and it always works: if you want the lizard to go to sleep, rub its belly. I’m told it works on alligators, too, but can’t vouch for it.

Does anybody know if it works on celebrities?

Hamster Shows How It’s Done

Hamster balls hadn’t yet been invented, back when I had a hamster, so mine missed out on all the fun. Here a hamster demonstrates the technique of running around in a hamster ball–pursued by a bird who wants to get in on the act. Can you put a bird inside a hamster ball? What would happen if you put a jidrool inside a hamster ball?

Glamorous Baby Goats

Baby goats–sweet, aren’t they? See, we don’t just do cats and dogs around here. Wouldn’t you like to play with some of these little characters? They look like they can really get into the spirit of it.

I admit that “glamorous” is probably not the right word to apply to goats of any age. I thought it might make for a catchy headline.

Where Is Everybody Today?

I can only hope these funny animal videos can pull my view totals out of the hole today. The regulars are here, but not many others.

Well, these videos raise many questions. Why did the salmon cross the road? When is a mud puppy not an amphibian? How many people do you know who have a pet bush baby? And why would you even want to think about getting kissed by a camel?

Some of these have already appeared in other compilations, but I wouldn’t hold that against them.

Endearing Young Sloths

My wife has a fondness for baby sloths. A lot of people do. They make cute baby sounds. There’s also a kangaroo in this video. Don’t ask me how that happened.

Back in the day, giant ground sloths got as big as elephants. I wonder what their babies were like.

Lizard Snacks!

Here’s a lizard who knows exactly what he wants–blueberries! And if the floor’s too slippery for graceful locomotion, that’s a small price to pay.

People have been having a lot of fun with these Australian bearded lizards since they became popular. The lizards, I mean; not the people. I don’t much care for the idea of people as pets.

Fun with Critters

We have one dog who just can’t wait to get his mail–well, somebody’s mail–another who won’t get down off his high horse, and a fish who fetches tennis balls. What we don’t have is any nooze. I don’t know about you, but that’s the way I like it.

An Angry Gecko

This is a wild gecko in Australia that came into someone’s house, as geckos often do, and most emphatically didn’t want to leave. Considering the very small size of this lizard, he puts up quite a tussle.  Note the bobbed tail: it probably broke off, some time ago, and didn’t grow back all the way.

BTW, a lot of people like having geckos in their homes. They eat lots and lots of bugs.

In case you thought lizards have no voice, you were wrong. They just don’t feel the need to say much.

Weekend Treat: How Raccoons Use a Bicycle

Here’s a bonus video to kick off our weekend and flush the nooze out of our systems.

You’ve probably wondered, off and on, mostly off, how raccoons can make use of a bicycle. If they sit on the seat, their legs can’t reach the pedals. Well, wonder no more–these three baby raccoons are here to show you how it’s done. After you watch this, hang your bike off the ground and give it a try.

Charming Critters

I would’ve liked this video to be longer, but what we’ve got is nice. Especially the little Australian frilled lizard chasing a man 100 times its size: you’ve got to admire so much ambition.

The rest of the critters are fuzzy.

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