A Guinea Pig Train?

Well, that’s what they’re calling it–a guinea pig train. It looks like they’ve been trained to do this as a prelude to dinnertime. I’ve never had a guinea pig, but I always got the impression they could learn a lot of tricks. And there’s something very appealing about them, don’t you think?

Who Needs to Fly, When You Can Jump?

You won’t believe some of these gravity-defying leaps by assorted animals. We regret to say no turtles were involved. But dogs, goats, and even cows–up, up, and away!

Who Says Turtles Can’t Be Cozy?

Our little painted turtle loved to have his head scratched–and his chin and lower jaw, too. I always fed him by hand, so he was quite people-oriented. He also lived in hope that Henry the cat would someday bring him food, too, but in this he was disappointed: Henry just liked to sit there and watch him.

A lot of different kids of turtles make very nice pets.

Dog Hounded by Rabbit

Here’s a bunny whose favorite occupation seems to be chasing the dog all around the yard. To add zest to the experience, they’ve also got a nice pile of dry dirt and a lot of chickens to scatter.

I’ve got to believe this is play. If not, somebody needs a new dog.

A Spectacularly Rude Awakening

Ooh-ooh! I almost forgot to post this for you. Not sure whether to call it a sanity break. But it’s some kind of break, that’s for sure. Maybe even it’s symbolic. An omen. Send for the augurs!

Anyway, the guy falls asleep on a lounger by his in-ground pool, and along comes a bear (!) to sniff and tap his foot and wake him up.

We can’t tell who was more startled, the man or the bear. But no harm done, all’s well that ends well, we can’t tell whether the guy’s hair would’ve turned white because he doesn’t have any…

Enjoy this break from nooze and politics.

Will the Kittens Mug the Rottweiler?

I’m not easy with the idea of having a pet that could eat you if he felt like it. Rottweilers are scary.

But there are two tiny kittens in this video who don’t find the Rottweiler scary at all. In fact, they can’t leave him alone. How do they know that’s safe?

Are these the kittens who grow up to be cats that slap down alligators?

In Pursuit of a Pigeon

Mysterious animal interaction! Guinea pigs don’t eat pigeons, they’re not predators–so why are they chasing the pigeon all around the yard. The pigeon can fly–so why doesn’t he just fly away? Or up to the top of the fence, from which safe location he can taunt the guinea pigs?

Really, what is going on here?

It’s No Reflection on You

All sorts of animals get confused by mirrors, but at least dogs and cats seem to enjoy it. You will also see a boy mugged by a parakeet.

I once had a chameleon who responded so aggressively to his reflection (the males get shirty with one another) that I had to take the mirror away before he did himself a mischief.

Who’s That Knocking at My Door?

I think this must’ve been filmed through one of those fisheye lens peepholes in the door. Otherwise, the homeowner might have just opened the door when the doorbell rang.

But be fair! When your doorbell rings, how would you ever imagine it was… a bear? Since when do bears ring doorbells?

And those little figures he knocked down and played with–didn’t those used to be made of concrete? I remember them as being fairly heavy.

Moral of the video: Don’t be in too much of a hurry to open your door.

Spider Man!

You know we’re starting to lose it when we talk to spiders and want to play with them. I remember the first day I suddenly realized I was actually playing with one of those little zebra jumping spiders. Starting to go round the bend, ain’t ya?

But there’s something oddly appealing about them! Just don’t ask me what it is.