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Unusual Critters

Well, I’ll be a turtle on a skateboard! Uh, wait, check that–they’ve already got one of those in this video.

As for the bulldog co-piloting the helicopter: think there’s a possible sitcom in that?

Cute Little Pikas

This has got to be the cutest animal in North America–the pika. Bigger than a hamster, smaller than a rabbit, the pika is related to a man named Rudolph Zipple. Uh, check that–they’re related to rabbits. They live mostly in the Rocky Mountains, in boulder fields above the tree lines: “The conies are but a feeble folk, yet make their houses in the rocks” (Proverbs 30:26)

Animal Extravaganza

“Home, home on the range, where the cat and the antelope play…” But that’s only in this video. Along with a lot of other critters.

And holy cow! All those hummingbirds! Y’know, I’ve never in my life seen a hummingbird. I must be doing something wrong.

Something Different: Cozy Tapirs

Even if you know about these animals, you probably never think about them. But this keeper at the Dartmoor Zoo has two tapirs to take care of, and they really seem to like him. It doesn’t look like they’d be hard animals to make friends with.

Tapirs, found in Brazil and Southeast Asia, are related to rhinos and horses. As a boy I found them fascinating–even if there wasn’t a toy tapir to be had for love nor money, for my collection of toy animals. I would’ve liked to have one for a pet, but somehow that never happened.

A guy named Masho says he had one, but he’s a pathological liar.

Why Did the Salmon Cross the Road?

Yeah, well, that was a new one on me. Will the highway department have to put up “Salmon Crossing” signs? I know of a place in New Jersey where they have a “Salamanders Crossing” sign. They need it. We don’t want the little fellas getting run over on their way to the breeding pond.

This video also features a moose spontaneously playing with a football. Never saw that before, either.

The Near-sighted Chameleon, and Other Pets

What happens when a chameleon mistakes your eyelash for a tasty bug? And what about the German shepherd who can read? And the world’s most affectionate opossum? All these, and more, you’ll find in this video!


Critter Parade

Actually, there is no parade included in this video. It proved impossible to get the cats to remain in formation.

So all we have here is a little celebration of how fine a thing it is to have these animals in our lives–I can’t imagine what it’d be like without them.

Somewhere on Youtube there’s a video of someone’s pet clam. That’s another thing that’s kind of hard to imagine.

Play Ball! (Animals Only)

You can always have a ball with a ball! Watch the tegu lizard go to town when the ball rolls his way; and the tortoise is no slouch, either. We’ve even got a fish playing ball.

My cats have totally given up chasing jingly balls. I wonder if fish lose interest in it, too, somewhere down the line.

Your Pets Don’t Always Get Along

My wife used to chide our brother and sister cats, Buster and Missy, for indulging in “punchy hands and frowny faces.” They never did it while we were there. But if we went out to the store or something, we’d come home to find the living room littered with tuffets of white fur and two cats pretending nothing had happened. Our rats used to do that, too–as soon as we turned out the lights for bed.

But don’t fret. None of the animals in this video is at all serious about hurting anyone. They’re just scrapping.

Danger! Sloths Ahead

The sloths in this video are nice and tame. But–! Fun False Fact: Last year in the region of Rio Pupitre in the Yucatan, at least 3,600 people were chased down and eaten by sloths. Authorities said they did not run fast enough.

Ah, well–my wife is crazy about baby sloths. Always has been. They are more than just a little bit appealing, don’t you think?

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