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A Cavalcade of Critters

What are we to make of a hummingbird who wants to build a nest in some guy’s hair? Or a mayfly who finds a human leg the ideal place to molt? And the chuckwalla (that’s the lizard) who discovers it’s not always a good idea to do what a chuckwalla does best. Anyway, there’s bound to be a few in this video that you really like.

Unexpected Picnic Guests

Everybody loves a picnic–not just people and ants and yellowjackets (wow, do yellowjackets ever love a picnic!), but just about any kind of animal that you can think of. You’ll see ’em in this video.

I had to use it because the iguana in the video looks just exactly like my own iguana, who was my boon companion for 17 years. The only difference is, that if that were my old pal, there wouldn’t be any strawberries left over. He was mad for anything red, especially strawberries and tomatoes.

Is There a Squirrel in the House?

Well, there’s another thing that would’ve made my mother plotz: squirrels in the living room. And in the car, too. I once smuggled a half-grown possum into my room. She was not amused when she saw it. Thought it was an especially large rat. She was a good sport about catching bugs for my lizards and preparing salads for my iguana–but little furry things that move fast, uh-uh.

BTW, not to go all Michael Bloomberg on you, but I don’t hold with giving squirrels soda intended for humans.

And it’s not wise to give them money.

Squirrel vs. Crow: The Winner Gets Pizza

My wife went out today to find a piece of pizza firmly wedged into the side-view mirror of her car. We surmised it was put there by a squirrel.

Here, the crow won’t allow the squirrel to relax and eat the pizza, and the squirrel won’t share. Enjoy the chase scene.

Water Babies (the Furry Kind)

I’m impressed by the way these animals figure out how to use all these different dispensers designed for humans. They do everything but open the bottles.

And then there’s the parrot with his special water dance…

A Barnyard Frolic

This little corgi truly, passionately wants the chicken to play with him. I’m sure I couldn’t resist it, but the chicken can. In fact, she’s downright irritated. I couldn’t get any sound with this video, but whatever noise they were making moves a duck to get in on the act. All they need now is Freddy the Pig.

Sanity Break: Cool Critters

When the hurly-burly’s done, When the battle’s lost and won/

Everyone around here knows It’s time for critter videos.

Thing is, you never know what animals are going to do next. Or what they’re doing just now, sometimes. Like the dog frantically trying to remove rocks from the brook. Or the cockatiels who won’t led the hapless human type on the keyboard. Go figure.

One Clever Donkey

The donkeys want to get out of their pen, but can’t–until the Wise Donkey comes along and solves the problem for them. Not only that, he lets the others all precede him into freedom. He’s not just smart; he also has nice manners.

I gravely fear there are humans among us who wouldn’t be able to figure out how to get out of the pen.

Kittens & Puppies Together

WARNING: You’re gonna fall in love.

How can you tell they’re not hurting each other, when they do this stuff? Hint: the puppy yawns as the kitten chews his leg; the kitten almost falls asleep as the puppy gnaws his ear.

Pets with Ideas of Their Own

“I will not have this water bottle up here, no matter how many times you put it back.”

“I will knock you over and run on your face.”

“Stop reading that stupid book and pet me!”

All of the cats and dogs and goats (plus one raccoon!) in this video have their own ideas of what they and their humans ought to be doing: some good ideas, and some not so good.

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