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Some Cool Critters

You’ve got to be Dr. Doolittle to figure out what some of these little characters are doing. I’d understand that parrot’s display if he were a lizard, but he isn’t, so I don’t. And then there’s the cat who discovers he can fly. And the household where the pets are a bunny and… I think it’s a fox.

Surprise! (Courtesy of Cats and Dogs)

When they’re not surprising us, animals surprise each other. Sometimes they even surprise themselves–as you will see in this video.

Note: If you were expecting to see Godzilla vs. Megalon, we don’t do that till the day after Thanksgiving.

Cranking Up Your Guinea Pig

I can’t tell whether they’ve got another guinea pig, a tape recording of a guinea pig, or a gifted human being impersonating a guinea pig; but whatever it is in the background, this little character wants to find out all about it.

I’ve never had a guinea pig for a pet, but something tells me you could get really attached to one.

Animal Antics

All right, I finally broke down and watched this video. I had been avoiding it because I don’t approve of apex predators, like hammerhead sharks, as entertainment. I think the diver’s striped wet suit is to make the sharks think he’s some kind of sea snake.

But the rest of the clips are fun. The bear opening the car door, the raccoon performing a high wire act on the bird feeder, the cow nursing baby goats–just gotta love ’em. Unless it’s your car that the bear climbs into.

Cavalcade of Critters

A bird on the head is worth two in the bush.

Never let a cockatoo re-arrange your sock drawer.

If a cat really wants to get out of the house, he will.

These insights, and more, are included in this video.

Critters with Cool

I don’t, as a rule, recommend letting your dog swim with black-tipped reef sharks. Someone off-camera was feeding those sharks. They may be only three or four feet long, but they do like the odd big toe when they can get it.

You will also see a naughty cat whose hobby is pushing things off the table. I would be very disappointed in my cats if they did that.

Did Somebody Say ‘Meerkats’?

Somebody’s been dropping hints about meerkats, not that I need a lot of prodding to post some meerkat video. They’ve gotten very popular because they like to stand on their hind legs and look like they understand what’s happening around them.

These are actually African mongooses (mongeese?) who live in small colonies–sort of like mongooses trying to be prairie dogs.

Hedgehogs and Extraterrestrial Life

Imagine a planet where hedgehogs are the dominant life form. But don’t spend an awful lot of time and effort doing it.

Meanwhile, the hedgehogs we have down here on earth have a gift for making us smile. Unlike porcupines, their quills are not barbed so it’s safe to pet them.

Some Critters with Joie de Vivre

Right now you’re probably asking yourself, “Joie de vivre? What’s he going on about?” Well, it sounded smart, okay?

As for the video–well, you’ve just got to be delighted with the tiny baby and the great big horse. Babies love animals–not hard to understand that! A good thing not to grow out of.

Animals in Overdrive

Everything’s in this video! A parrot who does card tricks. Ricocheting cats. An emu who trips over the sidewalk. And a pair of parrots who sing a duet. Well, all right, it comes up short on the axolotl front–but then so does Ye Olde Shoppe of Curious Curios in Scurveyshire.

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