Cats & Dogs &… Tanks? (Did He Say ‘Tanks’?)

If you ever visit the Aberdeen Proving Ground, you’ll see a lot of vintage tanks that’ll make you wonder how anyone ever managed to get inside them and fight a battle–and how they ever got back out. But as you can see in this video, cats don’t have that problem. Neither do chihuahuas.

But we also have a couple of guinea pigs, a hamster, and a parakeet trying their luck at armored warfare. Guinea pigs really do seem to get the hang of it. The hamster is hopeless. Try to keep him out of your order of battle, if you can.

Fox Steals Golfers’ Balls!

(Sorry for the headline! I couldn’t resist. But it’s not inaccurate.)

This golf course is in Montana, but it’s not the only golf course in America where this peculiar thing has happened.

A fox is collecting golf balls. They haven’t yet been able to find where he’s stashing them. But they have him in camera picking up balls that are in play and making off with them.

What do you suppose he’s doing with them?


If my wife woke me in the morning by biting me, I’d consider that rather rude. But cats and dogs are bound by no such conventions. Neither are parakeets, for that matter. Hey, when your cat or your dog or your parakeet wants to wake somebody, they’ll do whatever it takes.

Follow the Bouncing Critters

Animals just love the trampoline, as you’ll see on this video–lotsa dogs, lotsa goats, but also a couple of foxes and a pig. Boing, boing! Look at this cool thing the humans set up for us!

I did once post a video of a full-grown bison trying to use a trampoline; but the trampoline wasn’t equal to the challenge.

Crazy Like a Fox

This is a very short video, so I’ll try to find another for you. But you can’t go wrong with a couple of foxes discovering the pleasures of the trampoline.

We have a fox in our neighborhood now. Sooner or later people are going to wind up feeding him.

Sanity Break: Dog & Horse Playing

I can’t stand any more of this Far Left happy bull-schiff that’s being slathered all over our country by villains and moral imbeciles. Let us join the dog and the horse for a sanity break.

I’m convinced human beings can have fun, too, just like animals, if only they put their minds to it: if only they remember how.

But then dogs and horses do not read the nooze.

The Squeaky-Toy Frog

Jambo, everybody! Mr. Nature here–with a tiny African frog that sounds just like a dog’s squeaky-toy.

Actually, this frog is angrily defending his territory. He needs to work on his threat display. Puffing himself up, that’s a popular frog tactic. It’s the squeaking that makes him as cute as a button.

God’s stuff–it’s just way cool.

The Crow & His Pets

What’s going on here? A crow is feeding a cat and a dog, one morsel at a time. The two carnivores tamely accept snacks from the bird’s beak. How did the crow set this up? Whose idea was it? How did the crow know he wouldn’t get eaten? And what are the dog and the cat thinking? What the other dogs and cats must think of these two… tut-tut.

When a Bear Comes Calling…

Get a load of this: a great big bear comes climbing up the porch to see if anyone’s home. There being nothing or no one to eat, she decides to leave.

Wait! The bear is wearing a collar. Hmm… And attacked to the collar, it seems, is some kind of little keg. Maybe it’s got whiskey in it. Maybe this critter thinks she’s [wait for it!]…

A St. Bear-nard.


A Baby Beaver

Here in suburban New Jersey we don’t get much interaction with beavers. So I had never seen a baby beaver before.

It seems they come into this world rarin’ to go; and, like box turtles (who should certainly know better!), once they get moving, they won’t stop or turn aside for anything. I can’t explain why box turtles do that. Maybe a beaver is born with the expectation of landing in the water.