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Animals who Make Themselves at Home–in Your Home

Okay, like maybe you don’t really want a wild monitor lizard straying into your kitchen and then wrecking it, trying to get out. And wait’ll you see what some other guy finds in his living room–you wouldn’t think it would fit. Here are all kinds of animals trying–and mostly succeeding–to exploit an alien environment designed by and for humans. But try telling that to a raccoon.

Krazy Kritters

All our pets have to live in an environment designed for humans, not animals; and because they’re intelligent and adaptable, they learn to cope with it–sometimes in ways we never expected. Like the dog and the deer playing together in someone’s front yard.

Meanwhile, that is one stubborn rat they’ve got there… won’t take No for an answer.

Critter Break

Why cats and dogs take so much guff from cockatiels is one for the Durants. Look for more of those unexpected animal friendships.

Also look for two critters you hardly ever see in video–a softshell turtle and a bush baby.

Sloths and Heavy Machinery

Well, all right, only one sloth in this compilation is trying to operate sophisticated machinery. As you can see, moving extremely slowly minimizes the risk of getting into serious trouble.

The ones with the masks are three-toed sloths; the others are two-toed.

Rats! (They’re Really Quite Nice)

Rats make truly lovable pets. They’re very, very smart: if they lived longer, they’d be composing symphonies. They’re affectionate, adaptable–just think of them as small cats with hairless tails.

I have seen videos of cats opening someone’s purse and taking the money–to do what with, who knows? In this video, you’ll see a rat do it. I suspect a cat put him up to it.

Critters Can’t Wait

Well, these sure can’t. One of the things we share with so many animals is the anticipation of pleasure, and how it builds and builds until we can hardly stand it anymore.

But I hope we all have better ways of managing it than the dogs who’ve learned to lean on automobile horns.

Furry and Feathery Fun

I don’t know that elephants and orcas ought to count as pets–and wait’ll you see who the guy has to rescue from a sewer shaft. And the bulldog with his pet chickens. And not to forget the important lesson taught in this video: Do not mess with a badger. A badger’s sense of humor is rather limited.

An Otter in the Bathtub

You wouldn’t think an otter would be afraid of water, but the little guy in this video makes his aversion loudly known. No way you’re puttin’ me in that bathtub! But Momma knows best, and into the tub he goes… and takes to it. Like an otter takes to water. Reminds me of the hard time I had, getting Patty to take the little chair-lift ride on the Seaside boardwalk. And at the end, “You know, that was really kind of nice…”

A Cavalcade of Critters

What are we to make of a hummingbird who wants to build a nest in some guy’s hair? Or a mayfly who finds a human leg the ideal place to molt? And the chuckwalla (that’s the lizard) who discovers it’s not always a good idea to do what a chuckwalla does best. Anyway, there’s bound to be a few in this video that you really like.

Unexpected Picnic Guests

Everybody loves a picnic–not just people and ants and yellowjackets (wow, do yellowjackets ever love a picnic!), but just about any kind of animal that you can think of. You’ll see ’em in this video.

I had to use it because the iguana in the video looks just exactly like my own iguana, who was my boon companion for 17 years. The only difference is, that if that were my old pal, there wouldn’t be any strawberries left over. He was mad for anything red, especially strawberries and tomatoes.

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