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A Critter Convention?


Somethin’ tells me this video wasn’t filmed anywhere near by neighborhood. It almost sounds like the set-up for a good old corny joke: “A fox, an eagle, and a cat are standing on a snowy porch, and the fox says…”

Would anyone like to try to finish the joke?

There’s something special about this scene, don’t you think?

Pet Squirrels

I never knew there were so many different kinds of squirrels–red, grey, black, striped; long ears, short ears, bushy ears–I guess I should’ve asked Mr. Nature. And it looks like all of them have what it takes to make nice pets.

The squirrels around our home are very playful, and they’re used to us, so they don’t mind running rings around my chair while I’m sitting in it. We especially like to watch them when they decide to fight to the finish against a twig. We don’t like to watch them when they come into Patty’s garden and dig it up.

And I do think I would draw the line at letting my pet squirrel run around inside my refrigerator. Some of us are fussy that way.

How Our Pets Get Through the Day

You’d think animals as smart as cats and parrots would have no trouble figuring out that their reflection in the mirror is only a reflection–but I guess if there’s no one else around who wants to play, your reflection is the next best thing. These and other video clips display a common approach to getting through the slack part of the day: by acting goofy. And the goofier, the better.

Funny Critters: The Reckoning

I’ve always wanted to write a headline like that–Such-and-such: The Reckoning. It has a nice portentous ring to it.

By the way, I think that’s a hedgehog floating in someone’s bathroom sink. Not something you see every day.

No, No–Not That Kind of Snake!

Chances are you’ve seen a plumber use his “snake” to unclog a pipe in your bathroom. But you don’t expect to see live snakes, real snakes, coming out of your toilet!

How did the snakes in these videos get into the toilets in the first place–and what made them want to go there in the first place?

Note the great care exercised in removing the snake. But for the hapless person who trustingly sat down… oy!

Surprise Endings Featuring Cats & Dogs

Each of these little video vignettes features a surprise for at least one of the animals involved. And a smile for us.

And now I’ve got to stop for a while because my allergies have been killing me all day long and I don’t feel well at all.

Bonus Video: Squirrel as Snow Plow

I’ll show this bonus video if you guys promise to provide some entries to the Christmas Carol Contest tomorrow morning. Okay?

Look at this gorgeous snowscape. And watch the squirrel clear the snow off his favorite high-tension wire. I wish they’d stay off those wires, but they don’t care. Anyway, this is an industrious little fellow; and I would always rather watch someone else shovel snow than do it myself.

Operatic Animals

It takes all kinds of critters to get a man the jitters–especially when they’re in full voice. Like, somebody’s pet gecko is a touch-me-not–and what was that fox trying to tell us?

When we used to have our vacations at the shore, there was a bird that came out late at night and made noises like a Friday the Thirteenth soundtrack. We never could find out what kind of bird it was.

It is said the town of Bismuth, Texas, has a Hereford bull that doubles as an auctioneer, but I don’t believe it.

Assorted Critters Go Mirror-Mad

Not fair, letting cats and kittens have all the fun. We hereby throw Mirrorland open to dogs and horses, birds and squirrels. And I’ll bet fish might have some amusing reactions to mirrors, too. Only chances to enjoy a mirror are few and far between, down below the water’s surface.

Take note of the box turtle: locked and loaded to do battle with that interloper in the glass.

Versatile Critters

We’ve got a dog who gets into a car like Jackie Chan would do it, if he didn’t feel like opening the door, and a parrot who draws his own bath water, and a cat who grooms–what was that? a prairie dog or a woodchuck?–and somebody who swims with the manatees and lives to tell about it. Could you ask for anything more?

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