Excited Guinea Pig

I can’t read guinea pig body language, so I have no idea what’s going on here. Something about the jingly ball is setting him off. But why does he stay on the blanket? Why doesn’t he go get the ball after it rolls away? Dagnabbit, where’s the Science when you need it!

The Playful Moose

Sorry! Couldn’t resist! I showed you a squirrel flying a plane, so I just had to follow it up with a frolicking moose. Voila! Rocky & Bullwinkle!

(What the dickens is he talking about? Rocky who? Tut-tut, the man is old: he is recalling a classic TV cartoon show from the 1960s, Rocky and His Friends. It was quite avant-garde for its time. Even though he wasn’t.)

Fox to Cat: ‘Play With Me’

“The fox and the cat…” That rings a bell. Pinocchio–right? Only there don’t appear to be any animated puppets wandering around this neighborhood, so the fox and the cat might as well have some fun together.

Splish, Splash!

Here’s a young moose frolicking in a lake. I’ve never seen a moose frolicking before. He doesn’t seem to mind that the beach is full of people watching him. Well, if he doesn’t mind, why should we?

Suburban Moose

No, it’s not a new dessert sensation. It’s a young moose trying to figure out what to do with a lawn sprinkler. I see a bird house in the background. Maybe the moose would like to get involved with that, too.

I know, I know–cats and dogs and bunnies. But how often do you get a moose on your lawn?

Your Pet… Elephant?

I have never thought of elephants as house pets. Having seen this video of an elephant living as a house pet, I still don’t. This woman runs a wild animal rescue facility. She brought in a baby elephant and now he’s outgrowing the house. If you can’t find him, just follow the sound of things getting broken.

Dove Torments Cat (How Does He Get Away With It?)

Dog’s barking, TV’s blaring–and the cat wants to take a nap. Along comes this crazy dove and plagues him. Just won’t stop! And why doesn’t the cat just let him have it? Can anybody out there explain this weird interaction?

Cuddly Critters

You’d think a big dog wouldn’t think twice about devouring a rabbit or a guinea pig. But domestication engages most mammals’ better nature–and anyhow, you can never get too much cuddling and it’ll never do you anything but good. Ask any of these animals.

Sharing the Barn

We love to watch baby goats at play–and these are very little babies. Their antics attract a chicken. I don’t know what we were expecting the chicken to do. Some chickens don’t do much of anything.

Naughty Critters

Our furry friends do a lot more than just cuddle. They get up to mischief.

Keep your eye out for the squirrel in this video. He has just made a discovery that will revolutionize the construction and furnishing of squirrels’ nests.