What’s Next? Lions in the Arena?

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Months after being smacked down by the Supreme Court, Colorado, the Pot-head State, continues its persecution of the Christian baker who won’t let the state dictate the content of his art.

This time the state “Human Rights (LOL) Commission” is coming after Jack Phillips and Masterpiece Cakeshop because he wouldn’t design a custom cake to “celebrate” some wacko’s self-proclaimed “transition” into another sex–a thing which everyone but fools, lunatics, and stone Democrats know is not real. When Phillips sued the state for persecuting him on the basis of his Christian religious beliefs–ya think?–the “human rights” commissars tried to deny him access to public records.

A judge has ruled that Phillips and his attorneys have the right to see those records; otherwise they wouldn’t be public, would they? (https://www.wnd.com/2018/11/big-victory-for-christian-baker-in-colorado/)

But there’s a story here that needs to be written. The state of Colorado has attempted to ship Mr. Phillips to a “state re-indoctrination program.” A what? Did we all wake up in North Korea this morning? What do they do to you, to make your mind right? Somebody needs to go undercover and find out. But that, of course, would be to assume that investigative journalists still exist. Maybe Voice of the Martyrs can cover it.

Colorado Congressman Doug Lamborn has asked the federal Dept. of Justice to investigate Colorado’s state-run Inquisition.

Hint: If your state or city has a “human rights commission,” it means your state or city has too much money and needs its budget cut.

7 comments on “What’s Next? Lions in the Arena?

  1. How would they like it if someone was forced to bake a cake with a swastika or a gray slur, would the so-called Human Rights Commission be okay with that?

  2. I lived in Colorado for decades and loved it more than anyplace on the map, but the changes there over the last few years have made me want to avoid the place completely. The atmosphere has changed since recreational marijuana was made legal and I no longer feel safe visiting places I used to find peaceful and calm. Property prices have gone over the top and even well-paid persons have a hard time affording a home of any sort.

    While the “poor economy” burgeons, the productive economy suffers due to the ever increasing cost of doing business there. I know business owners there whom are suffering because commercial rents are off the map.

    Quite simply, it’s a place I no longer care to visit. Let them have their drugs and the culture they’ve built. I’m sorry that they took away my home state, but now that they’ve trashed it, they are welcome to keep it.

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