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It Must Be Frustrating

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This thought has been bouncing around inside my brain for several days.

Far Left Crazy in America owns the Democrat Party, the teachers’ unions, the colleges and universities, Hollywood, the nooze media–and that’s a lot of important stuff to own. They own it lock, stock, and barrel.

And they use it, every hour of every day, to try to Fundamentally Transform America and win the rest of us over to their pet causes. Open borders. Transgender. Man-Made Climate Change. Hate speech laws. Free college. Free stuff galore. But no more private homes (except for them), no more air travel (except for them),  no more privately-owned cars (except for them), and no more air conditioning (except for them). They think we ought to be in favor of this program; and so they’re at us, night and day, rain or shine, trying to get us to swallow it.

And yet for all that effort, all that passion, they just can’t seal the deal. People who are not Democrat Congressloons, college professors, brainless movie stars, or angry sex-obsessed weirdos simply don’t believe in any of that stuff and just don’t want it. No, sunshine, we don’t believe the world is going to end in 12 years unless we give up all our freedoms and let you rule us. No, we don’t believe it rained on the rocks a zillion years ago and the rocks came alive, doo-dah, doo-dah. We are normal people, and you don’t have a thing to offer us.

Oh, they keep telling us they’re the ones who’re winning, they’re on the right side of history, public opinion is slowly but surely coming over to their side–but they don’t act like they believe it themselves. For instance, they insist the public is now overwhelmingly in favor of “gay marriage.” But do you see them making any attempt to legislate it? Nope–it’s court rulings or nothing. They can’t get public support for any of their wacko schemes; they’ve always got to go running to a court to get their way imposed on us by unelected judges.

This is a presidential election year, and what won’t they do to get some Democrat socialist nut job into the White House? And what will they do if they fail again, and by a much bigger margin than they failed in 2016?

A lot of these leftids are genuinely crazy. This could be a dangerous year.

The Transgender Industry

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These went extinct because they couldn’t help it. What’s our excuse?

Why are so many evil people in this evil age pushing “transgender” as if their lives depended on it? After all (it should hardly be necessary to say this), if everyone went transgender, the entire human species would go extinct.

The depth of this perverse movement has not yet been measured, but there is one aspect of it that’s at least visible: There is now a “transgender industry” consisting of thousands of people making a living off this bizarre cultural movement.

They’ve been helped by so-called medical societies that have been fronting for “transgender,” such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Endocrine Society (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/12/31/medical-societies-provide-cover-for-transgender-industrys-propaganda/). Years ago, the AAP got away with supporting “gay” adoptions. And the Endocrine Society has a vested interest in puberty-blocking drugs and hormones.

The AAP, with some 65,000 members, sounds like it represents all the pediatricians in America. For one thing, it doesn’t. For another, AAP policy is decided by a voting board of a dozen “directors,” with no input from the general membership. The dozen policy-makers have been allied with Organized Sodomy for around 20 years.

And then there are the uncounted counselors, diversity directors, public school teachers, publishers, noozies, and academics feeding at the transgender trough. The speed with which this industry has sprung up is alarming. It certainly goes to show we have to be quicker off the mark in defending our culture. In no time at all, the satanic enterprise that is the Left can invent a new “lifestyle” and set up a powerful establishment to defend it and promote it… while normal people are still trying to find words for it, still trying to believe their eyes.

God’s judgment on this age will be severe.


Where Will This Stop?

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Before we expose you to any more craziness-inducing Christmas music, here’s a reminder that an awful lot of people have already gone around the bend.

J.K. Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter–who, a few years ago, for no reason that readily presents itself, declared that one of her major characters, Dumbledore, was “gay”–has become the target of “a deluge of attacks” by the usual LGBT crowd–for defending a researcher who lost her job for saying “men cannot change into women” (https://www.dailysignal.com/2019/12/19/j-k-rowling-faces-deluge-of-attacks-from-lgbtq-community-over-transgender-tweet/). I wonder how deeply she had to research that.

Rowling’s controversial tweet: “Call yourself whatever you like… But force women out of their jobs for stating that sex is real?”

Why can’t you say that?

And here on our side of the Atlantic, the American Civil Liberties Union has demanded that tampons be made available in men’s rest rooms (https://www.foxnews.com/us/aclu-tampons-mens-room-menstrual-equity)–in order to achieve “menstrual equity” for “every person who menstruates.”

They’re all nuts.

It is as if our ruling class and whoopee crowd woke up one morning and declared, “Hey! We want transgender! Our civilization’s goin’ nowhere without transgender!” And leaped out of bed to impose their will on everybody.

It shouldn’t be necessary to say that men are men and can’t change into women, and women are women and can’t change into men. But now we’re headed to a point where no one is allowed to say that. Even though it’s true.

I don’t know about you, but it unnerves me to think that powerful, influential, college-educated persons are pushing this insanity–that they’ve got hold of the steering wheel and stomped the pedal to the metal, heading straight for the edge of the cliff.

This is not good, and it really has to stop.

Texas ‘Gender Case’: Developing

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Father and son–but for how long?

This is getting complicated, and increasingly difficult to understand.

The Texas judge who presided over a case in October that supposedly gave a 7-year-old boy’s stepmother the green light to have the boy “transitioned” into a fake “girl”–by means of drugs, hormones, and eventual surgical mutilation, and with the boy’s father ordered to go along with this and “affirm” it, or else–well, that judge, Kim Cooks, has been ordered to recuse herself from further hearings (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/breaking-judge-who-ruled-on-7-yr-olds-gender-transition-taken-off-case).

Last month Judge Cooks turned around and awarded the father “joint managing conservatorship” with equal decision-making authority. The stepmother requested the recusal after seeing some of Judge Cooks’ Facebook posts. We have not seen them. Both parents are under a gag order, so that makes it rather hard to see what’s going on here.

A new judge will preside over subsequent hearings.

It seemed to be a done deal until the governor and state attorney general of Texas stepped in to block it.

The “mother” in the case is actually the stepmother, no blood relation to the boy and his twin brother. Shades of the Brothers Grimm. But they never thought of anything quite so monstrous as this.

We pray that the state of Texas will not allow this profoundly evil travesty to be carried out.

Another Awards Show Crashes

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100% pure crapola

Not that there was ever much reason to watch awards shows in the first place; but since they’ve formed the habit of haranguing the audience with Far Left Crazy booshwa, they’ve all seen their ratings take a nosedive.

The latest prat fall belongs to the American Music Awards this month, which posted record low viewership among their favorite demographic, 18 to 49-year-olds (https://summit.news/2019/11/25/woke-american-music-awards-sets-record-low-viewership-in-key-demo/). Like, if they don’t get this audience, they don’t get nothin’.

But gee, what’s not to like? Male dancers in lace dresses. The end o’ the world, caused by Global Warming–“No music on a dead planet!” ran the hysterical warning. Hot and cold-running gender fluidity everywhere you look. Do you really, truly mean to tell me that ordrinary dum peeple are not grateful to music celebrities for being woke and hitting them over the head with the blunt instrument of their Social Justice message?

Honk if you know how to make it stop.

Well, not tuning in at all, or just turning off the TV once they start in with the woke stuff–yeah, that’s part of making it stop. What if they gave an awards show and nobody came? Nobody.

But when did you ever hear a Democrat concede failure when only 20 or 30 people, most of them noozies, show up at one of his or her rallies? It never stopped Hillary, did it?

Nevertheless, tuning out or turning off is good for us, individually, and also cuts down on pollution of the airwaves.

Fun fact: Houseplants exposed to awards shows shrivel up and die.

ACLU Says Men Can Have Periods and Get Pregnant

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It wasn’t their fault they went extinct; but what’s our excuse?

“In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate, and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality, the better.”

That quote by British sociologist Theodore Dalrymple pretty much sums up the whole “transgender” movement. Compare it to this official Tweet from the American Civil Liberties Union:

“Men who get their periods are men. Men who get pregnant and give birth are men.” It was issued just the other day, to celebrate “International Men’s Day” by wiping out any sane definition of “man” (http://www.gopusa.com/aclu-says-men-who-get-their-periods-are-men-men-who-get-pregnant-and-give-birth-are-men/).

They humiliate us, and strip us of our self-respect, by forcing us, for fear of being trashed and vilified as “haters,” to say things we know are simply not true.

The ACLU, under the guise of defending our civil liberties and our right to free speech, has been in the forefront of the massive Far Left jihad to remake our society into God knows what. The few good things they’ve done are nothing, compared to all the harm they do.

If we have any self-respect at all, we must preserve it by defying this lunatic campaign. Defying it until it stops. Refusing to say ridiculous things that we know to be false.

And refusing to vote for any fool who says them.


Transphobia Causes Climate Change

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It’s official now: Transphobia causes Climate Change.

That’s the finding of the Settled Science Institute at Fimbo University. According to project director Drogo Baggypants, “Unless transphobia is energetically suppressed by all the world’s governments, the earth’s surface temperature will rise to 600 degrees Fahrenheit in just three years. And the science is settled, so I don’t have to answer any questions you might have.”

Dr. Baggypants pointed out that no planet with a majority transgender population has ever suffered from Global Warming. “If you want to go on living,” he said, “the science says you’ve got to live trans.”

Anticipating “some minor and ineffectual criticism,” the project director said “Even a microscopic amount of dissent from this position constitutes an anti-science attitude, and cannot be tolerated.”

For a full copy of the project’s report, just whistle.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 7 (‘The March of Lunacy’)

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Is there a state that’s short a governor?

I keep asking myself how long this crazy stuff can go on; and I don’t know the answer.

The March of Lunacy

Why do we have a “transgender” movement? Was there some kind of demand for it? Really? Why do you get kicked out of your job for saying only women can give birth to babies?

Why does the government tell you how many points your high school football team’s allowed to score? Why does the governor of New York insist there were no hurricanes until we came along with our SUVs and created Climate Change?

Who thinks it’s a good idea to keep the crazies in the driver’s seat?

‘Only Women Have Babies’? It’s Hate!

Image result for images of axolotls

Bad enough I have to write about this trash. No way I’m gonna illustrate it, too. Here’s a picture of a nice axolotl instead.

The international Far Left Crazy continues its war against reality. The latest: a spokeswoman for a charity “doula” (midwife) service in Britain has been forced to resign her position… for saying only women, not men, give birth to babies (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/birth-coach-hounded-out-of-profession-by-transgender-activists-for-claiming-only-women-can-have-babies).

This’d be funny if it weren’t so nerve-wracking to have loony people running things.

Anyway, she said it, “transgender activists” complained, and Doula Inc. left her twisting in the wind.

Lynsey McCarthy Calvert at least preserved her dignity, in these words:

“I am not a ‘cervix owner.’ I am not a ‘menstruator.’ I am not a ‘feeling.’ I am not defined by wearing a dress and lipstick. I am a woman: an adult human female.”

Another spokescoward for Doula Inc. said Doula is prepared even to make “changes in the language we use, if we believe it is necessary to make the Doula UK community more welcoming and supportive.” But obviously not “welcoming and supportive” to normal sane people.

What a load of ****.

Vote for… This?

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We have an election in our town next week. There is no Republican Party in our town. Democrats run unopposed. God help us.

I’ll be there, though, to vote against a public question: the school board’s “Proposal for Additional Funds.” Let me give it to you from the ballot.

“Resolved that there shall be raised an additional $700,000.00 for General Funds in the 2019-2020 School Year. These taxes will be used exclusively to provide a district wide Mental Health/Emotional Support Program, including appropriate staff and services, intervention, professional development, benefits and related costs. Approval of these taxes will result in a permanent increase in the district’s tax levy. These proposed additional expenditures are in addition to those necessary to achieve the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.”

Now, what do you want to bet the poor ignorant voters approve this freakin’ thing? The school district already got its budget passed, but now they want more money–$700 G’s.

Something about this vaguely-worded proposal cries out “Mischief!” Whom will they decide needs “mental health intervention”? Who needs their “emotional support,” and why? What kind of support? And so on.

Educators can’t be trusted. Why do they get to take our money, then go ahead and hire anyone they please to teach our children whatever commie crapola they wish? And why are we so supine, as to submit to this? Sheesh, all King George wanted was a stamp tax, and we ran him right out of America for it.

Let me be blunt. My strong suspicion is that this money will be used to promote and advance transgenderism. But people don’t want to know that, because then they’d have to come up with some reason for leaving their kids in those schools.

If our civilization ever collapses, on its tombstone will be written, “Educated themselves to death.”

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