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‘Racer Begs Forgiveness for Saying Boys Don’t Wear Dresses’ (2017)

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This he’s not afraid of?

Why does a man whose job calls for him literally to risk his life, or a severe injury, crumple into a wet soggy ball when he’s accused to being a Hater?

Racer Begs Forgiveness for Saying Boys Don’t Wear Dresses

Y’know, in the social media, it’s not hard for three or four people to appear to be three or four thousand, if they’re willing to work at it. Getting scared off by social media trolls indicates not only a want of spirit, but a want to judgment. That wasn’t a lynch mob out there, sunshine: it was two Far Left Crazy morons banging on a couple pots and pans.

Have we learned by now that the transgender movement must be utterly destroyed… because it is not sane?

A Glimpse of Total Moral Chaos

A Conversation with Dr. Rachel Levine - Erie Reader

If you think this guy really is a woman, you’re as daft as he is.

This story would be funny if it was in a Peter Sellers movie; but in that it involves questions of life and death, it isn’t funny at all. It’s just horrible.

You probably know by now that a nursing home is the worse place to be if there are COVID germs around. Nevertheless, Democrat government officials enjoy forcing nursing homes to take COVID patients, resulting in thousands of avoidable deaths.

So the “physician general of the state of Pennsylvania” ordered the state’s nursing homes and other long-term care facilities to take COVID patients–and then pulled his own mother out of her nursing home (https://dailycaller.com/2020/05/13/coronavirus-pennsylvania-rachel-levine-mother-nursing-home/).

Wow! Breath-taking hypocrisy! We are not told where he moved his mother to: only that he sought to preserve her safety while endangering so many others.

But wait, there’s more!

You’ll note that I’ve been saying “his” and “he” while all the other free & independent noozies have been using “hers” and “she” and referring to this man as if he were a woman. He is not. He is a “trans woman”–a man who says he is a woman. If a man says he is Napoleon Bonaparte, we are not expected to address him as “Emperor” or “General.” But if he says he’s a woman, we’d all better dance to his tune or else.

This is stupid, this is perverted, this is morally wrong and it has to stop. People who go along with it are either fools, cowards, or villains.

But this is what happens wherever Democrats are in charge. Stuff like this, engendered by the Democrats’ bizarre and anti-human ideology, cannot not happen with Democrats in charge.

We aren’t we ashamed of this?

‘NYC: 31 Genders (and No Brains)’ (2018)

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This was what New York City was preoccupied with, before the coronavirus–forcing people to recognize BS fake “genders” that some ninny made up.


Really–when the crisis is over, are we going to go right back to this? Pick it up where we left off? “Well, let’s see, now… today’s new pronoun is fhtaagn–and you’d better use it if you know what’s good for you!”

Heaven forbid.

‘The Logic of Identity Politics’ (2017)

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What a blessing it will be, if the Wuhan virus takes stuff like this with it when it goes!


The list of things–like identity politics!–that we’ve cumbered ourselves with, and yet absolutely do not need–not in any way, shape, or form–is a very long one. But surely identity politics is way up near the top, along with transgender and Democrats.

I mean, there just has to be a way to get rid of stuff like that!

‘The New All-Purpose, All-Gender Pronoun’ (2017)

As the Chinese Wuhan Communist Death Virus ravages the land, Democrats are seeing one of their dreams come true–letting convicted criminals–even murderers–out of jail. They say it’s to protect them from the virus. But in fact, they want all that prison space for people who use the wrong pronouns.


But not to worry–an all-purpose right pronoun, good for all genders, has been invented. There’s no way to spell it, so I have included a video to demonstrate. We all love demonstrations anyway.

Remember–what trannies want, trannies must get.


Poll Has Gropey Joe Beating Trump by 9

Confused Joe Biden Thinks Bernie Sanders is the President (WATCH ...

Given the totally reliable unreliability of polls, we shouldn’t be surprised when a poll has doddering Joe Biden over President Donald Trump by nine points–leading in what, who knows? (https://nypost.com/2020/03/28/biden-holds-9-point-lead-on-trump-in-new-fox-news-poll/) Fox Nooze, ooh-ooh! Biden 49%, Trump only 40.

It’s depressing to admit that there are millions of people who will vote to hand our country over to Democrats–even Democrats whose presidential candidate doesn’t know where he is or what he’s doing half the time. The party of the Green New Deal, Russian Collusion, serial impeachment, rooting for the economy to tank.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! Joe has promised to pick a woman as his running mate? How fantastically cool is that? Like, you could think about it all day and all night and just not be able to find a better reason for voting for a presidential candidate. He should automatically win! Trump shouldn’t even be allowed to run against him!

Joe also has cornered the transgender vote. “There is no room for compromise on transgender rights” (whatever they are), he said in January. It’s “the civil rights issue of our time.” Damn. I thought it was the right to smoke pot. I’m from New Jersey, and our Democrat governor says marijuana is the civil rights issue of our time.

Hey, everybody! If the Democrats win this election, America is finished. So work hard, work as hard as you can, to keep that from happening.

Act as if the Fox Nooze poll and all the others should be taken seriously. They’re pure crapola, but just pretend they aren’t. We need the motivation.


Educators Recognize ‘Centaur’ as an ‘Identity’

Centaur of Attention (Horse) - Centaur - T-Shirt | TeePublic AU

We were bound to get to this point sooner or later: crackbrained authority figures insisting we “affirm” whatever “identity” someone chooses to adopt–even if it’s a mythological creature that has never existed.

School officials at Hangem High School in Yuggoth, Michigan, now recognize “any and all identities” claimed by students and staff, and compel the entire school population to recognize them, too (http//:www.liketotallyfullofit.com). The school is redesigning the cafeteria to accommodate three students who insist they are centaurs.

Thanks to the revolutionary new policy, Hangem High’s student body and teaching staff now include three centaurs, seven vampires, Prince Charles, two mutually hostile Barack Obamas, a Dilophosaurus, Nancy Pelosi, the Lone Ranger, and Chuck Schumer’s Love Child–just to name a few.

“This has worked out very well indeed!” says Principal Albert “Clarabelle” Fanoogi, who now wears a clown costume when he patrols the school’s hallways, from time to time squirting students with a seltzer dispenser.

P.S.–April Fool!

‘Noozies Wonder: “Why Don’t They Love Us Anymore?”‘ (2016)

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They really are mystified: why don’t the American people love them anymore?


It would be hard to find an American institution more corrupt and useless than the nooze media. Our colleges, maybe. They both think we ought to thank them for despising us and trashing our culture.

Go back to the 1930s and you’ve got the New York Times’ Walter Duranty being a cheerleader for Stalin and covering up his crimes. Go back to the 1970s, and you’ve got every TV noozie in the New York media market making like some guy who calls himself a woman really is a woman–yeah, they had sex-change stories back then, and every single, um, “reporter” on TV toed the party line. Just like they do today.

If they’re not free and independent anymore, they have only themselves to thank. You sold out a long time ago, dudes. The Democrat Party owns you.


My Newswithviews Column, March 20 (‘An Interview with Western Civilization’)

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Somebody must have wondered yesterday, “What happened to Lee’s Newswithviews piece? Where did it go?” Please tell me somebody, somewhere, noticed.

Well, it fell through the cracks–I wonder if that ever happened to William F. Buckley–but here it is now.

An Interview with Western Civilization

Yes, it started life as one of last week’s blog posts. Don’t blame me. It was “TheWhiteRabbit’s” idea. I just thought it was a good one. And my wife thinks this is one of the best things I’ve written, so there.

Leftism is a mortal threat to any civilization.

A Few Pesky Questions

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Back in the early Fifties, Froggy the Gremlin used to cut windbags down to size by interrupting them with pesky questions.

Here are a few questions that need to be asked today.

As they contribute to a solution to the Wuhan virus crisis by calling everyone a Racist who mentions that the Chinese flu actually originated in China–in a bio-warfare lab, no less–does our nooze media still serve any constructive purpose?

Is the idea that everyone has to go to college the most inane idea ever?

How well will America get by without a hundred universities awarding degrees in Gender Studies and other equally jejune pursuits?

Is it really such a hot idea to fight the virus by not enforcing the law and letting criminals plunder our cities at will? (Philadelphia’s all set to try it.)

Does the United Nations have any good reason for continuing to exist?

Do we really want our era of history remembered as the one that invented “transgender”?

And you can probably think of dozens more with no help from me.

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