The Grand Canyon of Perversion

Special Issue: Gender Revolution

(Thanks to Susan for the video clip)

[Warning: Disgusting content]

If perversion were a ditch, the material under discussion in this video would be the Grand Canyon.

I’ve been chided for being unwilling to believe that anyone could ever reach such depths of perversion. First transgenderism, then transhumanism–just a hop, skip, and jump. I mean, is this profoundly insane, or what? Become immortal by uploading your virtual self onto a computer! Your virtual self will go on and on after your body dies.

That’s like saying you live forever because you appear in someone’s home movies.

It’s easy to see the link between transgenderism and transhumanism. The one leads naturally, one might say inevitably, to the other. Both are the direct result of denying and rejecting God. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools (Romans 1:22).

And the deferential duffer who interviews this wacked-out man who pretends to be a woman is just as big a fool: they deserve each other. Joe Pyne, come back…

But no kidding, folks–this stuff has to stop. And I believe God put us on this earth, here and now, to stop it. Please, Lord, show us how! ‘Cause we haven’t figured it out yet.

‘Bill Nye, the Gender Guy’ (2017)

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God’s stuff works so much better than ours.

At the moment I’m watching something vastly more edifying than anything that Bill Nye will ever say or do. We have a plastic jack-o’-lantern hanging from a tree outside. A squirrel carrying a big walnut has just climbed inside the pumpkin.

You can read about Bill Nye while I watch the squirrel.

Bill Nye the Gender Guy

Reading all this crapola about gender-this and gender-that, I’ll take the squirrel any day. Whom is it supposed to benefit? Why are leftids so passionately in love with lunacy and perversion? They promote it like their lives depended on it.

We have to wake up to the realization that there are many, many more of us than there are of them, that we don’t have to take their B.S. anymore, and that we can, if so resolved, shut it down.

‘We Don’t Have to Take This Anymore’ (2016)

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Five years ago, this was–the first small twitchings against tyrannical minorities who have seized control of our whole cotton-pickin’ country, just about, and were rubbing our faces in it. And yet here was proof that we were stronger than they–proof that we don’t have to let them bully us.

We Don’t Have to Take This Anymore!

Now, finally, at long last, regular decent people are getting way sick and tired of the whole “woke” movement–tired of being doxed, being silenced, being called racists, being blamed for everything that ever went wrong in any lefty loser’s stupid life–and are not not just twitching anymore, but standing up to fight it.

We don’t have to submit to Critical Race Theory, transgender horse-schiff, Green New Deal, CNN, and any and all of the rest! And let’s not stop with just ignoring it. Uproot it altogether, and cast it into the fire.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 25 (‘What We’re Getting for Our Money’)

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Okay, here it is, the satire that I promised you. Welcome to Commieland!

What We’re Getting for Our Money

See? Right there in the opening sentence, I spilled the beans. But I know that some people are going to believe it anyhow. I did try to make it as ridiculous as I could, while still maintaining a tenuous grasp on reality. But the nooze these days is so spectacularly awful, calling a theme park Commieland seems like something any public school board would be only too happy to do.

Oh–and have the FBI “investigate” us if we complain!

Are They Selling Insanity?

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Check out this ad for John Lewis Home Insurance: they call it “Let life happen.”

Life? This is… life? A ten-year-old boy in drag, with lipstick, running around wrecking the house. This child’s future surely includes a maximum-security psychiatric hospital. If someone doesn’t euthanize him first.

I can’t imagine what they’re selling here. “Don’t worry, you’re covered for all the damage the kid did”? But I don’t think you can buy an insurance policy that lets you off the hook for demonic possession.

Somebody, somewhere, who was paid for his advice, told the insurance company that this ad would help them sell their product.

We’re gonna need a bigger asylum.

P.S.–Their earlier ads were nothing like this. Nothing like it at all.


‘Brown U. Aborts Its Own Study (‘Cause They Didn’t Like What They Found)’ (2018)

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This is how “science” is done anymore: if you don’t like what your scientific study tells you, you shut it down. If it isn’t giving you the answer you want to hear, terminate it.

Brown U. Aborts Its Own Study (‘Cause They Didn’t Like What They Found)

Brown University had a study of gender-bending which strongly suggested the whole thing was something less than real–so they shut it down. Didn’t want to offend the trannies.

I have never in my life seen anything as bizarre and unreal as the whole “transgender” movement.

Our colleges and universities are the cauldron in which this evil is brewed.

Breakthrough! You Can Change Your Species

Elephant Nose Costume Accessory : Toys & Games

A doctor in California (where else?) has announced a breakthrough in plastic surgery which he claims will be “the next big thing in liberation from reality!”

Dr. Hobart Plotz claims to have successfully removed a patient’s nose and replaced it with a miniature elephant’s trunk.

“Just because you’ve been assigned a human nose,” he said, “doesn’t mean you have to keep it!

“Look–we are assigned a gender, but now we can change someone’s gender at will, it’s no big deal. Transitioning into another species is just like transitioning into another gender. In this case, an elephant.”

Critics have mean-spiritedly pointed to the string that seems to go around the patient’s head, holding a plastic trunk to the face. “Don’t listen to them!” says Dr. Plotz. “They’re just a bunch of racists! The string is purely temporary. We don’t want the trunk falling off before the surgery heals.”

Once the trunk is firmly attached, says Dr. Plotz, “Next we do the ears–and so on and so on, until the patient has completely transitioned from human to elephant.”

But why do this at all?

“Because we can!” exclaims the doctor. “Simply because we can. And of course,” he adds, “to demonstrate there’s no such thing as reality.”

‘If We Did Everything the Left Thinks Is Good…’ (2018)

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Does Satan wish to bring about the extinction of the human race?

Uh… yeah.

Do libs ‘n’ progs and leftids wish to bring about the extinction of the human race?

They’ll deny it–but what if we did all those things they say we should do?

If We Did Everything the Left Thinks is Good…

None of those things they recommend as being good for us is good for us. Leftism is a religion that worships death. Abortion, assisted suicide, homosexuality, transgenderism–what? You mean they’re not the tourist traps along the devil’s freeway?

‘A Lesson From a Troll’ (2018)

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I guess the lesson I finally had to learn was just to keep on deleting these people’s comments until they give up and go away.

A Lesson from a Troll

We have sort of let the Wokies get away with their offensively absurd claim that “silence is violence,” if you don’t say what they want you to say and think what they want you to think, you’re a hater-biggit-nazi and you deserve to be attacked–if they can find three or four more leftids with weapons. But that wouldn’t be… “violence.” Somehow.

You can try to understand them if you want, but don’t expect to make much progress.

It’s just not worth it.

My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 7 (‘School Boards vs. American Parents’)

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School board members caught out of disguise

How are we supposed to get adequate representation–and service!–from people who despise us?

Of course I’m talking about our local boards of education. We’d be better represented by space aliens.

I can hardly believe they’ve sicked the FBI on us. You know–that bunch that used to be an elite law enforcement agency, that hunted gangsters, not parents. The FBI is going to “investigate” parents now.

We have a so-called government that behaves like a foreign power occupying a conquered population. Natives getting restless? Make some of ’em disappear!

Apparently we’re not allowed to dissent from the school boards’ Far Left Crazy agenda.

The only meaningful and effective thing we can do about it is to pull our children out of the public schools. Public education is broken beyond repair.