Had Enough Yet, Parents?

You want your kiddies “educated” by him? Really? Would you believe this mutant is a “dean” in a public high school? Have we truly come to this?

Today’s public schooling outrage comes to us from Fairfax County, VA, where the district school board has ruled to prohibit teachers from notifying parents when their child “decides” to “change gender” (https://freebeacon.com/campus/virginia-school-district-prohibits-teachers-from-contacting-parents-when-students-change-gender/). Sorry for the quotation marks. We need them when we talk about crapola.

So if your child “decides” to change his name, use the opposite-sex bathroom, or demand the use of really silly pronouns… the teacher is prohibited from letting the child’s parents know.

And if a teacher’s “personal beliefs” get in the way–so what? That’s the policy. Obey it or else.

No parental consent is required anywhere along the line. What would move a little kid in kindergarten to say “I’m non-binary!”? Uh… let’s see… crystal ball… Ooh-ooh, I know! Praise and approval from the “teachers”! Lots of attention! And if some other kid bugs you, you can have him or her totally destroyed because nothin’, baby, nothin’ trumps transgender!

Supposedly Congressional action is brewing over this (good luck finding any Democrat who’ll buck the trannies); and by jove, Fairfax Co. schools currently have hundreds of job vacancies! It must be hard finding people who are evil enough to teach there.

Meanwhile, parents have elected a “shadow board” whose job will be to monitor and rebut the real board. It has no authority.

Look, it’s simple. These “educators” are out to wreck our country, and the schools are how they do it. The only effective remedy is to take the children out of the schools and end public education.

Before it ends America.

Is ‘Education’ Really Going Crazy?

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Is it us, finally seeing what was there all along? Or has “education” really and truly run right off the rails in just the past few years?

I pose that as a question to my readers. What do you think? ‘Cause I can’t quite decide what I think. Sometimes one way, sometimes the other, and sometimes both.

They are pushing “transgender” like they’ve gotta get it done or die tomorrow. They are fomenting racial animosities. They are grooming children, some of them as young as kindergarten, for sex. Crikey! What kind of people have they got coming out of the teachers’ colleges? And who’s teaching them?

It has begun to spill over into religious schools. But the public schools are lost, broken beyond repair. As long as teachers’ unions stand in the way, the schools will never be fixed–not even a band-aid. Our only practical alternative is homeschooling. Pull the kids out and watch the public schools go bust. Convert the buildings to some other use. Let the former teachers’ union wackos pump gas or sweep the floor at the 7-11.

Yes. I’m afraid “education” really is as bad as it looks.

Alabama Bans Using Schools to ‘Groom’ Children for Sex

Governor Kay Ivey (@GovernorKayIvey) / Twitter

Three cheers for the great state of Alabama!

Dems are gonna be shrieking bloody murder over this.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has just signed into law a measure to ban “sexual/gender indoctrination of children and prohibits hormone blockers, genital mutilation, and gender reassignment surgeries” (https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/alabama-bans-transgender-grooming/). They’ve also barred schools from allowing students and staff to use opposite-sex bathrooms.

Why is there even a debate about this? What kind of miserable excuse for a parent would allow any of these things? But hey, it’s what the teachers’ unions want!

The only reason why they’d want it would be because they wish to groom young children for sexual activity as soon as possible. They can’t admit that, of course. So they lay down a smoke-screen of obfuscation. It isn’t fooling too many people anymore.

The whole “trans” movement is so irrational, so insane, so evil, as to be Satanic. If this stuff isn’t boiling out of Hell, then nothing is.

Stupidworld! Docs Have to Ask Men, ‘Are You Pregnant?’

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The content of this post is too disgusting to be illustrated. Here’s a picture of a nice red-backed salamander instead.

It’s getting so stupidity is prized for its own sake.

At a hospital in Liverpool run by the Walton Center NHS Trust, doctors now have to ask male patients, “Are you pregnant?” before giving them a scan or treating them for cancer (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10662257/Hospitals-asking-men-PREGNANT-beginning-cancer-treatment-report-claims.html). Because these procedures might harm a baby in the womb!

Do these accredited medical professionals really, truly believe that a man can be pregnant? And if they don’t believe it, then why are they saying it?

Someone should put up a million-dollar prize for any doctor who can prove he’s seen a pregnant man–and not some trannie who says she’s a man. No one will ever claim that prize.

Be honest now–if you have a serious injury or illness, do you want to be treated by anyone who’s that dishonest or that ignorant, as to ask a man if he’s pregnant? This transgender/gender-fluid wackiness is climbing higher and higher, like gangrene creeping up a patient’s leg.

We live in an age we ought to be ashamed of.

Today’s Public School Outrage

Kathleen Cataford was suspended by the Hartford Public Schools School District after she posted comments containing specific and private details about students on the Connecticut Mom's Club Facebook group

Suspended for telling the truth

God help us, here’s another one…

A school nurse has been suspended by the Hartford, CT, school district for revealing that the school was giving puberty blockers to an 11-year-old girl without her parents’ knowledge or consent (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/04/school-nurse-suspended-revealing-connecticut-public-school-secretly-giving-children-puberty-blockers-behind-parents-backs/).

According to the nurse, teachers, school administrators, and social workers combined to keep this little caper secret from the girl’s parents. The nurse reported them in a post on Facebook. She has since been punished for telling the truth.

Why do you send your children to public school? They are not safe there!

Please don’t think it’s fun, reporting these “education” stories. Our country, our society, is being murdered by persons who are supposed to be seeing to her welfare. If you put children in their hands, you’re helping them do it.

And that’s all the nooze I’m going to do today.

Why ‘Transgender’? Read Rushdoony

I have a great deal of trouble understanding the current push for “transgender,” which strikes me as an outright revolt against reality. But today I read this, in R.J. Rushdoony’s The Foundations of Social Order:

“This hatred of roots and of certainty is basic to revolutionary activity. The revolutionist destroys things of value precisely because they have a value apart from him. Only what he decrees can stand. The revolutionist destroys roots, values, and laws because they speak of certainty, and he is at war with certainty. This is the basis of revolutionary destruction. It seems senseless to those who fail to realize that destruction is basic to revolutionary faith” (pgs. 17-18).

Reading Rushdoony is always enlightening. Ah! They destroy the family, marriage, social stability, individual responsibility, and so much else precisely because these things have value, great value–and still have value no matter what those persons say or do. Because their value comes from God Himself, and not from man. And that’s what we, as Christians, are up against. And always have been.

It seems new, but it’s never been anything but more of the same: the old, old heresies and errors, constantly dressed up in new clothes but never changing underneath. Satan never comes up with truly new ideas.


Why Do You Send Your Kids to Public School?

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I can’t stand to illustrate this post with anything pertaining to its abysmal content. Here are a couple of happy puppies instead.

Well, now, look at that–another public school outrage. I thought they only popped up on days that end with “y”.

This one’s from a middle school in Kinnelon, New Jersey: where they had lessons on transgender hormone “therapy” (God help us)–required for all, no opting out–an assembly featuring some wacko who’d had the hormone blockers–

And all of it without a word of notification to parents.

The superintendent of schools: “No comment.”

Don’t you think we now have more than enough examples of this kind of “education,” thousands of them, to err on the side of caution and simply not send your children to any public school, anywhere? How many of these examples do you need? They are pushing “transgender” on your children.

If everybody did what public “educators” say they should do, there’d be no human race. We would die out in just another two or three generations.

Public schooling, and especially the teachers’ unions and the teachers’ colleges, needs to be shut down. It’s killing our culture. We can’t afford it anymore. Why do we consent to our taxes being used to turn our children into lost souls?

Save our society. Kill public education.

Just a Few Thoughts

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Does it ever seem to you that this fallen world of ours is falling farther, falling faster, by the day?

For the sake of ten just men, God would have spared Sodom. How many would He have to find here, to spare the U.S.A.?

Our ruling class teaches, preaches, promotes and exalts “transgender” as if their lives depended on it. Why? Does anybody understand that?

If they honestly, truly, sincerely believe “a man can get pregnant!”, then they’re idiots at best, and quite probably lunatics. If they don’t believe it, but say it anyway, then they’re just plain evil. Either way, we lose.

Why do white liberals try to indoctrinate normal people’s children with Critical Race Theory? Ooh, let’s foment racial fear and hatred! We’ll do it in the schools! Why do we let them do it?

Is this still America? Who in 1788 would have dreamed that all this Far Left Crazy trash would ever be imposed on us–and that we’d sit there on our butts and take it?

And that’s just stuff in our country. The rest of the world isn’t doing any better.

IN ADDITION: Please pray for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who has been hospitalized for “an infection,” whatever that is (not COVID, they say), with “flu-like symptoms.” Justice Thomas is one of those just men whom we need if God is not going to pull the plug on us; we can’t afford to lose him. O Lord our God, please save him for us! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

California Teachers’ ‘Cult-Like Experience’

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I try not to get involved with nooze on Sunday. It isn’t good for my soul. But occasionally I make an exception because there are things I think we ought to pray about.

Remember when “teachers” enjoyed public esteem and affection? [two-minute laugh break] Well, that time’s over. They’ve gone over to the dark side. They’re the bad guys now, with nothing they want to do more than push “transgender” and Critical Race Theory.

“Teacher training” in California, according to some of the participants, has come to be “a cult-like experience” (https://www.shorenewsnetwork.com/2022/03/19/cult-retreat-like-experience-california-teacher-describes-training-session-where-educators-were-pressured-to-use-students-preferred-pronouns/) aimed at gettin’ the new teachers’ minds right about “preferred pronouns.” Which, as you would know if you weren’t a kook, are lies. It’s sort of “go along with this, or else.” Or else you can’t be a teacher.

Is this fallen world falling farther and faster by the day?

Lord, are you hearing our prayers?

‘Australia Drinks the PC Kool-Aid’ (2018)

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Looking back on The World Before COVID, we find we shouldn’t have been at all surprised by Australia’s stampede to the Far Left. COVID was just another catalyst: they were already well on their way there.

Australia Drinks the PC Kool-Aid

So Australia’s major airline, Qantas, got hold of a booklet published by “the Diversity Council of Australia” and started beating passengers over the head with stupid made-up “gender neutral pronouns” and “uninclusive” words like father, mother, man, woman, etc. When they got caught, they denied doing it.

All it took was a germ to push them over the brink. Australia is now all but a police state.

Way to go.