My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 5 (‘Stupid Stuff That Has to Stop’)

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We–and I don’t mean just America, but the whole wide world of Western civilization–are doing stupid stuff that has to stop before it kills us. We have to stop doing it. We have to stop letting it be done to us.

Stupid Stuff That Has to Stop

Who, besides the Democrat Party, would benefit from heightened racial animosity, ruptured borders, transgender tommyrot, and one damned lockdown after another? Who would ever want to live this way?

They’d eat us if they didn’t enjoy bullying us so much.

Stupid Stuff That’ll Kill Us

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We as a nation are doing stupid stuff that’ll kill us if we don’t stop.

*Purposely stirring up racial hatred, fear, and animosity, teaching Hypocritical Race Theory in our public schools–for no reason at all, except to help Democrats wield their politics against us.

*The whole transgender thing.

*Refusing to protect our southern border.

*Panicking, shutting down the national economy, suspending our rights, and going absolutely bat-schiff whenever a new germ crops up.

*Training our armed forces to look on their fellow Americans as the enemy.

Why are we doing those things? What benefit could they possibly have for us? Instead of a republic, we seem to be trying to create a rule of the incontinent over the incompetent. It’ll turn out to be like Hell.

If we don’t stop doing these things, we’re done for.

[Note: I’m thinking of expanding this into a Newswithviews column; so reader comments and feedback will be very much appreciated. Unless it comes from leftids.]

Med Schools: Increasingly, a Truth-Free Zone

Daffy Duck Crazy Laugh Supercut

It’s only funny in cartoons.

Why are we doing things like this?

Recently a professor at a University of California medical school groveled to his wokie students: “I said ‘when a woman is pregnant,’ which implies that only women can get pregnant, and I most sincerely apologize to all of you” (

And we’re seeing more and more of this, as “transgender” mania sweeps through our alleged education system.

Truth break: A “transgender man” is a woman. A “transgender woman” is a man. The terms are simply nonsense.

And medical patients are going to die because being Politically Correct is more important to doctors than being right.

This is stupid. More than stupid, it’s insane. A denial of reality. And now it’s seeped into our medical schools–places supposedly devoted to “science,” but increasingly hung up on “transgender” mumbo-jumbo.

Can we please stop doing this before we wreck our civilization? Do we really want doctors who can’t tell male from female?

‘Cause that’s what we’ll be getting.

Any Guy Can Be a Doll!

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This year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is the first to feature a fake woman on its cover–a man impersonating a woman, but they call it “transgender” and you’re supposed to “celebrate” it… or else.

I am not going to reproduce that cover. Here are three dinosaurs instead of three swimsuit models who actually all look like they’re the same person (only one of them’s a man who says he’s a woman).

SI brags that the three sex objects–oops, I mean “models”–on the cover “are all different!” No, they’re not. Yeesh. We were just writing about robots an hour or two ago, and here are three alleged humans who might as well be robots.

Yes, I hear you: “C’mon, Lee, don’t be a prude, show us the cover!” But in fact the cover’s no big deal: you’ve already seen its like a thousand times. The only thing different is that one of the “women” is a man (pray for his mother). They look like they came off an assembly line.

How great a weight of perverted idiocy can we pile on our civilization before we flatten it?

‘Are Americans Ignorant of the Bible?’ (2015)

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One of many vain substitutes

(Hint: Yes.)

When I was a little boy, there were at least three Bibles in the house–not counting my own, given to me in 1958 at Sunday school–and I don’t know how many books of Bible stories. My Uncle Bernie was a Methodist Sunday school teacher, and my Aunt Betty was a teaching nun. Yes, the kids in our family knew who their Savior was. The family saw to that.

Now look at us.

Are Americans Ignorant of the Bible?

Throughout the Bible we are exhorted to teach our children God’s word, God’s ways. Today we send them off to public schools to learn about 40 different “genders” and being guilty ’cause you’re white.

Bible illiteracy has consequences.

Just look at our culture.

‘Mandatory Transgender Dating???’ (2018)

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This is a horror Tucker Carlson dug up–an “atheist YouTuber,” or just a plain old tuber, suggesting that the government impose “mandatory transgender dating” on normal people.

Mandatory Transgender Dating???

A few years earlier, a member of the Ontario “Human Rights” Commission made news by suggesting that people’s circles of friends weren’t “diverse” enough and the government should step in and assign friendships. They took that off their website when people saw it and got infuriated.

But see, that’s our problem. We never get mad enough to put these Far Left psychos and tinpot tyrants out of business. The heat always dies down, and then they’re back at it with the crazy schiff. They’ll never stop until we stop them.

Thinking About the Nooze

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I scan the nooze every day and practically wind up pounding my head against the wall, asking myself, again and again, “Why are they doing all this crazy schiff? What good does any of this do anybody? Are they all insane?”

What crazy stupid stuff? Oh, let’s just name a few… Critical Race Theory. Open borders. Vaccine goon squads going door to door. Transgender. Defund the police. Let all the armed robbers out of jail and put people in for using the wrong pronouns.

Stuff that leftids dance around the Maypole for–but which, in reality, have to the potential to kill any country that puts these follies into practice. Kill it dead.

It only makes sense if you grant that leftids purposely want and intend to wreck the country: to kill America. Then it makes sense. They’re doing it on purpose. This is war, and they do not intend for their opponents to survive it.

That would be us, boys and girls.

I don’t think we need to posit a Vast Conspiracy involving millions of individuals, not one of whom has ever spilled the beans. In a fallen world subject to Original Sin, there is not much that ordinary human evil, stupidity, delusion, and fecklessness can fail to achieve.

I’m starting not to care why they’re doing it.

I only want them stopped. Forever.

Noozie: School Board Meetings = ‘Insurrection’

WATCH: Parents Protesting CRT, Trans Ideology Arrested After Loudoun County  School Board Shuts Down Meeting | The Daily Wire

Don’t you just love it when leftids learn a new word and then use it at us a million times a day? Remember “gravitas”? And the buzzword for now is “insurrection.”

The Left is gettin’ grieved that parents are showing up at local school board meetings to demand an end of Critical Race Theory (“White people are bad!”) and transgender indoctrination leveled at their children ( These uppity parents should butt out of their children’s education!

CNN noozie Jim Acosta, desperately looking for a new place to hang his hat now that Donald Trump is out of office, called these kind of loud and contentious school board meetings an “insurrection”–because that’s what it is, from now on, whenever you don’t see eye to eye with these creeps–and accused the parents in Loudon, Virginia, of “trans-bashing and an anti-CRT moral panic.” And guess what? It’s Donald Trump’s fault!

What would America look like if these leftist zombies ever got their way? Pray we never find out!

I don’t know about you, but I truly can’t imagine what they want.

U. of Oklahoma: Only One Way to Think

The Cultural Revolution: all you need to know about China's political convulsion | China | The Guardian

Are we in China?

As part of mandatory “diversity training” (barf bag, please), students at the University of Oklahoma are compelled to say what the “trainers” want them to say, in order to complete the course ( For instance, your responses to questions must show total approval of all things “transgender.”

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has tried to reach a compromise by asking the looniversity to make the program optional instead of compulsory–well, you can guess how far they’ve gotten with that. The villains have rejected any compromise; so probably the only way to restore a semblance of liberty to the campus is to win a lawsuit.

Where is it written that as soon as you enroll in college, you lose your First Amendment rights? All of a sudden they can compel you to say what they want to hear? As if you were a parrot?

And I hope this puts to rest the idea that just because your school is located in a Red state, it’s immune to Far Left Crazy.

Defund the universities.

And stop sending your kids there to have their brains sucked out.

P.S.–More key words: Shameful. Degrading. Insulting. Oppressive. Evil. Stupid.

How Crazy Do They Want to Make Us?

A Succinct Timeline of Roman Emperors—400 Years of Power Condensed |  Ancient Origins

So my wife sat down to take a You.Gov survey; and the first question on it was:

“Do you identify as [choose one] a) male  b) female  c) non-binary  d) other?”

She didn’t bother to take the survey. Why? Because that was a profoundly stupid question, that’s why! On a par with “Which Roman emperor do you identify as?”

If I say I “identify as” Marcus Aurelius, does that mean I am Marcus Aurelius–and most be addressed as such? If I say I “identify as” a freakin’ centaur, does that mean I am a centaur and that unless you pretend to believe it, and act accordingly, the government must punish you?

This schiff has to stop.

I refuse to believe that anyone is so deluded as to sincerely believe that a man who says he’s a woman really is a woman, and vice versa. This is crap. This is madness. Anyone who plays along with it has either been scared silly or is just plain silly.

Stop it now.