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Down With Mother’s Day?

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On second thought, I won’t post any of those putrid images. How about a mated pair of cardinals instead? God’s stuff: it works an awful better than ours.

Oh, boy, more culture rot!

To achieve the fantastic end of making Mother’s Day “more transgender inclusive,” a British supermarket chain is selling “gender-neutral Mother’s Day cards” (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5487133/Waitrose-sells-gender-neutral-Mothers-Day-cards.html). And a lot of the schools, of course, have hopped onto that bandwagon.

One of the cards–I’ll see if I can get an image, but if I can’t, you’ll see it if you click the link to the news article–proclaims, “2 Mums Are Better Than One!” One of the schools has changed the name of the holiday to “Special Persons Day.”

How has this happened to us? Our whole civilization seems to have fallen into the clutches of wack-jobs and lunatics who seek to dismantle everything that makes us human. And replace it with stupid stuff that they made up.

All of a sudden, to them, “mother”–“father,” too–is a bad thing, an offensive term. Because, like most words that actually mean something, it doesn’t mean just anything. It excludes everything that is not a mother. In sanity-land, that’s what words do. Otherwise they become useless for communication purposes.

Pray harder, sing louder, and speak the truth. God will hear us.

And He will remember that none of this was our idea.


‘Transgender Preacher’ (2016)

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This item is still just as appalling as it was two years ago. But at least the comments include a hymn request from Laura which I’ll treat as if it just came in this morning.

Take particular note of what this horse’s ass was saying. Let us pray that somewhere in this country there are churches where he’d be booed off the pulpit and physically thrown out of the building.



Truth Lies A-Bleeding

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King David–a literary fiction?

If I had to single out one thing that has done more harm to our civilization than any other, that thing would be postmodernism–the addled doctrine that there are no facts, there is no truth, there are only “constructs.” And whoever can make his construct stick, by any means, gets to define reality.

Hatched in our colleges and looniversities, this has been turned loose on our politics and, worse, our entire culture. It’s the fountainhead of all this “we are whatever we say we are” business.

An outstanding example of this is the movement called “Biblical minimalism,” which claims that there never was a Kingdom of Israel, the writers of the Bible just made it up. The titles of the books, by academic nincompoops, tell you what you need to know. The Invention of Ancient Israel: The Silencing of Palestinian History by Keith Whitelam (1996), who alleges that the ancient kingdom of Israel was “invented by scholars.” The Mythic Past: Biblical Archeology and the Myth of Israel by Thomas Thompson (1999), who declares that “The entire notion of ‘Israel’ and its history is a literary fiction.”

What bunk. Were Sargon II and Sennacherib, kings of Assyria, aiding and abetting a modern anti-Palestinian conspiracy when they recorded their treaties and wars with Israel and Judah? How did they get roped in?

Postmodernists say we can never truly “know” anything, we only have whatever we can make up. It’s amazing that they get away with this. If nobody knows anything, then why should we listen to you–when you don’t know, either? As the toddler in a famous youtube video says, “It’s poop!”

So now your “gender” is whatever you say it is, on any given day, there is no objective right or wrong, there surely is no God, and blah-blah-blah. It’s poop.

We are Christians, some of us are Jews, and our God is not a man, that He should lie. We believe that there are not only material facts, but moral facts. We believe in truth, and much of what we know as truth, we know from the Bible, God’s Word.

In this we must persevere with all the strength that God can give us.

We don’t want to be found doing otherwise when Christ returns.

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 8 (‘Wrecking Civilization, Piece by Piece’)

Do you ever get the feeling that all the big shots of our civilization are trying on purpose to destroy it? I do.


Transgender Propaganda is Working!

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It wasn’t their fault that they went extinct… but it will be ours, if we do

One thing we can count on public education for–pounding kids’ heads full of leftid propaganda every day until they break through.

The Minnesota State High School League board has just passed some gobbledygook called the Model Gender Identity Participation in MSHSL Activities policy, based on a “study” that claims “more teens identify as transgender” than anybody thought (https://www.yahoo.com/news/not-just-boy-girl-more-teens-identify-transgender-050223523.html). Wahoo.

“Nearly 3 percent” of teens, the “study” claims, identify as some sex other than the one they were “assigned at birth.” Assigned? Assigned by whom? Don’t you love the way they mangle the language? Yowsah, a 2016 “survey” allegedly showed there are more than 80,000 teens in Minnesota’s high school drinking the transgender Kool-Aid.

Exults one of the head honchos involved, “Youth are rejecting this binary thinking”–aka “reality”–“and are asking adults to keep up.”

What a glorious vision of the future.

And of course it has nothing to do with the schools hammering the kids with trans propaganda every day for years and years, nothing to do with neglected young people discovering “gender identification” as a sure-fire way to get attention from adults who otherwise seem unaware that they exist, and nothing at all to do with leftids’ societal re-engineering agenda.

In light of these developments, parents, see if you can complete this sentence: “We send our sons and daughters to the public schools because __________.”

Waiting for anything like a rational answer…

I seen “‘The Hand-Made’s tail'”!

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Oh man! thay shoed us a movy yeasterdday in Gender Studies 666 and it “was” caled The Hand-Made’s Tail and “it” jist blowed me aweiy!! Like i dint Know this hear stuff Was “going on” but It “is” axackly what yiu wuld Aspect fromb them No-Good christins whoo votted for Trumpt!!! i wasnt supprized at al! this is Waht is hapening in al the Red States in Fly Over contry!!

i had a promble tryin to figger Out what was Hand-Made and i “was” aslo confuzed becose i dint seee nobody “whith” a Tail but that i suposed Was jist the movy being Suttle! Maybbe it Was thare clothes that was Hand-Made,, thay looked like it!!

i dint Know them christins thay be so meen to Wimmins!! thay get the wimmins preganent agin and agin and thay dont Let them get a bortion!!! This hear is jist waht Hapens wenn Repubicans thay get Ellectid!! It wuld not be hapening if we Hadd Hillery for Pressadint and that Is becose that Trump he Collided with the Russhins!!!! it jist gose to Show yiu how bad this crumby contry needs Socile Jutstus Wirer and Auntyfa to cleen it “up”!!

So wee Are all Pumpt Up to putt a Stop “to” al This and the Prefesser she sayed we has to get it Done reel “soon” imbediantly by Trans Gendring al the Peple and makeing chritinanity aginst The Law so thay cant “Do” this to Wimmins no moar!!!

The Issues that will Sweep the Dems Back into Power: Transgenders and Amnesty

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Can you resist voting for this?

Joseph Kennedy III delivered the Democrat rebuttal this week to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Speech. Now, thanks to him, we know what two issues Democrats are counting on to sweep them back into control of the House of Representatives in this year’s elections.

Transgender rights, and amnesty for illegal aliens (https://townhall.com/columnists/anncoulter/2018/01/31/democrats-boo-america-n2442696).

The Dems have been in full tantrum mode since Election Night in 2016. Well, heck, why not? When you go to a restaurant and there’s a kid rolling around on the floor, having a tantrum, isn’t your first response to reward him for it? He should get whatever he wants, right? A tantrum is such a great way to win friends and influence people. This approach is just bound to work, according to the same pollsters who predicted a Hillary Clinton landslide victory.

So Kennedy, as reported by Anne Coulter, “devoted the lion’s share of his speech to the Democrats’ pet issues: transgenders and foreigners.” Hot dog.

They’re citizens of the world, so everybody in the world should be allowed to come to America illegally and get free stuff and “a path to citizenship.” This is called replacing the electorate. Dems don’t like the electorate they’ve got. They don’t like America. As Chuck Schumer reportedly said, “If they–” meaning “you”–“won’t elect Democrats, we’ll bring in people who will.” I can’t vouch for the accuracy of that quote, but it does accurately sum up what Democrats mean by “immigration reform.”

And then there are the transgenders–poor, deluded souls who demand we applaud, affirm, and bow down to their insistence that they get the right to redefine reality. That is, the invented false reality that states that whatever gender they say they are, that’s what they are. Democrats demand the rest of us share in that delusion, and heaven help us if we don’t. Like, where’s the fun in being the government if you can’t force millions of people to say things they know to be untrue? And punish them if they don’t.

Nothing much good can happen to America until the Democrat Party is put out of business. Permanently. That won’t put a stop to leftism, which springs from Original Sin. But it will at least stop them, for a while, from passing laws and handing down judicial rulings.

A New Low in Political Campaigning

A woman running for state attorney general in Michigan says people should vote for her because she doesn’t have a penis (http://www.sfgate.com/politics/article/Vote-for-me-I-have-no-penis-says-Mich-candidate-12395907.php).

Uh, can’t we nail her for transphobia? Aren’t all The Smartest People in the World always telling us that not all men have penises, and not all women have vaginas?

To presume, as this candidate does, that every human being, man or women, equipped with a penis will use it to harass women–well, fry my hide, what do you suppose Brad “Chelsea” Manning would say to that? Well, okay, he had his willy cut off so he could call himself a woman and run for U.S. Senator from Maryland. But certainly  by the standard being used here, he would be a viable candidate. Crikey, what if these two were running against each other? “Yeah, well, I don’t have one, either!” What an edifying debate that would be.

If lack of a penis is all it takes to be Michigan’s attorney general, that makes deciding who to vote for pretty easy. But what if a woman runs against a woman?

This discussion is fast turning into a kind more commonly encountered in a busy tavern.


Get a Load of This

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I just can’t stand it anymore.

Try this on for towering idiocy. The governing body of the city of Stamford, Connecticut, a 40-member Board of Representatives, has voted to get rid of “gender pronouns” like he/she, his/her, in all written regulations, etc., pertaining to members of the board (http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Connecticut-city-s-elected-body-eliminates-gender-12487367.php).


“It’s an act to acknowledge the members of the board… cannot always be described as he or she.”

Which brings to mind a line from Ray Bradbury’s classic little horror story, The Jar: “Is it a he, is it a she, or just a plain old it?”

What kind of driveling dolts are they electing in that town?

Posterity will laugh at us for this.

Bio Prof Says You Must Be a Biggit If You Think There Are Only Two Sexes

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Biggit chromosomes

No, this is not a Joe Collidge gag. A biology professor at San Jose State–her defense of her inane statements is “I am an expert” (and you ain’t!)–has declared that “chromosomes don’t determine sex” and “high school biology” was wrong for teaching that they do (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=10309).

She erupted in response to a tweet made by a Texas state legislator, who posted pictures of the XX (female) and XY (male) chromosomes “to remind people how many sexes there are.”

He did this, charged the academic gasbag, “for a bigoted purpose.”

She declines to answer her critics because she’s a Big Scientist and they’re not. Anyhow, “‘Gender’ is described as the psychological and/or the emotional identity,” yadda-yadda.

Hey! Is “science” even science anymore? It behaves more like it’s just window-dressing for assorted leftid ideologies.

The prof adds that “intersex and ambiguously sexed individuals” constitute 1% of the population. One out of every hundred people you know. Really? What if you don’t spend all your time on a collidge campus, where such persons are likely to congregate? Is she talking about the real world, or her world?

America has too many colleges, too many professors, and way too many college students “learning” pure crapola from overpaid idiots. De-fund the universities now. Before it’s too late.

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