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Mandatory Transgender Dating???

I almost didn’t have the stomach to post this.

Tucker Carlson discovered this video tweet from a “transgender” wacko who denounces normal men for being “exclusionary of transgender dating partners” and suggesting that society–that is, the government–might want to change that. It leaves Carlson wondering about whether our future might hold “mandatory transgender dating.”

I hear some of you going “Yeah, right, haw-haw-haw!” and making rude noises. Once upon a time that was how we reacted if anyone brought up the possibility of legal marriage between individuals of the same sex. Now you might get punished for not going along with that. Given the perilous condition of our culture’s health, you can’t rule out anything.

The absurd meets the abominable, and together they’re a tag team.

‘Obama: God Supports Transgender Rights’ (2016)

Image result for images of crazy obama

Just a little reminder of the kind of stuff that goes on when we let Democrats run the country. Let us pray we never, ever make that mistake again.


A liberal’s “reading of the Scripture”–don’t make me laugh.

‘Are You Absolutely, Positively Sure You Want Your Kids in Public School?’ (2014)

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Well, at least this school’s not anti-science! Really, what could be more Scientific than to pressure 13-year-old kids to have sex?


Incredible as it seems, there are still millions of Americans who deny that these things happen in our public schools.

That’s what allows those things to keep on happening.

Rated PG for…’Historical Smoking’??

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Let’s see… U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) picks up a girl at a party, gets drunk, and as they drive off together, the glorious leader drives into the water. He gets out and runs away, spends the night trying to think of a way to save his political career–while the girl, abandoned to her fate, slowly drowns. Our nooze media wound up calling Kennedy “the lion of the Senate.” Wonderful.

This is the subject of a newly-released feature film, Chappaquiddick. I think “Chappaquiddick” is a Native American word for ‘My political career is much more important than your life.’ And given the sheer seediness of the story, the film is rated PG…for Historical Smoking.

See, the story is from 1969 and some of the characters in it are shown SMOKING, Eeee-yahh! The horror, the horror! Give us sex, give us drownings, give us heartless narcissism on a silver platter

–but don’t show us anybody smoking! Millions of our kids are gonna die because they saw smoking in a movie!

Oh, please. We get this from the same crowd of Democrats who are pushing for the legalization of marijuana as if their lives depended on it. Colorado, California, New Jersey soon to follow–why, smoking pot is just okay!

And we get it from the same freaks in Hollywood who never met a sexual aberration that they didn’t like and want to foist on children. Imagine getting lectured on morality by some pervert from the Disney Corp. How insulting.

Now, I am sure to hear from some leftid who’s going to say, “You support smoking! You hate children! You want them all to die!”

So much nicer to abort them! And then sell the parts. And put the ones who are still alive into “comprehensive sex education” to teach them the joys of transgenderism.

I’ll give up my bad habit if you’ll give up yours.


‘New York “Law” Makes It a Crime to Speak the Truth’ (2015)

Looking at this post over two years later, something jumped out at me. By George, I think I’ve got it!

In the end, the goal of the Left is to make everything you do or say or think potentially illegal and subject to punishment. That was why the Soviet Union never wrote down its criminal code: so that everything and anything could be punished as a crime.


They won’t be satisfied until they do it here in America.

Are We Immoral (but they’re not)?

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The secular statist crowd has been bashing Christians as immoral hypocrites for supporting President Donald Trump–because, y’see, he’s this immoral horn-dog and that makes us just as bad as he is.

The answer to this charge is laughably simple: He was running against Hillary Clinton. Of course we voted for him.

Given the fanaticism of Democrats, and the tantrum they’ve been throwing since Election Night 2016, a lot of us just don’t care about Mr. Trump’s personal life. We didn’t elect him to sainthood. We elected him to protect us from the leftid loons who are trashing our country.

Here are some actions which I consider deeply immoral and far more important to the nation than whether or not Mr. Trump had a fling with some porn star.

Undermining our immigration laws, debasing our citizenship, public officials flagrantly breaking those laws and encouraging others to do so, and all for no reason but political gain.

Redefining marriage.

Declaring “transgender” a good thing, and encouraging it–especially among children.

Funding abortion with public money.

Encouraging leftid thugs to intimidate and silence conservative speakers, destroy public and private property, and create a climate of fear.

Using the schools and colleges to indoctrinate very poorly equipped young people into modern Stalinism.

Telling “Climate Change” scare stories to stampede the public into making government bigger and more powerful, with “scientists” actually declaring it’s okay to lie about it, if that’s the way you get the people to do what you want. And threatening dissenters with the brute force of government.

Trying to erase the Second Amendment, so that criminals, psychos, and terrorists will be armed, but their victims won’t be.

Trying to erase the First Amendment, while they’re at it.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. Everything the Left does, and wants to do, is toweringly immoral and must be totally defeated. If anyone is responsible for turning our culture into a moral cesspool, it’s them. And they’ve done it on purpose, because their core beliefs are both depraved and asinine.

If we had a saint for president, they’d hate him even more than Trump.

Down With Mother’s Day?

See the source image

On second thought, I won’t post any of those putrid images. How about a mated pair of cardinals instead? God’s stuff: it works an awful better than ours.

Oh, boy, more culture rot!

To achieve the fantastic end of making Mother’s Day “more transgender inclusive,” a British supermarket chain is selling “gender-neutral Mother’s Day cards” (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5487133/Waitrose-sells-gender-neutral-Mothers-Day-cards.html). And a lot of the schools, of course, have hopped onto that bandwagon.

One of the cards–I’ll see if I can get an image, but if I can’t, you’ll see it if you click the link to the news article–proclaims, “2 Mums Are Better Than One!” One of the schools has changed the name of the holiday to “Special Persons Day.”

How has this happened to us? Our whole civilization seems to have fallen into the clutches of wack-jobs and lunatics who seek to dismantle everything that makes us human. And replace it with stupid stuff that they made up.

All of a sudden, to them, “mother”–“father,” too–is a bad thing, an offensive term. Because, like most words that actually mean something, it doesn’t mean just anything. It excludes everything that is not a mother. In sanity-land, that’s what words do. Otherwise they become useless for communication purposes.

Pray harder, sing louder, and speak the truth. God will hear us.

And He will remember that none of this was our idea.


‘Transgender Preacher’ (2016)

See the source image

This item is still just as appalling as it was two years ago. But at least the comments include a hymn request from Laura which I’ll treat as if it just came in this morning.

Take particular note of what this horse’s ass was saying. Let us pray that somewhere in this country there are churches where he’d be booed off the pulpit and physically thrown out of the building.



Truth Lies A-Bleeding

See the source image

King David–a literary fiction?

If I had to single out one thing that has done more harm to our civilization than any other, that thing would be postmodernism–the addled doctrine that there are no facts, there is no truth, there are only “constructs.” And whoever can make his construct stick, by any means, gets to define reality.

Hatched in our colleges and looniversities, this has been turned loose on our politics and, worse, our entire culture. It’s the fountainhead of all this “we are whatever we say we are” business.

An outstanding example of this is the movement called “Biblical minimalism,” which claims that there never was a Kingdom of Israel, the writers of the Bible just made it up. The titles of the books, by academic nincompoops, tell you what you need to know. The Invention of Ancient Israel: The Silencing of Palestinian History by Keith Whitelam (1996), who alleges that the ancient kingdom of Israel was “invented by scholars.” The Mythic Past: Biblical Archeology and the Myth of Israel by Thomas Thompson (1999), who declares that “The entire notion of ‘Israel’ and its history is a literary fiction.”

What bunk. Were Sargon II and Sennacherib, kings of Assyria, aiding and abetting a modern anti-Palestinian conspiracy when they recorded their treaties and wars with Israel and Judah? How did they get roped in?

Postmodernists say we can never truly “know” anything, we only have whatever we can make up. It’s amazing that they get away with this. If nobody knows anything, then why should we listen to you–when you don’t know, either? As the toddler in a famous youtube video says, “It’s poop!”

So now your “gender” is whatever you say it is, on any given day, there is no objective right or wrong, there surely is no God, and blah-blah-blah. It’s poop.

We are Christians, some of us are Jews, and our God is not a man, that He should lie. We believe that there are not only material facts, but moral facts. We believe in truth, and much of what we know as truth, we know from the Bible, God’s Word.

In this we must persevere with all the strength that God can give us.

We don’t want to be found doing otherwise when Christ returns.

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 8 (‘Wrecking Civilization, Piece by Piece’)

Do you ever get the feeling that all the big shots of our civilization are trying on purpose to destroy it? I do.


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