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Where Trannies Rule

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They do get really angry if you don’t obey them.

At Shawnee State University, Ohio, a philosophy professor is suing the school for punishing him for not obeying a “transgender” student (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11507). I’m going to use quotation marks around that word from now on because there’s no such thing as “transgender.” There are only deluded and wicked people who say they are.

Anyhow, this guy wanted the prof to address him as a woman, and when the professor “declined to address the ‘transgender’ student as a female,” the student replied, “I guess this means I can call you a c__t.” And the prof was punished for creating “a hostile environment” in his classroom.

Do they have any idea at all how viciously hostile an environment this “transgender” supremacy creates for Christians–or for anyone else who has at least a toehold on reality?

Hey! Everybody who didn’t vote straight Republican last week! This stuff is what you voted for: to give leftids the false authority to force people to say things that they know are not true, that they know are wrong, and are humiliated by being made to say such things.

That’s what you voted for and that’s what you’ve got.

Civilizations Do Die

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Here are some of the stories I couldn’t bear to write about today.

*Democrats stealing elections all over America: no one seems to be able to stop the fraud. It has become a Democrat tradition to contest every election they don’t win, and they’ve got a thousand and one ways to do it.

*Scotland’s Parliament mandates “LGBT education” in all schools: no opting-out allowed.

*Switzerland votes to make “homophobia” and “transphobia” punishable crimes. What does that even mean?

*A Facebook executive is fired for not supporting Hillary Clinton’s political ambitions.

Civilizations die. Usually it’s from a combination of causes from both inside the civilization and outside. Roman Britain, for one, succumbed to internal rot and foreign invasion. St. Gildas, who lived to see his country fall, wrote of his own countrymen as “such a large number who daily run on all fours into Hell.” I think he would say the same of our time.

I watch in horror as our civilization melts before my eyes. Maybe its murderers won’t have to come up with anything more bizarre, more soul-destroying than “transgender.” They are in a rush to abolish nation-states and establish a world government, ruled by themselves. And they don’t care what or whom they have to destroy to get it.

It’s important to realize that all of this has been, and is being, accomplished by small but fanatical minorities who never rest.

We need to work harder than ever to stop them.

O Lord Our God, we are trying, really trying, to serve and establish the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ, whose right it is: but we can’t do it without you. Strengthen our faith, give us courage, pour your spirit into us: give us endurance, to wait upon the coming of our King. And grant that when He comes, He finds us at our posts, working. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Bad Culture… Bad Politics?

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I find myself puzzled by how tame and flaccid–with a few dramatic exceptions, notably the election of Donald Trump as president–the American people show themselves in the face of brazen campaigns to tear down our culture and turn our country into, well, God knows what.

Does it have anything to do with millions and millions of people thoughtlessly consuming a popular culture that never seems to run out of disgusting innovations? What we like to call our “entertainment”?

Bad enough that public education, owned and operated by the Far Left Crazy teachers’ unions, education theorists, and all sorts of academics a few fries short of a happy meal, force-feeds whole generations of Americans with non-stop lessons in socialism, sexual hyperactivity, self-hatred, and cultivated ignorance. Beyond the schools, the people continue on a lifelong course of passive self-education in the form of “entertainment.”

Can this be why our national politics is increasingly characterized by mob rule, censorship, a raging hatred of any opposition, bizarre court rulings, and speeches made, and policies proposed, that would have been unthinkable, not so long ago? Why people have come out of the woodwork, and taken charge, who would have been very small and quiet, once upon a time?

You know I always say, kill the culture and the culture will kill you back. I think I see that happening now, in our politics. Open borders, transgender “rights”–ideas that are dangerously preposterous, that can’t possibly do anything but hurt us, are routinely offered to us today as a new normal.

Most of us have noticed that the Left–that is, the Democrat Mob Rule Party–is getting crazier and crazier, more and more extravagant in its fantasies, more violent in its tactics, and less and less inhibited in what it will do to get back into power.

Are we truly becoming the kind of people who accept this?

If we are, a great deal of effort has been expended in making us so.

My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 25 (‘Transgender Movement on the Warpath’


Y’know what would be great? If this whole damned transgender thing just went away and I never had to write about it anymore, except maybe in a moment of half-incredulous historical reflection.

Meanwhile, they never stop. The beat goes on.


If this “movement” is not Satanic, then what is it? What’s its purpose? What good can it possibly do?

Dude, Where’s My Gender?

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All right, let’s see what bilge the nooze has coughed up today…

The Left is having conniptions over a New York Times report that suggests that the Trump administration, claiming  a need to define “gender” more explicitly in order to enforce Title IX of the federal Civil Rights Act, “seeks to erase the identity of transgender Americans” (https://mashable.com/article/trans-rights-gender-legal-definition-trump-memo/#i.y1YmDrCPqW).

Just for the record, there is no such thing as “transgender.” There are only deluded persons who say they are “transgender.” There are also persons who say they are human-space alien hybrids.

Anyhow, they’re rending their garments over these “flagrant acts of evil” aimed, they say, at “1.4 million transgender Americans.” I don’t know where they came up with that figure. But if 1.4 million people say they’re Napoleon Bonaparte, instead of just one person saying it, that doesn’t mean we have 1.4 million Napoleon Americans.

First Hillary called normal people “deplorables,” then loony Joe Biden called us “the dregs of society,” and now Organized Sodomy calls us “anti-equality extremists” because we won’t hop on their bandwagon. They sure don’t like us much.

If you are even thinking about voting to put Democrats back in power in November… don’t. Unless, of course, you really like mob rule, open borders, making it a crime to disbelieve in Man-Made Climbit Change, and the whole “transgender” movement. If you’re for those things, you’re for Democrats.

My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 18 (‘UN Calls for “Unprecedented Societal Change”‘)

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It’s hard to think of any good that’s ever been accomplished by anyone who takes it upon himself to change the world. When you have whole buildings full of people like that, the results are bound to be disastrous.


Enter the United Nations, which exists to protect and spread dictatorship and to siphon money out of the United States. They’ve got a few more changes in mind for a defenseless world.

There is only one Person who has a right to exercise world government, and that Person is Jesus Christ the King of kings.

Anybody else who claims it needs a pie in the face.

City Asserts Man’s ‘Right’ to Spend Night in Women’s Shelter

Interior of Homeless Shelter : Stock Photo

If your town or city has anything like an “equal rights commission,” your town or city has too much money and needs its budget cut so that it can’t get into any more mischief like this.

The Anchorage Equal Rights Commission is trying to punish a women’s shelter for not allowing a drunken man, who insisted he is a woman, to sleep overnight in the shelter with the other women, many of whom are there to escape abuse and sexual assault: but at least they’ve dropped their charges against the shelter’s lawyer, who had the temerity to defend his client (http://mustreadalaska.com/anchorage-equal-rights-commission-drops-charges-against-lawyer/).

How much more of this do we have to take? How do you even talk to these deluded left-wing cretins?

Don’t bother trying to talk to them. Just shut them down.

This insanity has to stop.

And that’s all the news I can stand to cover today.

A Lesson from a Troll

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Unless you were here very early today, you won’t have seen the plethora of comments left by a surly transgender fan. I have, of course, deleted them. You can’t be nice to leftids. You allow them into your cyber-living room, and all they do is pee on the carpet.

Anyhow, this jidrool accused me of “violence,” “rape,” “beatings,” and a few other misdeeds. Now, if I had actually done any of those things, I would be a criminal. And of course I haven’t done them. But–!

Now, for the Left, “violence” or “hate” constitutes any failure to join with them in whatever delusion they’re embracing at the moment. It’s also “violence” for Christians to believe in the Bible. We are supposed to agree with leftids, we are Haters if we don’t, that the Bible is “only just a bunch of two-thousand-year-old stories” which we must immediately jettison in favor of whatever the left is selling.

Note that it’s not “hate” or “violence” for them to insult, vilify, and mock anyone who isn’t them.

Quite simply, and as we so abundantly saw throughout the Kavanagh hearings, objective truth does not exist for leftids.

But it is an objective truth that there is no such thing as “transgender.” There are only really messed-up people who say they are “trans” and demand that we say it, too.

They’re killing our culture, and we musn’t let them do it.


Seems He Wasn’t a ‘Woman’ After All

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Freaks rule

How come left-wing loons always get their fantasies treated like reality?

Across the Atlantic in dear old Britain, where they’ve been sucked deeper into the whirlpool than we have, a convicted sex offender and pedophile, and rapist, awaiting sentencing for stabbing his neighbor, insisted that he “identifies as a woman”–so naturally the stupid schmegeggies in charge treated his blather like it was true, and transferred him to a women’s prison. And once there, he immediately got busy assaulting female inmates (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/male-rapist-who-identifies-as-female-transfers-to-womens-jail-assaults-fema).

Oops. Back to the men’s prison.

Now here’s the thing. If prison authorities genuinely believed that this guy was a woman, because he said so, then they’re as crazy as he is and not fit to be in charge of anything. But if they didn’t believe him, but only went along with his delusion because it was the politically correct thing to do, then they’re profoundly dishonest and are not fit to be in charge of anything.

Really, this has to stop. Or do we want to wind up treating all delusions as reality? ‘Cause that’s where we’re headed.

‘Turning Children into Freaks’ (2013)

Image result for images of slime monsters

Was it really five years ago, that the slimy rulers of our culture were already pushing children into the transgender world?


I have come to believe that the impetus of this movement is satanic. What else could it be? How does it in any way benefit anybody?

I wonder if you can even be nominated for a National Book Award anymore, unless your book endorses some form of perversion.


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