Idiot: ‘Lord of the Rings’ is ‘Racist’

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Liberals can’t get through the day without something to complain about; and the more inane the complaint, the better they like it.

Like this one: A “Sci-Fi & fantasy writer” whom I never heard of says J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings is **racist**–because of its “treatment” of… Orcs (

Oh, and President Trump’s a racist, too. And so are you.

All this **racism** in Lord of the Rings, says the schmo, can have “dire consequences for yourself–” what? what’s he talking about?–“and for society.” Maybe he thinks the Orcs are gonna come and get us.

Well, see, this is what happens when enlightened anointed liberals don’t censor books! But not to worry–all we need is some kind of affirmative action policy for Orcs. Like, from now on, require writers to include “positive Orc characters” in all their stories and novels.

I mean, does this guy understand that The Lord of the Rings is fantasy–like, not real, the author made it up? Is he quite all there?

Well of course he’s not all there–he’s a liberal.

I thought I was writing a satire, a while ago, when I advised anyone writing a fantasy to make sure no villain can be identified as belonging to any particular group, and to write stories without conflict so that no one can possibly be upset or offended, blah-blah. I guess this ambulant cabbage took it literally.

Let’s go out and protest for the civil rights of Orcs!

We live in a global loony bin.

11 comments on “Idiot: ‘Lord of the Rings’ is ‘Racist’

  1. Can you believe anyone who has so little of importance to accomplish in this world that they must go to this extreme to drum up something? Don’t they have fingers they could twiddle, or something?

  2. “Well of course he’s not all there–he’s a liberal” – so funny!

    People who are always talking about racism and calling people racists are the true racists. How do I know? Jesus said, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Martin Luther King, Jr. said not to judge others by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I guess today’s racist missed that memo.

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