‘Save the Planet by Laundering Your Toilet Paper’ (2016)

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Use it again and again!

Now that we’re going to be put under house arrest every time a germ pops up in the environment, we’re going to be strapped for things to do. But as always, government has the answer!

Save the Planet by Laundering Your Toilet Paper

Go ahead, tell me it’s just not possible that even the most off-the-wall Democrat regime would ever afflict the American people with a crazy thing like this.

Nothing is off the table, with this crowd.

‘Wacko Feminist Wants to “Put All Men in Camps”‘ (2015)

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How could this have possibly failed to catch on? Well, it was competing with “gender” for center state, and then along came COVID. I mean, no one can juggle all the Far Left Crazy schemes without dropping a few of them.

Wacko Feminist Wants to ‘Put All Men in Camps’

I find it a useful rule of thumb, when encountering any New & Exciting Great Idea, to ask “What would happen if everybody did it?” If the answer to that question is either “We lose our liberty” or “We go extinct,” this this is a stupid Great Idea and ought to be rejected.


‘Revenge of Chucky’ (2017)

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Is this the same revered elder statesman, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who threatened Supreme Court justices by name? Who assaults people in a restaurant and follows them out to the street so he can keep assaulting them? Who now sits in judgment against our preident, Donald Trump? (He’s already reached a verdict.)

The very same!

Revenge of Chucky

Schumer is a Democrat, and Democrats believe they are entitled to anyone who dares to disagree with them. They have stolen our election, stolen our government, stolen our country. And they will do as much mischief as they can until God overthrows them.

Pray for Him to do that soon.

Bernie’s Mittens = ‘White Privilege’

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[Thanks to my chess buddy, “WannaBe,” for the nooze tip.]

At first glance, this nooze item is merely silly and trivial. But look again: it’s a symptom of the disease that’s killing our culture.

Senator Bernie Sanders, attending the inauguration of, ahem, “President” Joe Biden, found the weather very cold that day, so he wore a thick coat… and mittens. Like, instead of a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. This innocent and sensible choice of apparel won him a public condemnation by a San Francisco public high school “teacher,” published as an op ed in the San Francisco Chronicle and was used for fund-raising for an assortment of idiotic leftid causes.

The so-called teacher said the image of Bernie in his cold weather gear “epitomize(s) white privilege”–indeed, “white privilege, male privilege, and class privilege.”

We send our kids to public schools to be “taught” by Far Left idiots because ______________. Fill in the blank. I dare you.

No sympathy for Bernie, though! He’s spent years feeding this beast, and now it’s bitten him in the tuchas.

But now we have people picking fights for truly absurd non-reasons, freaking themselves out with imaginary grievances, infecting our institutions with their bitter follies, force-feeding it to children and college students–the whole Far Left Crazy taking the country on a thrill ride to disaster. And no one has thought of any effective way to stop it.

How does dressing warmly in cold weather make you a Racist?

We can only pray these wackos wind up devouring each other.

The Pseudo-Religion Comes into Its Own

Opinion: Satanic Display Shows Power Of The Bible | WVPE

COVID-19 is very far from being the deadliest disease the world has ever known, but that hasn’t stopped our exalted leaders from behaving like it’s the Black Death and the Spanish Flu rolled into one. And so we have these bizarre, draconian restrictions wrapped around people’s necks, world-wide; and every time we get close to what we’ve been told will be the end of it, they move the goalposts farther away.

Need we mention that nobody tells us anymore what the end will be?

And what happens from now on whenever a nasty disease comes along? Are we gonna play shutdown/lockdown every time?

Why do our exalted leaders do this to us?

Because it’s their weird substitute religion. And what religion is that? The Humanist Manifesto 2 will sum it up neatly for you (https://americanhumanist.org/what-is-humanism/manifesto2/): There is no God, but no problem, using our infallible Science wisely, we, the world’s smartest people, can and will do everything God shoulda done!

So they want God’s job, they want to sit on His throne: and then they realize, “Schiff, now we gotta do all those things we disbelieved in God for not doing!” You will find those things listed in the Humanist Manifesto. Question: Why does every moth-eaten bunch of commie wackos have a “manifesto”?

Now that government is God, and they’re the government, they have to do a better job than God ever did and prevent all Bad Things from happening! And if any of them do happen anyway, it’s Donald Trump’s fault. In the case under discussion here, the self-anointed gods now have to demonstrate that they can wipe out diseases. Once they’ve got it all under control, no one will ever get sick anymore! (Unless White Supremacists find some way to make them sick.)

Whatever the problem, it can always be traced to a core or cadre of Christian conservative spoil-sports who refuse to get behind the program. They’re the ones holding back the Government from creating Utopia! Off to the gulag with ’em! You’ve gotta break eggs to make an omelet.

It’s not just disease. The new gods, self-anointed, also propose to eliminate war, poverty, inequality, and unhappiness. “That’s a better deal than God ever gave you!” And who needs forgiveness of sins, when there must be some Scientific method to make it impossible for you to sin in word, act, or thought? Some little chip implanted in your brain: it’ll fry you if you think a Bad Thought.

Because the humanists aspire to be gods–just as the Serpent promised, back in the Garden of Eden–they must aim for and exercise total control over every aspect of human life. Wow! Good thing they’ll only do that for our own good!

The fool says in his heart that there is no god; and then he goes out and makes one out of cardboard.

How to Stop the Hate? ‘Kill the White Man’

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I can’t satirize this. It satirizes itself.

Euro-fatheads held an online conference on “hate speech”; and a self-proclaimed “anti-hate” group in Portugal suggested how they can put an end to hate.

You guessed it! “Kill the white man” (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3909181/posts).

This pearl of wisdom was dropped by some guy from Senegal–presumably a Black paradise because it’s in Africa–who immigrated to a white European country, Portugal. Presumably a hell-hole.

Why did he do that? Would you move to a country inhabited by people whom you believe ought to be killed?

And… surprise! This jerk’s “anti-hate” group is in bed with… George Soros! Maybe that’s not such a surprise.

Now–is anybody out there still dumb enough not to know that when leftids talk about “wiping out hate,” what they mean is wiping out you? And anybody else who isn’t them.

Quick quiz: When was the last time you heard a lefty accused of hate speech? I rest my case.

Heaping Up the Hubris

Xinjiang's “transformation through education” camps

Win a tinfoil hat if you can tell the difference between Democrats and the Chinese Communist Party!

One thing Christians, Jews, and ancient pagans agreed on–God doesn’t like hubris, and never fails to punish it.

Hubris? What hubris?

Well, this hubris: California Democrat bigwig David Atkins wants “post World War II-type re-education” for everyone who supports President Donald Trump (https://dailycaller.com/2020/11/19/california-democrat-wwii-japan-deprogram-conservatives-trump-supporters/). But he does admit he has a minor problem with the details.

“How do you de-program 75 million people?” he wonders.

See, voting for Donald Trump makes you a Nazi, and so there are 75 million Nazis now in the United States, and we all need to have our minds made right, boss.

Atkins called our kind of thinking, shared by at least 75 million of our fellow citizens, a “conspiracy theory-fueled belligerent death cult.” You can just feel the love. He also accused conservatives of giving themselves the coronavirus so they could blame it on liberals.

Oh–and he says “left” and “center-left” are the only good and decent places you can be, politically.

Heap it up, Democrats, heap it up as high as you can.

The Lord’s gonna cut you down.

How to Achieve Income Equality

Go Back 3 Spaces | Monopoly Wiki | Fandom

Liberals are still crying crocodile tears over “Income Inequality.” Thanks to Income Inequality, blubbered the New York Times recently, you’ll never be able to drink the great wines.

Well, obviously what they want is “Income Equality“–everybody has the same income. Right then and there you know it’s poop. But if there were such thing as Income Equality, how would society achieve it? Always presuming the whole thing wouldn’t blow up into a war of all against all before the train even left the station. But in the absence of near-instantaneous chaos, how would you achieve Income Equality?

*Take money from The Rich and redistribute it. [Four-minute laugh break] If you think anyone will ever get their hands on any of Al Gore’s, the Clintons’, John Kerry’s, or Hollywood’s money, you are without brain function.

*Ask the super-rich (see above) to give away big chunks of their money to The Poor. Yeah, that’ll work.

When does my income get to equal Nancy Pelosi’s?

*Ooh-ooh! Simply print up lots and lots more money and hand it out to people until everyone’s a millionaire! And watch the price of a six-pack of Hebrew National hot dogs shoot up to $600.

*Let the government set the prices for every good and service known to the economy. So, like, charge a Rich guy $400 for a haircut but a Poor guy would only have to pay $4 for the same haircut. And watch the barber’s business fold. Another empty storefront!

Catch my drift? There is no way of achieving Income Equality. It’s a fantasy. The ways that have actually been tried never came close to working, and always did more harm than good.

And for Joe Biden to be yammering about Income Inequality, when he and his whole family have gotten disgustingly wealthy by selling government favors to foreign interests, some of them more than a little unfriendly to our country–how do we stand it? Is there any limit to our toleration?

Olbermann: Trump Supporters Must Be ‘Prosecuted and Convicted’

Keith Olbermann Trashes Former MSNBC Colleagues Maddow, Kornacki - Accuracy  in Media

More than just a little crazy

It just gets worse and worse. The Democrat Party doesn’t need a psychiatrist. It needs an exorcist.

Dig this quote from TV lefty Keith Olbermann: “Trump can and must be expunged. His enablers… the Mike Lee’s, the William Barr’s, and the Sean Hannity’s and the Mike Pences… and the Amy Coney Barrett’s must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society” (https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2020/10/09/keith_olbermann_terrorist_trump_and_his_enablers_and_supporters_must_be_removed_from_our_society.html).

Do you think we can still afford to lose this election? Do you think our republic can survive with crazies like this in power?

Prosecuted for what? Convicted for what? Yeahbut, yeahbut, that’s law, dude! We aren’t going to do law anymore! Prosecute ’em for being… whatever! And remove them from society! Uh, for what? Shut up, he explained.

Unlike you or me, Olbermann can get in front of a TV camera and sell this schiff to millions of people at a time (if they can find some way to get millions of people to watch it). He wouldn’t have that forum if the bad guys weren’t using him to test the waters. Has the time come yet to jail everyone who votes for Trump? Stalinism, American-style–are we there yet?

These people must be totally defeated. God help us if we don’t.

The Only Nooze I’m Gonna Post Today

Baby Rabbit..there is always a sweet bunny in our yard twice a week. Makes  me smile! | Wild rabbit, Wild bunny, Animals

All the bad nooze, the unending parade of wicked and asinine characters, and their daft and wicked schemes–it’s not good for your soul to read it all day, and it’s not good for my soul to write it. A picture of a baby rabbit is vastly more edifying.

This will be the only nooze I’m gonna comment on all day, so enjoy it.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died after a long illness. Her rulings damaged our nation. But I’m not a liberal, so I won’t rejoice over her death–well, you know how they carry on.

A sizeable body of Far Left Crazy are bitterly angry with Ginsberg for dying. They can hardly express themselves. It wouldn’t surprise me if their heads went 360 degrees and they started levitating. There’s abundant video illustrating this, but I choose not to use it. You can find it easily enough, if you want it.

Some of these are the very same people last seen giving Ginsberg a standing O for hanging tough and continuing to crank out rulings. Now they’re mad at her for not retiring while *Batteries Not Included was still president, so he could appoint another flaming commie to replace her. They are furious that she has died. Like she did it on purpose, just to spite them.

It used to be most Americans hardly noticed what the Supreme Court did. But that changed, once Democrats figured out that the court could be used to push through Far Left projects that didn’t have enough support to be enacted into law by the legislature.

By the way, there’s one question I’ve been wondering about lately. Republican presidents Reagan and Bush appointed justices to the Supreme Court and within moments of their swearing in, these justices turned into leftist societal engineers. My question is, how come it never goes the other way? With Far Left justices turning into conservatives.

Anyway, America can’t be “fundamentally transformed” into Venezuela North without the Supreme Court acting as a super-legislature, redefining basic human institutions and gutting the Constitution.

Expect Democrats to go absolutely ballistic over the next appointment.