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Google Employees: ‘Family’ is a Bad Word

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Shut up, already!

All right, I’m gonna write this up and then that’s that, no more nooze today. I just can’t take any more.

“Approximately 100” Google employees are on the warpath over the use of the word “family”–especially if a “family” is defined as a household with children (https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/01/17/report-google-employees-freak-out-over-the-word-family/).

“Family,” they rant, is a word that is “homophobic,” it’s “charged language,” and “exclusionary.” Could we please somehow ship all these bozos off to Mars? One employee, describing herself as “straight,” objected because she and her shack-up boyfriend don’t have children and therefor don’t constitute a family. Forget Mars; go for Pluto.

How did our American culture wind up getting owned by freaks? It seems all they have to do is yap enough and then they get their way, no matter what the weird societal innovation they’re demanding. They’re never satisfied, never appeased, they just never stop, and we always wind up caving in to them just to shut them up–and the more fool us, because they never shut up.

Does this go on forever?

‘Student Nitwits Want Mandatory Attendance at “Social Justice Event”‘ (2016)

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Don’t you love the way the “pro-choice” crowd keeps on demanding the power to make all your choices for you? But they’re liberals, so when they say something, it means the opposite of what it’s supposed to be: like, when libs say “justice,” they really mean injustice, and when they say “smart,” it’s for something stupid.

So here they are–at a looniversity, of course–enhancing everybody’s “choice” by demanding attendance at a “social justice event” be made mandatory.


It really is an embarrassment to be living in this age.


‘No More Girls in Girls’ School’ (2016)

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If they ain’t girls, and they ain’t boys, then what are they? (On second thought, don’t answer that.)

This crazy **** is happening right in front of us in real time, and I don’t know anybody who can tell us why. Here, two years ago, the Girls School Assn. in the UK wishes to drop the word “girls” because “girls” is not “inclusive” enough.


Who decided everything that to be “inclusive”?

There’s this thing called “language,” see, it’s our primary means of communication, and it consists of these other things called “words.” And if a word does not exclude all the meanings except for the one the speaker actually wishes to convey, then it’s not a freakin’ word anymore! It’s just noise.

If girls are not girls, what are they?

But I don’t think I want to know the Left’s answer to that question.

They Need Us to be Guilty

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The Left has harsh words for everyone who isn’t them. The rest of us are racists, haters, biggits, white supremacists. All men are guilty of sexual harassment. We’re anti-science (gasp!), climate change deniers. We’re trying to impose a theocracy. Even the smallest dissent from their position is a hate crime. And so on.

Why do they do this? I mean, okay, sure, it’s projection–they’re consumed with hate, so they call us haters. I get that. But there’s more to it than just projection.

They need us to be guilty. Their ideology demands it. Their whole mind-set demands it. We’ve got to be guilty, or their whole psychology collapses.

Because if we’re all guilty, that entitles them to lord it over us. Because they’re righteous. Because it makes them better than us. It is at the root of their core belief that they have a right to rule us as they see fit. And it’s why they get so deliriously angry whenever we reject any of their de luxe fun pack of socialism, open borders, carbon taxes, transgender, abortion, speech codes, censorship, and all the rest of it. How can we be so ungrateful, so mean, as to spurn their utopian projects? How can we be so perverse as to block their construction of an earthly paradise? Don’t we understand that they’re The Smartest People On The Planet?

They cover up their deep self-hatred by hating everybody else. They seek to cure themselves by promoting themselves to gods. Having rejected the true God, they hunt for a replacement in the mirror: doesn’t take them long to find it.

Leftism is incurable by ordinary means, and certainly by the means that they adopt. They can never fill the hole. As soon as they got “gay marriage,” they shifted right into “transgender.” If they get that, they’ll go on to something else. They will never get enough. They will never be appeased. The gaping void within their souls will gape forever.

Because only Jesus Christ can fill it, and Him they reject.

Pray for them to receive the sovereign grace of God–and never stop working to defeat them.

Dem Congressman: Does He Really Want to Nuke Americans?

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Which state would he nuke first?

In case you missed this a few weeks ago, here’s another California Democrat in Congress who let the mask of sanity slip off.

Rep. Eric Swalwell–he represents, of course, San Francisco, the human-feces-on-the-sidewalk capital of America–called for government confiscation of all rifles; and when a Tweeter told him that he and other lawful gun owners would resist, the Congressman from Ca-ca City reminded him, “We have nukes, my friend” (https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2018/11/16/swalwell-gun-comments-n2536106).

Later, of course, Swalwell asserted he was only kidding about frying his country with A-bombs; but he didn’t back off his advocacy of a compulsory “buy-back,” with prison time for anyone who tried to hold on to his gun. Second Amendment be damned. Along with all the others. This is a Democrat we’re talking about.

And don’t be misled by his doubletalk about “semi-automatic” and “assault weapons.” Any firearm is an “assault weapon.” And the only kind that are not “semi-automatic” are those old muzzle-loaders from the time of George Washington, or matchlocks from the 16th century. So the Congressman from Turd Towers is really talking about confiscating all privately owned guns.

If you voted for a Democrat in last month’s elections–shame on you! Don’t ever do it again!

Democrats used to masquerade as normal people, but after several decades of doing that, it seems the strain has become too much for them and they don’t care to keep up the pretense anymore.

Nothing much good can happen in America until this party is put out of business forever.


How to Wreck What’s Left of Our Civilization

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It hasn’t made California rich, has it?

Now you can’t even stop at the Bing home page without getting hit over the head with Far Left Crazy propaganda. Yesterday it was some gonk in The Atlantic with “The Case for Getting Rid of Borders” (https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2015/10/get-rid-borders-completely/409501/).

He argues that abolition of national borders will make everyone in the world prosperous–nothing to rev up an economy like a wave of unassimilating, chip-on-the-shoulder aliens with values diametrically opposed to the host country’s: but what am I saying? The whole idea is for there to be no countries!

Hmm… If that were true, wouldn’t California now be the richest state in the union, instead of the poorest?

But the real stumbling block is the one the gonk never got around to mentioning.

If all the borders are erased, who’s gonna be in charge?

Do I even need to suggest what a nightmare that would be? I am assuming that if you are wicked or foolish or crazy enough to desire a global government, you’re probably not reading this. Is there anyone so infantile as to gaze trustingly at any vision of world government and mutter, “Yeah! This’ll work”?

God defend us.

Idiot: ‘Lord of the Rings’ is ‘Racist’

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Liberals can’t get through the day without something to complain about; and the more inane the complaint, the better they like it.

Like this one: A “Sci-Fi & fantasy writer” whom I never heard of says J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings is **racist**–because of its “treatment” of… Orcs (https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/11/27/sci-fi-writer-claims-lord-of-the-rings-is-racist-due-to-treatment-of-orcs/).

Oh, and President Trump’s a racist, too. And so are you.

All this **racism** in Lord of the Rings, says the schmo, can have “dire consequences for yourself–” what? what’s he talking about?–“and for society.” Maybe he thinks the Orcs are gonna come and get us.

Well, see, this is what happens when enlightened anointed liberals don’t censor books! But not to worry–all we need is some kind of affirmative action policy for Orcs. Like, from now on, require writers to include “positive Orc characters” in all their stories and novels.

I mean, does this guy understand that The Lord of the Rings is fantasy–like, not real, the author made it up? Is he quite all there?

Well of course he’s not all there–he’s a liberal.

I thought I was writing a satire, a while ago, when I advised anyone writing a fantasy to make sure no villain can be identified as belonging to any particular group, and to write stories without conflict so that no one can possibly be upset or offended, blah-blah. I guess this ambulant cabbage took it literally.

Let’s go out and protest for the civil rights of Orcs!

We live in a global loony bin.

‘Protesters’ Threaten Tucker Carlson’s Family

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“Hey, Tucker! Shut up or we’ll hurt your family!”

Okay, America. You let Democrats get some of their power back this week. Now take a closer look at what you voted for.

On Wednesday night some twenty “protesters” assembled at the home of Fox News conservative commentator Tucker Carlson to spray-paint anarchist symbols on his driveway, make a lot of noise, and scare his family (https://www.apnews.com/5aa41068747f4e41b39947f761462f96). “They were threatening my family to get me to stop talking,” Carlson said.

Washington, D.C., police are investigating the incident as “a possible hate crime.” Gee, ya think?

So far none of the left-wing noozies has applauded the incident and several have expressed disapproval of it. None of these same people seemed to mind when Democrat mobs assaulted Republican politicians and members of the Trump administration, screaming in their faces and chasing them out of restaurants.

Voters, you wanted the Mob Rule Party, and now you’ve got it. Bon appetite.


The Great Democrat Naked Women Ad

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I have no desire to run a picture of that stupid ad. Here are some zebras instead.

Are these people quite all there?

Democrats have floated ads featuring ten naked women, including a mentally ill man who says he’s a woman, thinking this will get regular people to vote for them next week ( and of course the %$#$@# link doesn’t work–find the story on Breitbart.com–none of this dadburned technology works today). Try again: (https://legalinsurrection.com/2018/11/strip-to-win-dem-women-get-naked-to-get-out-the-vote/).

All Cherished Minorities are represented.

One of these, er, women looks like Elisha Cook Jr.

This display of naked women is supposed to be in support of #MeToo, which claims to be opposed to the objectification of women. Coulda fooled me. It’s also supposed to rally normal people around “transgender rights” and “reproductive rights” (in English, “abortion”).

How is this supposed to inspire Democrat votes? I don’t get it. Am I missing something that’s obvious to everybody else?

These are not normal people and they must never be allowed to take power in our country ever again.

Put them out of business on Election Day.

Now They’re Politicizing Ice Cream

Bnj0084 Pecan Resist 01693 Tw

Warning: Eating Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, any flavor, may turn you into a homosexual. Even handling the container might, at the very least, make people think you might eat it, and they will be ashamed to know you.

Ben & Jerry’s Far Left Schmendrick Ice Cream has a new flavor called “Resist,” which seems to be vanilla loaded with cliches. Its purpose, they say, is to “promote activism in the US.” They are “working on behalf of people of color… and environmental justice and women,” blah-blah-gag. ‘Cause all good liberals know that “people of color” just can’t do diddly for themselves and must be coddled and spoon-fed by the Democrat plantation owners or else they would probably run out and play in traffic. Etc.

If anybody ever deserved to lose an election by the widest possible margin, it’s this year’s crop of liberals.


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