Disaster! Cats & Christmas Trees

I am so happy to be able to say that none of our cats ever did this! Robbie and Peep love to curl up under the Christmas tree, they’ll stay there for hours. And occasionally they will be tempted by a low-hanging ornament. But diving into the tree, climbing it, pulling it down–no way.

Our tree did fall over, once–right on top of me, as I was lying on the floor, reading–but no cat was to blame for that. I don’t know what made it fall. So now we tie it to the banister so it can’t fall.

6 comments on “Disaster! Cats & Christmas Trees

  1. I can see why dangling ornaments would tempt a cat, but I never had a
    cat that did any damage.

  2. Christmas song suggestion, if we have not already had it. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Josh Groban

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