Bonus Cat Video! Hooray!

I had a lot of agita today, and if you did, too–or even if you didn’t–join me in a funny cat video.

The Metronome is a classic ghost story by August Derleth, about a woman who murders her child and then can’t get rid of his metronome. Scary stuff. I doubt any of the cats in this video did anything that bad, but they sure don’t like metronomes! Maybe August Derleth got his story from a cat.

4 comments on “Bonus Cat Video! Hooray!

  1. My cat is writing this through me.

    Anything that makes noise and moves, must be alive. As a feline, it’s my God-given duty to deal with pests and undesirable critters, so I have to investigate. It could be a yummy click beetle or an even yummier grasshopper, but I won’t know until I bat at it.


    1. And there are crickets too. The. There was the night that a baby tarantula was on the wall. That was an interesting troika, human, feline and arachnid, all looking like a Three Stooges skit. 🙂

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