‘Today’s Big News!’ (2013)

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“Now: did you, or did you not, when you were 11 years old, say such-and-such…?”

Actually, this has gotten much worse since this incident from five years ago.


Now they can–and do–go back over everything you’ve ever said since you were a toddler and dig up a “homophobic slur,” whatever that may be, that you made on the playground when you were ten years old. And this disqualifies you from, well, everything. Certainly from any kind of role in public life: and you can forget about holding any job more exalted than latrine attendant.

We now treat abominable things as sacred, and holy things as abominable.

Does anybody know how this came to be?

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5 responses to “‘Today’s Big News!’ (2013)

  • cassandra41

    Yes! It is as old as Adam and even older. The Enemy believes that good is bad and vice versa. We are only seeing his increasing power in the present world as all that is good and Godly comes under attack from those who worship the Serpent.


  • Watchman

    “Does anybody know how this came to be?”

    When they decided they didn’t want Christianity anymore. Nature abhors a vacuum, and it was replaced with neo-Marxism which shames and bullies people into submission.


  • Phoebe

    Stay tuned, folks, it’s going to get worse. Now that the major internet platform controllers have started banning whatever they choose to call “hate speech,” there’ll be no way to defend yourself against accusations about your “hate speech,” because … well, because you won’t be allowed to speak. It’s all in the algorithm, doncha know.


  • Unknowable

    I think it’s related to the Mark of the Beast. If you don’t do it the PC way, they’ll starve you out.


  • marlene

    And how accurate would this information be AFTER a breach of their database? How far is this world going to crawl itself into hell before God’s end of the age? Yes, I read the bible, but I still need to put these travesties of humanity into one of it’s endtime categories to fully understand it. Frankly, I don’t think i’d live long enough to accomplish it. You know – good for evil, evil for good, parent against child, child against parent; injustice in the courts; homosexuality; lawyers; Mark of the Beast; wars and War…


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