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Hey, where is everybody today? Come out, come out, wherever you are!

I thought I ought to let you all know that I finally had a good night’s sleep and the sinus infection or whatever it is seems to be retreating. I’ve been hitting it pretty hard with Vitamin C and taking all the rest I can get. Once upon a time we would’ve called the doctor, he would have come here, looked me over, figured out what was wrong with me, and written a prescription; someone from the pharmacy would have delivered it, and bob’s your uncle, problem solved.

But that was back in the bad old days, before they discovered it was so much better, when you’re sick, to sit in a doctor’s waiting room for two or three hours with a lot of other sick people, and then drag yourself off to the pharmacy to get your prescription filled.

Anyhow, here I am, thanking you all for your prayers and ready to rock and roll.

After I go to the store and have a cigar.

[Aside to Unknowable: Last night Patty dreamed we had just acquired a pet bush baby (see above) and were setting up his quarters; and you were there, advising us. “Gee! What did he look like?” I asked. “Oh, he was off-stage, I couldn’t see him,” was her answer. It might have proved very interesting, had her slumbering mind produced an image…]

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  1. Lee, you’re lucky that you have a doctor whose waiting room you can get to sit in for hours when you’re sick. Every time I’ve tried to get an appointment with my doctor when I’ve been sick, I’ve been offered an appointment AT LEAST 2-3 weeks down the road. I keep saying, “In 3 weeks I’ll be either better or dead,” but it makes no difference. So I wind up going to a local Minute Clinic or urgent care instead. In fact, I no longer even bother calling my doctor; I just go straight to the Minute Clinic, where I’ve never had more than a 30 minute wait.

    This is what gubmint control of health care does for us: We get to see our doctor only when we’re healthy, and then we spend the whole appointment time answering gubmint mandated questions about why we don’t want expensive, intrusive, and uncalled for tests; whether we do recreational drugs and/or sex; and whether we feel constantly tired, uninterested in things, and without hope.

    I’m not joking about that last one. I got asked that question during my annual mandatory medication review visit, even though I’ve never given any signs of depression and I’ve always talked about my joy in my faith and/or some new interest or adventure I’m excited about. But the gubmint apparently wants all old people to be questioned about depression — maybe not just old people, come to think of it. I suppose they want something in the records to justify a future gubmint-prescribed euthanasia. Things are getting pretty scary these days.

    1. I see my doctor at a walk-in clinic. I became a patient there a few years ago when I trashed my elbow falling off my bike. I was highly impressed by the doctor who treated me for that, and then for high blood pressure (a problem discovered during treatment of the injury). I was very unhappy when she retired unexpectedly: she was the best doctor I’ve ever known.

    2. How depressing, Phoebe 🙂 It cracks me up how these medical/drug commercials on TV always say to call your doctor or go see your doctor as if you have the personal intimate doctor-patient relationship with him – what a sad joke.

    3. Doctors today see too many patients, don’t spend enough time with them, have way too much paperwork to do–
      When I was growing up we had a family doctor who came to our house when someone was sick. What was so terrible about that, that it had to be changed?

    1. They asked me the same questions Phoebe! And honestly, even if I felt any of the things they asked, I wouldn’t admit it to them anyway! They would then have me pegged as some kind of emotionally unstable/bipolar/schizophrenic/suicidal lunatic and I would never see a needed prescription again or they would try to forcibly dump unneeded/unwanted prescriptions down my throat. God forbid someone should be feeling sad about something. Like it’s just not normal anymore to have emotions. Oh, wait! I forgot, we aren’t supposed to feel anything. It’s very scary the world we live in. The “gubmint” forces people to lie because we know what they are up to. And Lord help you if you don’t! It is none of their business what people feel or think. Stay out of the doctor’s office! That is where I go to have a confidential conversation with my physician about my ailments. But, there is nothing confidential anymore. It is just terrible!

    2. It ain’t what it was, that’s for sure.
      My eye doctor is very unhappy with government interference in his medical practice. I’m sure he’s not the only one.

  2. I have been healthy all my life and have hardly ever had to go see a doctor. Now that I am having some issues I am experiencing modern medicine in America – it is an assembly line. I see one doctor for 10-15 minutes, then referred to another, then another, always the same thing – an assembly line ( they have been nice people, but why shouldn’t they be, they are making money).

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