More Cats & Christmas Trees

Y’know what’s odd about these videos? Somebody stands there filming it while the cat makes a ruination of their Christmas tree. You’d think they could at least unplug the lights.

Our cats love sleeping under our Christmas tree. True, sometimes we have to stop them from eating bits of it, or slapping at low-hanging ornaments. But none of our cats ever, ever tried to climb our Christmas tree!

Well, we do have that Elf on it, always perched near the top at a good vantage point. Maybe he persuades cats of the inadvisability of climbing the tree. You never know what those guys get up to, after you’ve gone to bed.

One comment on “More Cats & Christmas Trees”

  1. For some cats, it’s just too much of a temptation, but your point about the pet owners filming the disaster is well taken. 🙂

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