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We want to have fun with our Christmas music; but there’s a serious purpose behind it, too.

As I go through my blog archives each day, I’m struck by the number of news stories I’ve forgotten: and although I’ve posted thousands of them, they’re just the tiniest drop in the bucket. There’s stuff going on out there that would unsettle the digestion of a vulture. You hardly need me to list it for you. If you’re reading this, you know exactly what I mean.

We sing for two reasons I can think of: so that God Our Lord will hear us–and so that we will hear Him. It may even do some good for this fallen world to hear us. It can’t hurt!

So keep those Christmas hymn requests coming. We can’t know what use the Father will make of our efforts–probably to accomplish some good thing that we never even thought of. He’s very good at that.

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  1. Posted inadvertently.

    Music, as it has developed in the Western world, was almost exclusively a product of the various churches. Musical notation was necessary in order to have worshippers all singing the same songs no matter where they were geographically. Without worship music, we probably would have never developed music theory, the way we have it now.

    Without church music, we probably would never have had Count Basie, Duke Ellington, George Gershwin or Miles Davis, because al, of these Jazz-based musicians were using the same tools developed by the church.

    Rhythm and Blues developed in the churches of the Deep South. I’m not a fan of all Rhythm and Blues, but if you listen to “Please Come Home For Christmas” you are listening to R&B at its finest.

    I’ve played music most of my life and, while I don’t play in a Praise Band, I do want my music to reflect the order and harmony given us by a loving Creator. I see music as a wonderful gift from above and I try to keep that in mind when I’m playing.

    While I’m not directly involved in Praise Music I try to make certain that my secular music does not offer support to the immortality so common in our age. Many secular songs are immoral in theme and content, but I steer clear of these sorts of songs. I have been known to play the occasional worship piece in the quiet of my own home.

  2. Here is an idea. For a New Year’s Resolution how about posting a positive news item each day along with comments on all the satanic stuff going on. For instance, Samaritan Purse is sending 11 million shoe boxes full of toys and handy items to Christian children all over the world. There are plenty of Holy Spirit initiated movements going on in this fallen worldthat we are not hearing about them.

  3. Good point. I also think its such a great Christian light with the music! I want to request “It came upon a midnight clear” (this is from my wife). Also how are you doing brother Lee with your health?

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