‘God Bless Us Every One’

Another little treat for those of you who made it here today: God Bless Us Every One, by Nick Bicat, the theme music for A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott as Scrooge, 1984–wonderful treatment of the story, and packed with good, old-fashioned, robust Christmas music.

That’s old Shrewsbury Cathedral, down at the end of the street.

3 comments on “‘God Bless Us Every One’

  1. Nice, lively tune. I don’t remember hearing this before, but may have.
    It is raining “cats & dogs” here today, with wind up to 45 mph. I prayed
    for a temporary break so I could go to the P.O. and lo and behold, it stopped just that long and when I got in the house, it all began again.
    What a merciful God we serve.

  2. Before Charles Dickens wrote “A Christmas Carol” the celebration of Christmas had fallen on hard times. It did much to revive the season’s festivities, plus adding new ideas that have become Christmas traditions.

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