Archeologists Killed by Pharaoh’s Curse!

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Archeologists Floyd Gumbo, Sven-Ole Rabinowicz, and Rafael Santana moments before they were struck down by the curse

Three of the world’s least prominent archeologists have been struck down by an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh’s curse (sorry, no link: you’ll have to take our word for this).

Acting on information received from some guy on Youtube, Spigot University professors Floyd Gumbo, Sven-Ole Rabinowicz, and Rafael Santana discovered and entered what they believed to be the only ancient Egyptian tomb in Canada. Having deciphered the hieroglyphics on the door, which identified the tomb as that of the 34th Dynasty King Hutin-Holla, the archeologists proceeded to the burial chamber.

When they opened the sarcophagus, they found themselves unable to agree on how to spell the word and fell into a sharp three-way argument. It was at this point that Dr. Gumbo read the message imprinted on the mummy wrappings:

“Get your hands off me, you $#@&$%-&^%&$# ______ing *****ers!”

The language of the curse was so lurid, the archeologists fell down dead when they heard it. Even now, the surviving videotape of that last moment in the chamber is too dangerous for public consumption.

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