Cats Obstreporating

I’ve never understood why cats calmly, methodically knock things off shelves. Sometimes they lean over to watch the things bounce off the floor. Are they playing Galileo? You need a Leaning Tower of Pisa for that.

Our cats don’t do this. They don’t have to. Their twitchy tails knock things off our shelves. They are playing Stegosaurus.

5 comments on “Cats Obstreporating

  1. Cats have been part of my life for roughly 55 years now and I love them. I don’t, however, claim to understand them.

  2. I do not understand why people stand there, take pictures of cats turning over containers of liquids and not stopping them. Has me a bit mind-boggled.

    1. I’ve been around humans even longer than I’ve been around cats and definitely do not understand humans. 🙂

  3. Mine take particular glee in knocking things off for the dogs, like leftover food, and watching them fight each other for it. It is equally entertaining to knock off items the youngest dog will chew up, and watch the people chase after him to get it back before he does.

    When I was younger I had a cat who would systematically push things off my dresser in the morning, trying to find the item that would get me out bed to save it from crashing to the floor.

    So the question of WHY cats do this seems to be evident. They are total jerks…and quite happy that way. 🙂

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