‘Flipper for President’ (2015)

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In light of the current movement, among Democrats, to expand abortion right up to the moment of birth, this 2015 campaign to confer “personhood” on animals seems–oh, I don’t know. Sardonic, maybe?

Flipper for President?

Kill the babies, but save the dolphins.

Uh, could we, like, save both? Or would that be racist or something?

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  1. There is an irony that people who are for abortion are often for animal rights (and are usually vegetarians). They care more about plants and animals than people. Although this is nothing new. Clement of Alexandria said the Romans save and protect young birds and other creatures, but abandon their own children.

    1. A good predictor of violent criminality is if a child is cruel to animals. When he grows up, he’s apt to be cruel to people.
      What the Romans needed to do was to widen the goodness of their hearts. But that’s hard for human beings to do. I think we have to depend on God to do it for us.

  2. Again the left has changed the meaning of words. “Racist” does not mean what it used to mean. They have defined it as “being white, being conservative, being patriotic, being Christian, being heterosexual, being believers in our Founders, the Rule of Law, our Republic, and our Constitution, and being against every evil the leftards inflict on us BY LAW! Worst of all, they hate us for being humane. We can call them stupid, or psychotic, but they are really just plain EVIL!

  3. Very true. All of your remarks are in agreement with my thoughts for the last several years. Not much more to add, except COME, LORD JESUS.

  4. Timely post after NYs diabolical decision to extend legal abortion to the baby’s due date. I feel sick just saying that.
    About animals/babies, someone said, “if we EVER saw a pregnant animal in the forest thrashing around to induce a miscarriage, we would think that animal was insane”. 🙁
    Flipper can start as governor in NY!

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