‘Trans’ Folly Puts Lives at Risk

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If he says he’s Napoleon, does that make him Napoleon?

Is there any way to save our mother country, Britain? Or are they too far gone?

A booklet put out by Public Health England urges men who say they’re women–“trans women”–to get cervical smear tests for cancer even though these mentally ill men don’t have a cervix (https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5341098/men-who-identify-as-women-are-invited-for-cervical-smear-without-a-cervix/).

This is a waste of limited medical resources. While doctors are checking for cervical cancer in wackos who don’t have a cervix, the booklet goes on to say that women who say they’re men–who do have a cervix, unless they’ve mislaid it–should not be offered breast screenings and cervical cancer checks in case it offends them.

For the record, and because we have an obligation to speak the truth, there is no such thing as a “trans person.” There are only mentally ill persons who say they’re something they’re not.

But now in Merrie England, where the National Health just might be running short of money, they’re going to fritter away doctors’ time and expertise, and time and space in medical facilities, checking men for cervical cancer just because these profoundly disturbed men insist they’re women–

And someone’s going to die because no doctor was available to give him or her a medical procedure when he or she needed it, because the doctor was busy checking a man for cervical cancer.

This is about as good an argument as I have ever heard for keeping government out of health care. Way, way out. Because “trans” is politics, not medical science. Because “trans” is a delusion, not the truth.

It has to stop. And we had better stop it before God does.


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  1. It Is Written.
    The picture says everything, (Love the pic!) including the victims of leftardation not even knowing how they are being binded, blinded, and simple-minded. Trans-humanism, trans-sexual, trans-formed, fundamentally. i wonder, if there were NO illegal invaders or muslims in America, would it still be the same?

  2. The only “trans..” these people really need is the transformation from sin to salvation. Meantime, satan is having his way in far too many lives. He is so busy multi-tasking that it is mind-boggling. Yes, the medical services are being strangled and not only in England; our local clinics are being administered in a way that allows only 20 minutes per patient, and needless to say, serious conditions are not being addressed.

  3. Next comes the lawsuit against a doctor who did the cervical screening on the person with the nonexistent cervix but the person now claims to have terminal cervical cancer because the doctor failed to detect or take action against the condition.

    And by the way, how DOES one do a cervical smear test on someone who has no cervix? Where does one get the tissue? And for that matter, how does one even pretend to look for it when there isn’t even (shall we say?) an opening in which to pretend to, er, probe for it? And even scarier, what happens to the doctor who says he doesn’t see any cervix and can’t do the smear test on something that doesn’t exist — especially after his hospital has invited the “trans” person to ask for such a test? Does the doctor get fired? Lose his license? Get fined and/or imprisoned for “hate speech”? Or what?

    Sorry to be so graphic, but we’re really entering into cuckooland here — and demanding that our doctors become cuckoo as well.

  4. Perhaps someday, the sane majority will begin to simply ignore the relative handful of people that are spreading these ideas.

    1. It sure doesn’t look to me like this is going to stop on its own. I have never in my life seen anything get pushed so hard and take off so fast as all this transgender mania. And for some reason the majority is terrified of even twitching a finger against it. Just plain petrified. If you know why, please tell me!

    2. It sure doesn’t make any sense to me. I truly believe that God Himself is allowing these many delusions so His purposes can be accomplished.

    3. They’ve seen people get burned — bankrupted, fired, fined, physically assaulted, etc. — for objecting to implementation of the gay agenda, so now they’re afraid to tangle with the “trans” agenda. Actually, it’s all a power agenda. I.e., keep pushing and pushing until people are afraid to resist even the most outlandish propositions, and then they’re slaves to whatever you want to do.

      As the 1960s leftists used to say, “The issue is never the issue. The issue is the revolution.”

    4. That’s it, entirely. This is a war, not only on authority, but on against the authority of God Himself.

    5. It’s a war we had damned well better win–no compromise, total victory.
      Leftism, which arises out of the depravity of the heart of fallen man, will always be with us–until our hearts are changed: not by use, but by the sanctifying grace of God.

      Until then, we have a duty to fight this evil wherever it occurs.

  5. It would be interesting to read a research paper on when, where, and how being offended became such a big deal.

    It isn’t hard to see why Muslim countries look at the culture of the West and claim it is the big Satan.

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