The Cat’s in the Bag

Whenever you see a paper bag attempting to dance a hula, there’s probably a cat inside it. And whenever there’s no cardboard box handy, a paper bag will do as well.

Only, please, don’t give a cat a plastic bag to play with, any more than you’d give one to a toddler. Paper bags, perfect. Plastic–no. The cat gets stuck and winds up all upset, and apt to hurt himself trying to escape.

12 comments on “The Cat’s in the Bag

  1. I think cats use bags and boxes in a lot of different ways. When we had our two Siamese, they used them to hide and jump out and scare the black cat when he walked by, and they fought over the right to use the boxes and bags. They seemed to be having so much fun, who could deny them.

  2. My cat and I watched this together. It was great. I usually have a bag or two, somewhere in the house.

    BTW, I agree completely, plastic bags and cats are not a good mix.

    1. Our cat Missy got herself caught in a plastic bag once and had a very bad time. She rocketed all over the place before I was able to get it off.

    2. Fortunately, my little one doesn’t seem interested in them, at least for the time being.

    3. She has recently discovered the joys of climbing. If there is something high, she has to see what is on top of it.

    1. A certain feline of my acquaintance has first rights to all empty toilet paper rolls.

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