Doctor’s Orders: No Nooze!

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One of my chess buddies tells me he has a relative who has been diagnosed with clinical depression. The doctor has prescribed for her… no news! She is to steer clear of the news, whether on TV, radio, in newspapers or magazines, or in the Internet. For the sake of her mental health, she is to shun the news.

Makes sense to me!

My wife takes these surveys from You.Gov. The other day she had one whose last question was, “Do you feel overwhelmed by the news?” Uh… yes! She wished it was an essay question so she could unburden herself.

Is it just us, just these few people who are being driven crackers by the nooze? Or are there, like, tens of millions of us? It’s sort of my job to report some of it to you, no matter how revolting it is. And we do need to keep abreast of what the Enemy is doing, and his slaves, and what we’re up against.

Y’know what we could do? We could re-elect Donald Trump by a landslide next year… and really make ’em howl.

5 comments on “Doctor’s Orders: No Nooze!

  1. No nooze is suspicious nooze. To paraphrase an old military saying, when the nooze is quiet, get ready for an attack.

    Or to quote myself: Whenever it looks as though we may really be in the end times, I think, “Nah, we should be so lucky.” 🙂

  2. Moderation is all things. I look for news and information from sources I trust (those with a Christian worldview). I watch our local TV news each night so I know what I should be praying for in my town. But when they do national news I fast-forward that part because it is so slanted to the Left.

  3. The news is very depressing most of the time. Every once in a while, you find a heartwarming story that gives you hope that there really is hope in the world and that there is kindness in people’s hearts and that we can have faith in humanity. Unfortunately, the majority is evil and reminds us just how important prayer and our relationship with our Lord is.

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