‘Freaked Out by Everyday Things’ (2013)

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“Quick, get me into counseling!”

Do people truly not know where food comes from?

‘Fraid so.


The woman has conniptions because she finds a chicken foot among the chicken breasts. The other woman has to get her kid into counseling because he saw a worm in a corn cob.

I admit I probably couldn’t kill and eat an animal I knew personally. But I buy meat in the supermarket and I know where it comes from. When my mother was a girl, they had chickens and when they wanted one for dinner, Grandpa would grab one and cut off its head. Her memories of that were quite vivid; and so, I thought when I was little, were her descriptions. So I grew up kind of soft-hearted.

But there’s a difference between soft-hearted and soft-headed. When some collidge stodent says, “Food just is!”, you know you’re dealing with someone who is farther removed from reality than is good for her.

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8 responses to “‘Freaked Out by Everyday Things’ (2013)

  • Unknowable

    “Counseling? Because the kid saw a worm in an ear of corn? Actually, I think the mother probably needed some counseling, too–or maybe just a swift kick in the kiester.”

    In this case, a swift kick would, perhaps, constitute a form of counseling. 🙂

    Somehow, people have lost touch with the world they live in. I do not relish the unpleasant aspects of life, any more than anyone else, but they exist, and we have to accept them. Knowledge that ours is a fallen world helps to keep perspective.

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    • leeduigon

      So you chuck the worm (or feed it to your lizard or turtle) and cut away the affected part of the cob. As unpleasant facts of life go, this is definitely minor league. Still, that woman was very highly agitated.

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  • Unknowable

    It’s frightening to contemplate the vanity and brittle nature of some people.

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  • Joshua M. Swanson

    I was relaxing in the hot bathtub tonight when I saw a dead baby hairy caterpillar floating in the water. Ew…


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