An Odd Way to Treat High Blood Pressure

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So I’m almost out of blood pressure medicine and I need my prescription refilled. You wouldn’t believe the song and dance.

First they wanted to give me only a two weeks’ supply, so that in about ten days I could start the torment all over again. Then they said okay, three months–but you’ve got to have blood work done before you get your refill. So I went in this morning for the blood work.

That’s when they told me I’d have to do this every three months if I wanted my blood pressure medicine–“It’s our policy.”

I always get angry when I hear that. “I don’t care about your stupid policy!” I’m afraid I raised my voice. “No one in North America gets blood work every three months! I won’t do it!” So they said every six months would suffice. It should probably be only every twelve months, but I’ll fight that battle later.

After they took my blood, I was just about to go when they decided they ought to take my blood pressure, too. “But I’m already mad,” I pointed out, “and I haven’t taken my medicine yet today.” Well, they took my pressure anyway. And would you believe it? It was rather high.

“This is no way to treat high blood pressure–driving the patient crazy,” I protested. Yeah, yeah. Tee-hee. Supposedly now they will refill my prescription by the weekend, at which time I will have run out of what’s left. I made them promise. I made them write it down. Which probably means they’ll forget, so I’ll have to phone them Friday.


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8 responses to “An Odd Way to Treat High Blood Pressure

  • Watchman

    Have you tried natural alternatives? I hear olive leaf extract is good for that.

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  • avriii

    I can feel the blood pressure rising as I read this so if that was your objective (arts mirrors life?!) then congratulations! I find many medical situations provoke the same response in me.

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  • Joshua M. Swanson

    If I had been in your place, I would have tipped over and capsized…


  • Robert Jason

    Hi Lee: This is your old buddy here!…you’d most probably get mad at me for my brutally honest comment here that is offered in Christian love…as an 83 year old guy who has led a healthy lifestyle all his life and a lifelong athlete with passion for physical fitness and all that, I stoutly believe in natural, preventive, holistic ways in nourishing and healing the body…thus, I have NOT been sick for ages and have NOT seen a doctor/hospital for ages…I avoid medications like the plague…they do more harm than good…Christ is the GREAT PHYSICIAN!….He has provided us with common-sense and natural ways of nourishing and healing the body…follow His natural ways and you will be happy and healthy and live long, as I….blessings, your old pal Robert Jason

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    • leeduigon

      Bob, old pal, I’m not mad at you at all, and I appreciate your comment. You know I post prayer requests here. We should always pray for health–at the very least, it can’t possibly harm us.

      I hope you’re doing well, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you, and I hope you drop in again real soon.

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  • Unknowable

    The way blood pressure is checked as they rush you into a treatment room is good for + 10 – 20 points. I’m fortunate to have a great doctor, but I’ve visited some whom could raise your BP by their very presence.

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  • thewhiterabbit2016

    I felt my blood pressure rising as I read this 🙂

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