‘New Words for Liberals’ (2015)

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You wouldn’t think leftids needed any help mucking up the lexicon with new words they just invented two weeks ago: like, for instance, “anti-natalist.” But in spite of all their efforts, they’re very far from covering all the bases. So here’s some help:

New Words for Liberals

We’ve come to need even more new words since this was written. We need a term that removes the stigma from a nooze outlet labeling a disgraced Democrat governor a Republican. “CNNing”?

And as a new weasel word for “aborting your baby,” I suggest “womens-healthing your baby.”

5 comments on “‘New Words for Liberals’ (2015)

  1. Demoncrats use their own language, a twisted, reversal of the meaning of words, to fool the easily fooled into believing everything they say is what they mean. English Taqqiya

  2. Anti-natalism pretty I h takes the cake, and gets right to the point. The standing orders from God are to procreate. Anti-Natalism goes completely against that.

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