What in the World Is This?

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I had to go to the mall today and as I was driving back, I passed a church whose sign outside almost caused me to go off the road.

The sign announced a soon-to-be-held… “Revelry Service.”

What? Shades of Bacchus. I’m pretty sure “revelry” means whooping it up, party time, usually accompanied by adult beverages–and that’s the relatively clean and wholesome revelry. It can get a lot wilder than that.

But in a church? Traffic did not permit me to pull into their parking lot so I could knock on the door and ask someone what they were planning for their Revelry Service.

So I am confronted with a mystery. I suppose I could look it up, it must not mean what I think it means–but I think I’d rather leave it as a conundrum. Maybe safer that way.

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  1. We don’t allow beer drinking on our church premises but as Lutherans drinking beer in moderation is acceptable behavior – Martin Luther made his own beer and so does our pastor.

    Call the church up and find out what they mean by Revelry Service. Watchman, Unknowable, & I are dying to know.

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