Can You Believe He Said This?

Will he take Virginia to the Second Level?

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam–who got in trouble for advocating abortion after the baby is actually born: also known as premeditated murder–and then got in more trouble when somebody leaked his med school yearbook showing him done up in blackface–has vowed to remain in office because… because… “Virginia needs someone who can heal… who has a moral compass” (

And that would be me, you peasants! I’m a doctor, remember? I can heal immorality! Just forget I ever said any of that stuff about killing babies as they’re being born, or even after they’re born. Hey, if you can heal a hangnail, you can heal anything! And as for providing the whole cotton-pickin’ state with a moral compass–well, that’s me, too! That’s me all over!

He also said, and here we quote verbatim, that he is going to “take Virginia to the next level.”

Next level of what? This is not a reassuring statement. It sounds like a  bit of dialogue from Zardoz.

Watch this carefully, folks. We are about to see a high-profile Democrat office-holder skate right over infanticide and racism, with no ill effects beyond a little mandatory groveling.

Now try to imagine any Republican office-holder surviving these scandals.

4 comments on “Can You Believe He Said This?

  1. At Trump’s MAGA rally in El Paso last night, most of his material was just responding to the lunacy in the Democrat camp – it was hilarious. VA Gov Northam was a big part of that response. Opponents like to call Trump a cartoon, but Mortham is a cartoon who belongs in a graphic Gothic novel.

  2. That is so amazing, no republican could survive that, and I sure hope he doesn’t. Same here, no conservative could survive that, but a liberal could. Hard to believe.

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