I’ll Be Back!

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I’ve always liked those little potted cacti. I should have one, but I’m afraid the cats would get curious and wind up sticking themselves.

Anyhow, the comment contest’s won (by SlimJim), it’s too early to start another, and there was that temporarily alarming development of Jeremy turning into a cactus–prematurely, I might add–so it seems wise to wait for 45,000 comments as the next milestone.

I have a lot of stuff I want to blog about today, but first we have to go grocery shopping, so please feel free to browse among the blog Archives until I get back. We want to go now, before it starts raining.

8 comments on “I’ll Be Back!

  1. Yes, it is tricky these days to get errands done before the weather becomes uncooperative. Here, it is tons of snow piled everywhere, freezing it into hard mounds, and dense fog, drizzling rain turning back to more snow. I think I will cancel my trip for today.

    1. Got it today, all right.
      Final editing is being done on the book, to catch the last few typos before it goes to press. It should be available soon.

  2. I’m grateful for the UFO’s tips about the rootbeer and ice cubes. I’m back to a rodent again…I mean human again. I do hope that that won’t happen again! Except when I see a grizzly bear, then those prickly thorns will come in handy! 😎🌵🐻🌵

  3. I always knew this Blog was mentally and spiritually potent, but had no idea of the effect on the human body. Maybe the FDA could investigate why its readers are having phasmological/physiological experiences.

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