‘Your College Tuition Dollars at Work’ (2013), or, A Satirist’s Downfall

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Here’s a story that was six years ahead of its time. As a satirical gesture, they asked college students if they were cool with abortion in the “fourth trimester”–that is, up to three months after a baby is born–and most of them said yes. Especially the students who didn’t know what a trimester was.

Your College Tuition Dollars at Work

Well, what was a laughing good satire six years ago is reality today. Democrat states are elbowing each other out of the way to establish out-and-out infanticide as “women’s health.”

Would you like to stand in their shoes, come Judgment Day?

3 comments on “‘Your College Tuition Dollars at Work’ (2013), or, A Satirist’s Downfall

  1. Sad to say, all of this is believable. After that depraved abortion legislation here (NY) my husband asked, “Why not give the mother a week after birth to decide if she wants it?”

    1. What’s hard to believe is that stuff like that is actually happening, with Democrat politicians cheering and driving it on, news media ecstatic over it, phony clergy overjoyed… Can I wake up now, please?

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