Don’t Miss These Pictures!

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If you like my Bell Mountain books, you probably like the cover art by Kirk DouPonce. So don’t miss the interview with Kirk posted just a little while ago by Jill at Chalcedon headquarters. It comes with pictures! It should be the post immediately before this one.

Kirk uses kids from his neighborhood to model for the Bell Mountain covers, and now you can see the photos that he used for creating three of the covers: Ellayne, Jack, and Ryons. What a thrill for those kids! “Hey, my picture’s on a book cover!” Imagine yourself, at 11 or 12 years old, winding up with your picture on the cover of a fantasy novel. Way cool!

If you click on the pictures at the bottom of the post, they’ll be blown up bigger for you.

That kid who posed for Ellayne–she’s exactly how I imagined Ellayne would look. Exactly! Really, I don’t know how he does it.

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  1. Excellent and quite interesting to see. I think I know how he does it – your descriptions of these characters and the scenery etc are so vivid that anyone with an imagination can see what you see. I have pictures from your books in my mind that are derived purely from your descriptions. Keep them coming, please.

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