Shocking! ‘Bugs Bunny: the Cover-Up’

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On the morning of June 17, 1938, an insignificant little man named Humphrey Bunney walked into the 15th National Bank in Puny City, Oklahoma, and finding no one there, totally destroyed the building, then rushed out into the street and tried to shoot everyone he saw. Although he failed to hit anyone, he did give residents the scare of their lives. Within hours of his getaway, Bunney topped the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List. But, amazingly, he was never seen again.

Except by untold millions of people all over the world!

Now it can be told: Clifton Falafel’s new book, Bugs Bunny: the Cover-Up, “will forever give readers everywhere incurable heeby-jeebies,” predicts Publisher’s Weakly. The Cleveland Fishwrap says, “Read this, and you’ll never set foot outside your house ever again!”  And TV personality Dr. Dipp says, “No one is safe! Especially you.”

Humphrey Bunney eluded capture by going underground (literally–he dug a hole and climbed into it) and re-emerging as the famous cartoon character we have come to know and love as Bugs Bunny. But while we’ve been chuckling over his antics in Loony Tunes and in the Sunday color comics, “Bugs Bunny” has been up to serious mischief. Just to name a few of his crimes documented by Mr. Falafel: the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Jimmy Carter presidency, the complete disappearance of the whole country of Czechoslovakia, and a movie called Gigli.

Published by Global Warming Press, Bugs Bunny: the Cover-Up costs a trifling $89.95 and is available wherever carbon credits are sold.


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  1. LOL – oh my gosh, this is so clever. “Falafel, Weakly, Fishwrap, Dr. Dipp, Global Warming Press.” If I had your way with words, i’d be a hit {by the CIA!) at democratic parties. Cover-up or cover-let, this is serious humor.

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