Now They’ve Got to Feed the Monster

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In the wake of one of their new, Far Left Crazy representatives spewing out anti-Israel, anti-Jewish comments, the Democrat establishment proposes to take refuge in “a measure denouncing bigotry” ( Yes, they’re going to go on record that they hate “hate.” As opposed to all those other Congress members who are in favor of hate.

They could have censured this first-year Congresswoman, and even kicked her off the committee she’s on, but they didn’t. Then they were going to propose a non-binding resolution–I love those, they’re so gutsy–stating their disapproval of anti-Semitism, but they didn’t do that, either, for fear of being perceived as singling out the only representative who’s been making anti-Semitic speeches. She’s a woman and a Muslim, and therefor untouchable: two Cherished Minorities in one.

So now they’re going to take the bold step of hating hate.

Y’know, they asked for this. For two years after Donald Trump’s election as president, they’ve been pitching daily hissy-fits and throwing open their door to any Far Left kook who came along. When Antifa rioted, when left-wing hooligans harassed Republicans in public places and deposited the bodies of dead animals on the doorsteps of their homes, when a Bernie Sanders groupie opened fire on some Republican Congressmen innocently playing baseball, and almost killed one–while all those things happened, House Democrats never spoke a single word against it. Did they think those incidents were not hateful? Or is hate only hate when someone who’s not a leftid says it or does it? If you get the answer to that question wrong, you don’t understand the Democrats.

Killing babies as they’re being born–that’s not hate. Lying and cheating and trying to overthrow our president–nope, no hate there! Branding everyone who’s not them “deplorables” and “white supremacists” and “facists”–no hate there, comrades!

If we could ever harness Democrat hypocrisy as a source of energy, we’d never need another drop of gasoline again.

So now they’ve got a coven of crazies in the Congress coming out with all that crazy rhetoric, and they don’t dare try to rein it in. They created this monster, and now they’ve got to feed it: because if they don’t, it’ll turn on them and eat them.

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8 responses to “Now They’ve Got to Feed the Monster

  • Phoebe

    As for the antisemitism, I don’t know why people are surprised, either at the forthright antisemitism or the Dems’ failure to condemn it. Remember, and the infamous 2016 Democrat National Convention, they didn’t just boo God; they also booed Israel.

    • leeduigon

      What I don’t understand is why anyone but a villain or a fool ever votes for any Democrat.

      • Phoebe

        And the monster has already begun feeding. Linda Sarsour (of Women’s March infamy) has begun calling Nancy Pelosi a “white feminist which means white supremacist which means racist.” This is going to be an interesting year.

        • leeduigon

          Question: If everybody is racist, doesn’t that mean the same as nobody is racist?

          • Phoebe

            Well, not everyone is racist. Persons of preferred pigmentation cannot be racist — unless, of course, they criticize persons of preferred jihadist religion which is then termed a race and by intersectionality standards now outranks pigmentation. (I was going to say “trumps” rather than “outranks,” but that might have made me a hater or white supremacist or something. It’s hard to keep up with all of this.)

      • Watchman

        Free hand outs.

    • Phoebe

      That should be “at” the convention, not “and.” I could have sworn I typed “at.” Oh well.

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