New Thought Crime: ‘Election Denial’

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Democrats have been trying for years to get “Climate Change Denial” declared a crime, punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. They’re still working on that, but now they’ve come up with another offense that they think ought to get you into a world of hurt–

“Election Denial” (

Far Left Stupid think tanks have been fuming over “the myth of voter fraud”–hell’s bells, there ain’t no voter fraud! Joe Biden spends most of the campaign hiding in his cellar, nobody comes to his rallies… and he still gets 81 million “votes” (heh-heh), more than Obama got, by Jove! Nothin’ wrong here.

Now, you must understand… it’s only Election Denial when Republicans do it. After Election Day, 2016, Democrats everywhere spent every single day for the next four years denying Donald Trump’s electoral victory. Never coulda happened! We was robbed! Hillary’s the rightful president! Robert “Meat-head” Reiner even declared that Hillary Clinton should just “take over,” election be damned.

When Democrats do it, it’s not Election Denial. Denying 2016 is not Election Denial, but denying the travesty in 2020… is. Got that?

At least now we know that what they want is a “mild species of dictatorship” backed up by a “flexible” Constitution that lets them crush anyone who gets in their way. They’ve made that crystal-clear.

They’ll still get the chucklehead vote. They won’t have to cheat for that.


‘It Ain’t Hate When Libs Do It’ (2017)

2,440 Firing Squad Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

It’ll be the firing squad next

I wonder if this policy is still in force: California state employees are not allowed to travel to any other states that big shots in California deem “hateful.” “Hate,” of course, meaning any failure to embrace with intense enthusiasm whatever Far Left Crazy tells you to embrace.

It Ain’t Hate When Libs Do It

Get it? If you work for California, you’re not allowed to travel in Red states. This should be hard, because from North Dakota to Texas is a solid barrier of Red states. How do they propose to get from California to Chicago or New York? Someone didn’t look at a map first.

But who expects California to make any sense?

Where Have the ‘Pregnant People’ Gone?

iPhone update adds 'pregnant man' emoji, other gender neutral cartoons

A few days ago it was “pregnant people,” and if you said “pregnant women,” you were a “transphobe” and a hater: you denied that men could get pregnant! Boo! Hiss! And in the Portland, Oregon, school lavatories, they were making “period products” available to boys. ‘Cause boys can have periods, too, dontcha know.

Suddenly that’s all gone. Suddenly we’re back to “women’s health”–the Far Left Crazy’s euphemism for abortion. Killing unborn babies is “women’s health.” Restricting abortion is back to restricting “a woman’s right to choose.”

Where was “My body, my choice” when they were talking about vaccine mandates? What happened to that choice?

The hypocrisy is deafening. Well, when you’re dealing with people who deny there’s any such thing as truth, you have to expect that.

As our friend “Unknowable” says, if abortion is the hill they want to die on, let them.


A Funny Thing Happened on Her Way to the Climate Change Rally

“Send me a helicopter, my car conked out!”

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.]

The former mayor of San Luis Obispo was hot to attend the big Climbit Change rally in San Francisco; so she hopped into her electric car…

And never got there, because she couldn’t find a charging station that was open ( Don’t you hate it when that happens?

At one point she contemplated ordering a helicopter to pick her up and fly her to the rally.  Carbon footprint, anyone? Oh, wait–that only applies to us peasants.

The mayor not long ago stepped down from her office “to battle climate change.” Boy howdy. What is it like to actually be one of these people? “I’m going to San Francisco in my electric car to battle climate change!” Uh-huh. Make sure you wear a flower in your hair. And galoshes on your feet.

True, a normal gasoline-powered car might have failed her. Out of gas, flat tire, vapor lock: these things happen. But aren’t you supposed to, like, check to make sure your battery is charged before embarking on a long trip?

“Shut up! I’m saving the planet!”

Maybe someday technology will take us to a world of electric cars. But we have leftids trying to force this thing to happen before its time. They’d also like for you to have a car which the government can remotely disable if they decide you’ve traveled far enough for one week.

I wonder how many truly, deeply, goofy mayors we have in this country.

Salvation Army Goes… Bad

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Hey, Sunshine! Let’s talk about your racism!

I didn’t want to post this news, and kept putting it off. In a way, it isn’t really “news”–it was first reported back in June, but no one noticed. And it’s been in the works for years, since 2007.

The Salvation Army is going “woke” ( It’s CEO, “General” Brian Peddle, thinks white people should apologize for being white.

[Personal note: If I were to go up to any of my black neighbors and “apologize” for my skin color, which makes me guilty of every bad thing that’s ever been done, they would stare at me as if I were insane.]

A Bible verse springs to mind: [N]either cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you” (Matthew 7:6).

Last year Americans donated $1.8 billion to the Salvation Army; and it was pearls cast before swine. And then the swine attacked us. They took some of that money and used it to organize compulsory “racial equity training” in Critical Race Theory for all its staff and officers. We are not told how much they spent on that.

They also spent donated money to create a “guide” called “Let’s Talk About Racism.” Gee, Starbuck’s did the same stupid thing a few years ago and got laughed off the stage. But the Salvation Army has done it much more quietly.

Now, if the color of my skin makes me automatically guilty, automatically bad, then I guess my money’s bad and guilty, too–why should you want any of it?

Well, you aren’t going to get any. Not from me. My wife and I had a monthly pledge to the Salvation Army. Not any more.

I hate to see the Salvation Army cancel itself as a force for good! They have to repent. They have to clean up their act.

Fire their CEO, let Mr. Peddle go peddle his papers somewhere else. Fire the External Communications Manager, who has the brass to deny they’re doing any CRT at all. Fire anyone and everyone who has had anything to do with turning the Salvation Army into a mob of racist ranters.

Because, folks, we are sick and tired of “woke” and we are waking up to the fact that we have to get rid of it.

Do you want to go down with that ship?

‘Obama, Libs Whine About “Fake News”‘ (2016)

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Waddaya mean, I lost???

To hear leftids tell it, Republicans invented carping about election results and trying to get them overturned. Spend a few minutes in the post-election nooze from 2016 and you’ll see what a load of baloney that is.

Obama, Libs Whine About ‘Fake News’

Remember! When Democrats wail and gnash their teeth over you consuming “fake news,” what they mean is, you’ve got the wrong fake news! The fake news from CNN, the New York Times, and all the rest of our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media–that’s the fake news they want you to believe.

To a Democrat, “misinformation” means anything that doesn’t help them push their agenda and acquire power over other people.

Seeing Clearly–Now!

Your Vision: Seeing Clearly - Philadelphia Magazine

Don’t you love it when suddenly you want to shout “Eureka!” and leap out of the bathtub–because finally, at last, you have just seen something clearly? It’s one of the things I love about working in the Chalcedon Foundation’s ministry. New insights are always just around the corner.

Today, as I listened to the Chalcedon podcast (see the preceding post), I granted we are living under a Great Fear. Who can deny it? COVID! Climate Change! Systemic Racism! Yowsah, yowsah, we are scared witless!

Ah! But government will save us! Especially a global government.

Uh, wait a minute… Who put us under that Great Fear? Morning, noon, and night–whose tame nooze media pumped out fear? Who told us we were all gonna die horrible deaths unless we gave more power to the government?

And who takes off in private jets at the drop of a hat, lives in mansions eighteen inches from the tide line, throws $30,000-a-plate wingdings in which they don’t wear the masks that they demand we wear?

Of course they make us afraid! How better to secure their power over us? The only thing better would be to get us all addicted to a drug that only they could supply–and only to the good little sheeple who obey them unconditionally.


They do this to us and expect to be rewarded.

May God reward them as they deserve.

The Stupidest Protest Ever

At least the Three Stooges were funny, Our morons aren’t.

Yesterday, in a nooze photo of a pro-abortion demonstration, we saw a noop carrying a sign that read, “Safe, Accessible Abortions for All Genders.” All genders. I can’t seem to find that same photo today. Maybe it got sucked back into Weirdland.

Normally you’d need a moving van to transport that much idiocy; yet this ninny carried it upon his (?) shoulder. All genders. Like there are men out there who want abortions? But that’s what the new left-wing-doofus buzzword’s all about–“pregnant people”–isn’t it?

I have never in my life seen anything like the horrifying speed with which the whole Western world went racing off the cliff called “transgender.” And for what? So they can babble about pregnant men? And all these different genders?

Is our country possessed by a demon of mass lunacy? Does our nation need an exorcism? I saw another picture of a sign held up by a couple of black women, pro-abortion protesters: “Abortion Is Our Future!” Oh, God, pity us. Talking about being careful what you wish for! You blocks and stones.

And of course, of course, these same la-las who march around chanting “My body, my choice!” are curiously receptive to the government making the choice for them, mandating, to get injected with an experimental drug that may or may not protect you from the COVID virus but might also kill you. Yowsah. Let Big Brother make that choice for me!

Do leftids actually believe there are pregnant men, or do they just say it because they have no integrity and are too full of schiff to know it?

This stuff has to stop before it stops our civilization.

‘A Lesson From a Troll’ (2018)

Image result for images of internet trolls

I guess the lesson I finally had to learn was just to keep on deleting these people’s comments until they give up and go away.

A Lesson from a Troll

We have sort of let the Wokies get away with their offensively absurd claim that “silence is violence,” if you don’t say what they want you to say and think what they want you to think, you’re a hater-biggit-nazi and you deserve to be attacked–if they can find three or four more leftids with weapons. But that wouldn’t be… “violence.” Somehow.

You can try to understand them if you want, but don’t expect to make much progress.

It’s just not worth it.

‘California’s State Legislature–A Tar Pit of Sexual Harassment’ (2017)

Image result for Animals Found in La Brea Tar Pits

Once you’re caught in a tar pit, there’s no getting out.

I don’t know how this story turned out. You had some 140 women signing a statement that they’d been sexual harassed–even chased into the rest rooms–by Democrat big shots in the California state house… and then the story, well, went away.

California’s State Legislature–A Tar Pit of Sexual Harassment

Let’s simplify things. If you’re a big-deal Democrat who DOES NOT sexually harass anyone, yell “Here!”

[Silence ensues. I was afraid of that.]

So that’s another store Our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media burked–sort of like one of those after-birth abortions that Democrats are so fond of. We used to call those infanticide.

Very little good can come from or to a country ruled by people like this.