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‘Deplorable People Have Too Many Babies!’ (2016)

A “professor of moral philosophy” (LOL) at some college says so, so it must be true.


Then they wonder why kids are depressed, after being force-fed all this gloom and doom–force-fed by The Highest Authorities In The Land. The kings and queens of crapola.

And they never, ever, set even the slightest example of the austerity that they demand from us.

There’s only one answer they deserve, and here it is.

‘Ninnie Links “Climate Change” to “Income Inequality”‘ (2014)

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Are all of us invited?

Can anything possibly be less sincere than a bunch of rich-as-Croesus globalists, all of whom came there on private jets and limousines, gabbling about “income inequality”?


Nah. Nothing can be as hypocritical as that. It’s the hands-down winner.

What? Does everybody in the world wind up with a mansion by the sea, a private jet, a stretch limo, and a Cayman Islands bank account? Give ’em all the power they want, and that’s our payoff?

Please don’t tell me they honestly expect anyone to believe them.

‘Planet Fitness: an Integrity-Free Zone’ (2015)

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Some Planet Fitness “women”

If you missed this the first time around, it bears re-posting: the rich and riotous display of hypocrisy put on by Planet Fitness.


Nobody, but nobody, is more “judgmental” that those Far Left Crazies who demand that we be “non-judgmental.” Just like the way they out-hate any “haters” ever born.

For the record, and because truth matters: we don’t have to judge a lot of these things because God has already judged them and condemned them, and made His judgment known to us.

Have you noticed that everything that libs are for is bad?

A Silly Old Ass

Image result for images of donkey's rear end

We got a communication yesterday, unsolicited, from an alleged adult who says he’s “sick of rich old white men” running for president. We must note that he himself is a rich old white man.

Is it possible there are registered voters out there who really, truly think that skin color, sex, and age are important things to be considered, in choosing a president? I mean, does this guy even understand what a president is, and does? That “president” is a job–and that to do it well benefits the whole world, but to do it poorly can bring to large numbers of people hardship, frustration, loss, and even wounds and death.

As for being “rich,” let’s see… hmm… when was the last time an indigent was elected to high public office in America? [Riffles through history] Ooh-ooh–never! No poor homeless person has ever been elected to anything!

What we are hearing from, here, is a silly old ass who seems to think being “a woman of color” or something, or at least young and poverty-stricken, would by some weird alchemy make you a good president. It is a shame that he can vote. It can’t be a good thing to let utter chowderheads vote.

Heaven help us, if they ever again get to choose a president.

‘The Anti-Bible Magic Trick’ (2015)

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Leftids think everyone is stupid. They think we can’t see through clumsy tricks like this.


If Jesus Christ is not the Lord and Savior, if He was only a nice guy who had some eccentric ideas, once upon a time–if He even existed at all–why do they rage against Him so? Why do they want to strip people of their livelihoods for believing in Noah’s Flood? I mean, you see what happens to their faces…

Heck, I get exasperated when they spout their fairy tales of Man-Made Climbit Change: but that’s mostly because they want to use it as an excuse to tell other people what to do.

They need new writers. Their old ones are out of ideas.

The Age of Krazy Krap

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I’m not laughing as much as I ought to at all the krazy krap pouring out of liberals’ minds and mouths these days.

I mean, it should be funny–right?–when liberals demand Open Borders and then freak out when President Trump offers to release hordes of illegal aliens into liberal-run sanctuary cities. Sure, it’s funny. But what’s not so funny is that the leftids’ own towering hypocrisy is completely invisible to them. You offer to give them what they say they want, and then they don’t want it. And so they continue to press for Open Borders for all the rest of us.

Yes, it was high comedy when Mitch McConnell put up the Democrats’ Green New Deal for a vote in the Senate, and they not only cried “Foul!” with wailing and gnashing of teeth–but couldn’t find it in themselves to vote in favor of their own utopian fun pack. That was a hoot. But it’s not funny that they continue to demand all these restrictions for the rest of us.

Fifty-odd “genders” ought to be a scream, and of course we ought to laugh at it. But when they want to make it a criminal offense not to acquiesce to this delusion, that’s not exactly a knee-slapper.

They insist the world is gonna end in just 12 years if we don’t give them everything they want–To Save The Planet, don’t you know–and that ought to have us rolling in the aisles. But their 2016 party platform, the platform their presidential candidate ran on, called for the attorney general to “investigate” the crime of Climate Change Denial–the crime of not believing in their apocalyptic piffle.

Mr. Bean, the Three Stooges, Abbot and Costello, and Laurel and Hardy put together couldn’t match the high goofiness created by liberals today. It’s not just that their ideas are wrong. It’s that their ideas are flagrantly, monumentally, hysterically, out-to-lunch wrong. To the point where we really have to wonder if they’re quite all there.

The thought of them ever again winning an election… Well, that’s not funny at all.

‘Global Warming Wacko: “Terminate Industrial Civilization” (2015)

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I’m revisiting this 2015 post because, instead of giving up the whole scheme and going back to the drawing board, Far Left Crazy has doubled down on Climate Change and its whole climate cult–that is, if it’s even possible to double down on boiling-over lunatic misanthropy.


Meanwhile, the chieftains of the cult keep on building shorefront mansions in Dubai, flying to Davos in private jets, and every day demonstrating that they themselves don’t believe a single word of what they’re selling to the masses.

Dude, believe me, we can see through this.

World’s gonna end because of Climate Change, unless you give us all sorts of absolute powers + “open borders” + “education” that makes you stupid = Global Government!

You don’t really think John Kerry can outsmart anybody, do you?

NJ to Approve ‘Assisted Suicide’

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First do no harm… NOT!

The Democrat death cult has its claws fastened on New Jersey. They failed on Monday to legalize “recreational marijuana,” but yesterday both houses of the legislature passed an “assisted suicide” bill which the governor is eager to sign into law today (https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/new-jersey-legislature-passes-bill-legalizing-assisted-suicide-28830).

Wherever you find Democrats in charge, you’ll find laws favoring abortion, sexual anarchy, suicide, and drug use.

Our governor cites his “strict Catholic upbringing.” Well, obviously he’s totally rejected everything they tried to teach him. Boy, if you could ever find a way to harness liberal hypocrisy, we could get rid of fossil fuels the same day.

They pitch assisted suicide to us as humane, an escape from agony, it’s only gonna be after a doctor says you’ve got just six months or less to live–and we all know doctors are always right about that, don’t we?

They don’t say anything about “end of life counselors” or family members who hate you gathered around your sick-bed like vultures and nagging you to end it all. “C,mon! Don’t you realize how much money it costs to keep you alive? C’mon, now, kill yourself! Do it now!”

No fear of God. Like they’ll never have to stand before His judgment seat.

Good luck with that, sunshine.

Green New Deal Gets… Zero Votes!

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Well, there you have it: they tell us the world’s gonna end in 12 years and we’re all gonna die unless we do exactly what they say–and then, when they get a chance to vote for it in the U.S. Senate, not one Democrat Senator, no, not one, voted yesterday for their precious “Green New Deal.”

What? Do they not care that we’re all freakin’ doomed? They told us that we have to do these things! Stop all use of fossil fuels. Guaranteed income for layabouts who refuse to work. No more private home ownership. No more cars. They go on and on about it; and then, when they get a chance to go on the record for it, they all vote “present”!

Yup, that’s what they did in the U.S. Senate yesterday. Fifty-three Republican senators, plus three Democrats who didn’t dare ever to go home again unless they voted “no,” voted against the Green New Deal; and 42 Democrat senators voted “present.” In the same sense that a pineapple or an ashtray would be “present.”

Like we’ve been observing all along, the Climbit Change crowd doesn’t believe a single word they say: it’s all for consumption by the stupid masses. Our rulers mean to rule us whether we like it or not.

They need an attitude adjustment.

Anyway, they couldn’t bring themselves to vote in favor of their own Green New Deal that they invented and pitched to us as absolutely necessary as the only possible way to escape Doomsday.

When a chef can’t be made to take a single forkful of the meal that he’s prepared for someone else, think poison.

Now They’ve Got to Feed the Monster

Image result for images of angry democrats

In the wake of one of their new, Far Left Crazy representatives spewing out anti-Israel, anti-Jewish comments, the Democrat establishment proposes to take refuge in “a measure denouncing bigotry” (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-07/democrats-settle-for-anti-hate-resolution-after-furor-over-omar). Yes, they’re going to go on record that they hate “hate.” As opposed to all those other Congress members who are in favor of hate.

They could have censured this first-year Congresswoman, and even kicked her off the committee she’s on, but they didn’t. Then they were going to propose a non-binding resolution–I love those, they’re so gutsy–stating their disapproval of anti-Semitism, but they didn’t do that, either, for fear of being perceived as singling out the only representative who’s been making anti-Semitic speeches. She’s a woman and a Muslim, and therefor untouchable: two Cherished Minorities in one.

So now they’re going to take the bold step of hating hate.

Y’know, they asked for this. For two years after Donald Trump’s election as president, they’ve been pitching daily hissy-fits and throwing open their door to any Far Left kook who came along. When Antifa rioted, when left-wing hooligans harassed Republicans in public places and deposited the bodies of dead animals on the doorsteps of their homes, when a Bernie Sanders groupie opened fire on some Republican Congressmen innocently playing baseball, and almost killed one–while all those things happened, House Democrats never spoke a single word against it. Did they think those incidents were not hateful? Or is hate only hate when someone who’s not a leftid says it or does it? If you get the answer to that question wrong, you don’t understand the Democrats.

Killing babies as they’re being born–that’s not hate. Lying and cheating and trying to overthrow our president–nope, no hate there! Branding everyone who’s not them “deplorables” and “white supremacists” and “facists”–no hate there, comrades!

If we could ever harness Democrat hypocrisy as a source of energy, we’d never need another drop of gasoline again.

So now they’ve got a coven of crazies in the Congress coming out with all that crazy rhetoric, and they don’t dare try to rein it in. They created this monster, and now they’ve got to feed it: because if they don’t, it’ll turn on them and eat them.

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