Good News! Poland to Fine Big Tech Censors

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How about that? They did what they said they were going to do!

Poland now has a law against the social media censoring conservatives–they won’t be allowed “to remove content for political purposes” (

And if they do… the fine will be a whopping $13.5 million. For every offense.

Polish authorities cited Twitter’s ban of President Donald Trump as “a dangerous precedent.” Well, sure–if they can do it to the president of the United States, they can do it to anybody.

And how’s this for hypocrisy? In India, the Prime Minister threatened to ban Twitter unless they banned his critics! And so, of course, they did–500 of ’em.

This whole business of allowing “private corporations” to do things to people that government is not allowed to do–it’s fascism, and it has to stop. No more using banks and Big Tech to do the dirty work that Congress wouldn’t dare.

Once again, Poland is leading the way back to sanity. Hats off to Poland!

‘When an Accusation’s All It Takes’ (2017)

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This experience left me with an unshakeable distrust of “authority.”

When an Accusation’s All It Takes

Of course, this has been greatly refined at the highest echelons of public life. It’s so much simpler up there: leftists can do no wrong, and conservatives can do no right. Evidence? Don’t make me laugh! We don’t need no stinkin’ evidence! So conservatives get railroaded, but when it comes to massive election fraud for the benefit of Democrats, the courts won’t even look at the evidence. Take it away, we don’t wanna see it!

Once you experience it for yourself, you don’t forget it.

Assault with a Blunt Instrument–Maxine Waters

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Democrats have accused President Donald Trump of inciting a riot and are attempting to “impeach” him, although he is not in office anymore. Surely the president’s defenders will point out that more than a few Democrats in Congress exhorted their followers to riot.

The whole country saw them encouraging the rioters every day, everywhere–so, as is their custom whenever truth proves inhospitable to their, um, “narrative,” they meet the facts with bald-faced lies.

Like Maxine Waters denying that she ever, ever urged anyone to assault persons serving in the Trump administration (

Look at the videotape embedded in the linked American Thinker article. We’ve got you on video, Maxine! “If you think we’re rowdy now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” she orates. She urges her followers to “confront” Trump administration officials whenever and wherever they appear in public, and to follow them home, gather around their houses, and make enough noise to prevent them and their families from being able to sleep.

According to law, this behavior is assault; and it is a criminal offense.

What kind of bunyip denies something that the whole world can see and hear on video?

Why is assault okay when Democrats do it?

Who paid rioters’ bail all summer so they could go out and riot some more?

We are told some 80 million people, who now cannot be found, voted for this Democrat monstrosity of a government.

You can’t say their lies are very clever, can you?


‘Telling Us How to Behave’

Hate Has No Business Here

Democrats spewed hate at America for four years and are still doing it; and here in our Democrat-dominated town, you’d better have the right lawn sign: “Hate Has No Home/Business Here.”

Telling Us How to Behave

The fun part of all this is when you try to get them to explain what they mean by “hate,” and they try so hard not to say “any deviation from the Party line.” Apart from that, they have no idea what they’re saying. Maybe they want to ban basic human emotions. Only if they did, they themselves wouldn’t be always boiling over with hate, would they? I mean, have you see what happens to a Democrat’s face if you question abortion, Climbit Change, “gay marriage,” or “transgender”? They’re ready to cut your heart out.


FBI Wants You to Rat Out Your Neighbor

For the first time ever, the FBI has put up billboards exhorting the public to help them catch their prey.

The billboards read: “Seeking Information/ U.S. Capitol Violence/ Report Tips” (

The Narrative, the Big Lie, is that the Jan. 6 protests in Washington, D.C., in which some protesters swarmed up the steps of the Capitol Building, are the only violent protests ever seen in America and constitute a direct assault on “Our Democracy” [This is why we need barf bags]. The much more violent riots, staged by Democrats all over the country, all throughout the year, were “mostly peaceful protests” for [I really need that bag!] “social justice.”

So, hey, if you’re cheesed off at your neighbor for any reason at all, the FBI has a handy-dandy number you can call to ruin his life. Who knows? If he had a Trump sign on his lawn, they may even disappear him.

Is it fair to point out that the FBI and “Justice” Dept. didn’t succeed in even indicting, let alone punishing, anyone for his or her role in the Russiagate hoax?

“Justice.” It’s a sin, what liberals do to perfectly respectable words.

‘Which is Stupider, Government or Public Education?’ (2015)

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It’s never, never wrong when they do it!

For leftids, everything is a one-way street. Only white people can be Racists. Only white men can be Sexists. And only non-leftids can be guilty of bullying.

So you know, when libs talk about “anti-bullying,” what they really mean is they get to use the apparatus of government to bully anyone they please. This is especially flagrant in what we laughingly call “public education.”

Which is Stupider, Government or Public Education?

Yowsah, yowsah! If a… “teacher”… decides you’ve “bullied” someone, she can fine your parents and even hand out other punishments, like “community service” (humiliation by means of forced labor) or “counseling” (treating you like you’re evil or crazy because you’re not like them).

And you wonder why our country’s so screwed up?

2017: Obama’s Attorney General Called for Riots

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She called for ‘blood.’

It was early in the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency.

The fabulously corrupt and partisan attorney general of Pipsqueak Obama’s second term, Loretta Lynch–famous for her totally improper meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac at an airport, which resulted in all charges being dropped against the even more corrupt Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton–called on Americans to shed “blood in the streets” for… well, nothing in particular: just to show that interloper Trump who’s boss: the hand that rocks the riots rules the country (

Today it’s the end of the world because there was a pro-Trump demonstration at the Capitol on Jan. 6 and some people–who may have been planted there by Antifa–got out of hand. Oh, the horror of it all!

But it was just peachy-keen for a former attorney general to call for riots. Just like it was totally okay for left-wing wackos to barge in on Congress during the Kavanagh confirmation hearings, and totally okay for them to pound on the doors and try to break into the swearing-in ceremony. Those were all applause-worthy because leftids did them. For which there were no consequences at all.

The double standard is always in place.

And now, thanks to massive election fraud, we have a Democrat government that has no right to be there but which will use the opportunity to do all the damage that it can to our country.

We have to think of some way to oppose them.

Meanwhile, don’t hold your breath waiting for any former Republican office-holders to call for riots.

Only Democrats can get away with that.

Exempt from the Virus–Really?

College Basketball Is Yuck. March Madness Is Delicious - WSJ

So I turned on the radio to listen to Sean Hanity yesterday, but what I got instead was a Rutgers University basketball game. Country’s on the brink of blowing up, and we’ve got collidge basketball.

Whoa! Wait a minute! Where are the face masks? How come they’re not running up and down the court with masks over their mouths and nostrils? And where’s the Social Distancing? Schiff, those players are actually guarding each other–you can’t do that from six feet away!

What’s that you say? King COVID is a fan of collidge basketball so he leaves the players alone? You know–like the virus knows a riot is in a good cause, and wouldn’t dream of making the rioters sick. Same as how the rising sea levels know not to drown Obama’s new mansion on the water line at Martha’s Vineyard.

But I don’t get why college basketball should be exempt from all the Mandates and Governors’ Orders that get regular people yelled at and threatened if they walk down the sidewalk without a mask. What’s so special about college basketball in particular and sports in general? How did they get an exemption of the kind usually reserved to woke rioters and sleazy Democrat politicians?

Is it just because college itself is so sublimely woke, so totally devoted to destroying sanity and freedom, so deeply committed to every form of wickedness and folly, that King COVID just can’t bear to lay a finger on it? Because the whole purpose of the virus panic is to establish total control, by globalist tyrants, over all human life?

What do you think?

‘Afflict the Comfortable’ (Liberal Hypocrisy)

One way to debate a liberal

You can’t go on forever without hearing some liberal prattle that his aim in life, or the government’s reason for existing, blah-blah, is “to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” This ancient bromide may have been coined by newspaper columnist Finlay Peter Dunn in 1914. Then again, maybe it wasn’t. All we can say for sure is, it’s old.

But when a liberal discovers it, his face lights up. “Aha!” he exults. “That’s what I do! That’s what makes me such a fine fellow!”

But how do liberals “comfort the afflicted”? Only by giving them enough of other people’s money to keep them poor and needy. They set up towering bureaucracies to do it, and most of the money goes to keep the tower high.

Ah! But it’s that second bit that really makes ’em shine: “afflict the comfortable.” They throw themselves into this.

See, there’s this leftid notion that if someone is “comfortable,” he only got to be there by unfairly exploiting The Poor And Other Cherished Minorities, so he deserves to be afflicted. For some reason there’s this colossal difference between some small business owner who can finally afford to buy a nice car after years of belt-tightening, and a millionaire New York Times columnist with a palace and two custom in-ground swimming pools. The small business owner deserves to be raped by the government, and all the millionaire media guy has to do is praise the government for its commitment to Social Justice.

Oh, they are just wizzes at afflicting the comfortable! And somehow the comfortable is never them. And we see Barack Obama buy a zillion-dollar mansion on Martha’s Vineyard just a few yards above the high tide line–so much for rising sea levels! But as always, no restriction, no penalty that they apply to others applies to them.

Did I mention that they also steal elections? That’s how they can afflict 75 million people at once. Very satisfying.

‘Entering the Age of Fictional News’ (2014)

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Looking back on it, I wonder now when “the news” ever was a reliable source of information and not just a propaganda fountain. When did they start habitually lying to us?

Here’s a whopper from six years ago.

Entering the Age of Fictional News

I also wonder what the noozies think they’re going to get out of being the organ grinders’ monkeys for left-wing politicians. Does the monkey feel important? Does the monkey feel like an insider, in on all the secrets, part of the gang?

But no matter how he feels, he’s still just a monkey.