‘Entering the Age of Fictional News’ (2014)

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Looking back on it, I wonder now when “the news” ever was a reliable source of information and not just a propaganda fountain. When did they start habitually lying to us?

Here’s a whopper from six years ago.

Entering the Age of Fictional News

I also wonder what the noozies think they’re going to get out of being the organ grinders’ monkeys for left-wing politicians. Does the monkey feel important? Does the monkey feel like an insider, in on all the secrets, part of the gang?

But no matter how he feels, he’s still just a monkey.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 26 (‘Teaching the Peasants Who’s Boss’)

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Count your fingers after shaking hands with him!

The beautiful thing about stealing a presidential election is that once you do that, you can do anything. They’ll never be able to vote you out of office!

The governors of California and New Jersey have already taken that to heart.

Teaching the Peasants Who’s Boss

Y’know all those restrictions, all those “mandates” and “orders” that they press on you? None of it applies to them! Suddenly we are back in France in 1703. When the ruling class really ruled–and all you hicks out there had better believe it.

We are living in the most shameful episode in all of American history. May God abate His just anger and deliver us out of it.

‘They Want *You* to Sacrifice for *Their* Beliefs’ (2017)

If liberals were as good at creating wealth as they are at destroying it, we’d all be rich.

But what they’re really good at is arranging for other people to pay the price for liberals’ insane public policies.

They Want *You* to Sacrifice for *Their* Beliefs

No sacrifice is too great for you to make for their beliefs. And best of all, if you don’t want to make that sacrifice, then you’re a Hater! And a Biggit, too! How dare you not let some Stalinist pipsqueak dictate your thinking?

Liberalism is only a nice word for predatory folly that others have to pay for.

‘Would You Kill Yourself if a Celebrity Told You To?’ (2012)

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They must be smart, they’re on TV!

Of course, if we did everything celebrities told us to, we’d be living like 12th-century Scottish peasants and ruled by socialist vampires. But maybe we do do a little bit too much.

Would You Kill Yourself if a Celebrity Told You To?

You will notice when a liberal spouts “Global Warming!” or “COVID!”, he and all his liberal friends get to keep their mansions and can also get together for a fund-raiser–or a riot–with no fear of any virus. The draconian restrictions apply to us, not to them.

Would it be at all surprising if celebs started appearing on TV and exhorting you to kill yourself–all for sustainability, of course? Save The Planet, off yourself now!

We must never let liberals “govern” us. It’s too much like sheep being governed by wolves.

‘A Creepy Little Word’ (2017)

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What liberals do to words ought to be against the law. Look what they’ve done to “justice,” “love,” and “smart.” And “partner.”

A Creepy Little Word

Give them half a chance and they’ll be making ordinary, honest words–like “husband” or “wife”–illegal: at least in California.

Don’t ever be fooled. Every time you use the word “partner” as leftids want you to use it, you are tacitly proclaiming that all–yes, all–sexual relationships are equal.

Liberalism has a stench of brimstone on it.

And by the way–if you corrupt a people’s language, you corrupt their thought as well.

Minneapolis: Hypocrisy on Steroids

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Man! When it comes to rubbing salt into the wounds of their victims, nobody does it like Democrats. You’re just gonna love this!

Three of the Minneapolis City Council members, after joining in on a unanimous vote to defund the city’s police, immediately made arrangements to have themselves protected by a private security firm at a cost of $4,500 per day. And as if that weren’t hypocritical enough–

They’re paying for it with taxpayers’ money!

If hypocrisy were a mole-hill, Minneapolis would be Mount Everest. Every time you think they can’t possibly be more blatant than this, they prove you wrong.

Think they’ll pony up $4,500 a day for… well, everybody? Like, it might be nice to go to bed without fearing that your little dollar store might get burned down by Peaceful Protesters. Or your car rolled over and torched.

Uh-uh. This is just for those city council members. ‘Cause of “white nationalists.” Or is it marauding centaurs?

If you’re a normal, decent person living in that city… get out now.


Exactly the Same Crime… But No Riots

Tony Timpa video shows police laughing as he dies - The Washington ...

From police body camera footage: the death of Tony Timpa

In 2016, in Dallas, a mental patient named Tony Timpa called police for help because he hadn’t had his medication and was afraid of what would happen to him. By the time police arrived, he was pretty far gone. So they held him down, and knelt on his neck… and killed him (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/01/us/tony-timpa-dallas-police-body-cam.html).

When the findings in this case were made public last year, what happened?

Nothing. Certainly not riots coast-to-coast in dozens of major cities. No one cared what had happened to Tony Timpa.

When exactly the same thing happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis a few days ago, the whole country went up in smoke. If the riots don’t stop, the president may find it necessary to call in the military to make them stop.

Why did these two virtually identical death-in-police-custody cases have such vastly different effects on our country?

Is there a psychic in the house?


A Glimpse of Total Moral Chaos

A Conversation with Dr. Rachel Levine - Erie Reader

If you think this guy really is a woman, you’re as daft as he is.

This story would be funny if it was in a Peter Sellers movie; but in that it involves questions of life and death, it isn’t funny at all. It’s just horrible.

You probably know by now that a nursing home is the worse place to be if there are COVID germs around. Nevertheless, Democrat government officials enjoy forcing nursing homes to take COVID patients, resulting in thousands of avoidable deaths.

So the “physician general of the state of Pennsylvania” ordered the state’s nursing homes and other long-term care facilities to take COVID patients–and then pulled his own mother out of her nursing home (https://dailycaller.com/2020/05/13/coronavirus-pennsylvania-rachel-levine-mother-nursing-home/).

Wow! Breath-taking hypocrisy! We are not told where he moved his mother to: only that he sought to preserve her safety while endangering so many others.

But wait, there’s more!

You’ll note that I’ve been saying “his” and “he” while all the other free & independent noozies have been using “hers” and “she” and referring to this man as if he were a woman. He is not. He is a “trans woman”–a man who says he is a woman. If a man says he is Napoleon Bonaparte, we are not expected to address him as “Emperor” or “General.” But if he says he’s a woman, we’d all better dance to his tune or else.

This is stupid, this is perverted, this is morally wrong and it has to stop. People who go along with it are either fools, cowards, or villains.

But this is what happens wherever Democrats are in charge. Stuff like this, engendered by the Democrats’ bizarre and anti-human ideology, cannot not happen with Democrats in charge.

We aren’t we ashamed of this?

Memory Lane: Joe Biden Battles Sexual Harassment

The Joe Biden Allegations: Here's Everything We Know So Far

He’s just a touchy-feely kind of guy… Like Dracula

Somehow this slipped past me when it came out in 2017–Gropey Joe Biden teaming up with Lady Gaga for a public service announcement against sexual harassment (http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3841566/posts).

Let’s see… Biden himself… Ted Kennedy… Chris Dodd… Bill Clinton… that fat-head from Saturday Night Live who somehow wound up in the Senate… You’d think the Democrat Party was the official Sexual Harassment Party.

Liberals and statists are incapable of shame. In Biden’s case, his history of groping, pinching, grabbing, and heavy-breathing on women goes back years and years, even decades.

Is this like an aardvark doing a PSA for the ant-hill?

8 Indicted for Funneling Illegal Foreign Funds to Dems

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When’s it going to be his turn to be impeached?

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Dirty money! Where would our politics be without it?

The U.S. Attorney General has indicted eight persons for cooking up schemes to funnel foreign money–it’s illegal–to a very long list of high-profile Democrats (Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton of course, Cory Booker, et al) and “almost every Democratic state organization and many super PACs” (https://washingtondailynews.today/bill-barr-indicts-8-for-illegally-funneling-foreign-money-to-adam-schiff-and-multiple-dem-senators/).

Is that what they mean when they babble about being “citizens of the world”?

Does pouring in illegal foreign money count as “tampering with the election”?

To what degree have these foreign donors bought the Democrat Party? To what degree do they own it?

Watch closely. This isn’t a story that our free and independent nooze media are going to shout from the housetops.