Do Trees Commit Hate Crimes?

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Had she really never seen this before? Really?

This week’s phony “hate crime” was reported by the mayor of Lamar, South Carolina, back on Feb. 7. It’s getting so that real “hate crimes” are more of a subject for cryptozoologists than criminologists.

In this case, the mayor got all cranked up over some “sticky, yellow substance” found on her and her husband’s cars one morning. The fact that no threatening message accompanied it, the mayor found even scarier than it’d be with a threat. But, she declared, “My husband and I refuse to be intimidated by those who perpetrated this act of vandalism which I classify as an act of hatred.”

That would be… trees.

Although police realized the scary stuff was pollen from the nearby trees the moment they saw it, they still had to “investigate” because a “hate crime” is such a serious event.

The mayor so far refuses to believe it was pollen. Of course, she could have easily wiped some of it off her car and taken it to the nearest high school to put it under a microscope in the biology lab. Then she could see for herself. Pollen grains are those round things with the spiky bits.

But that wouldn’t be anywhere near as dramatic as a “hate crime.” You should see the amount of pollen that falls on our cars. No international news for us.

Shouldn’t it be at least a misdemeanor, to waste police time and resources? You should at least have to prove you didn’t do it on purpose.

3 comments on “Do Trees Commit Hate Crimes?

  1. Seriously?? Bees hate. Hate bees. Bee population control. Bees disappear. I wonder what Agenda number that is…

    It seems all elected officials these days come from the same ‘mold’, like a common demoninater.

  2. I hate “hate crimes” because hate crimes are stupid. Only God can see into people’s hearts. Justice is to be administered according to what people do, not what they feel. It’s stupid. Romans 12:9 tells me, “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil, cling to what is good.” I am a hater of the evil and a lover of the good. How do I tell the difference? By the law of God.

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