Another Good Guy Victory!

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Something tells me I’m gonna need the happy puppy to get this once past the censors.

Wow, three in one week! That’s got to be some kind of record.

We salute Marquitta Ford, who just a few days ago finally prevailed in a two-year-long struggle against PC tyranny in the state of Georgia ( Hail, Marquitta! We need more like you!

In 2016, Far Left Crazy in Georgia, abetting Organized Sodomy, put on a full-court press to allow men to invade women’s public rest rooms. All alone, with a hand-lettered sign–leftids always carry professionally-printed protest signs, and we always wonder who’s paid for it–Marquitta Ford protested outside the Georgia state house. For three months. Until the state government decided “to set an example” to scare off other protesters, and tried to shoo her away to some ridiculous “free speech zone” where speech is free because no one’s there to see or hear you. When she wouldn’t go, two cops arrested her; and she spent 36 hours in the county jail.

Uh, what was her crime? Why was she in jail?

First they charged her with some horse**** about “unlawful activities” in or around the state capitol. Then they discovered the State Supreme Court had voided that law back in 2006. So then they charged her with “disobeying a lawful order of a police officer.”

Terrified of having the LBGT crowd sent after them, pro bono lawyers refused to take Ms. Ford’s case. But Mass Resistance and Eugene DelGaudio’s Public Advocate organization shopped around until they found a really good lawyer, and agreed to pony up his fee. As for Ms. Ford, she rejected offers to plea-bargain–because she wasn’t guilty of anything!

As it turned out, they tried twice to have a trial, but both times, neither of the arresting officers showed up in court. After the second no-show, the judge dismissed the case. After two years of persecution, Ms. Ford is off the hook.

Why do these things happen, in a country full of Christians? Why are Far Left extremists allowed to bully the whole population?

And why do we allow it to be so?

8 comments on “Another Good Guy Victory!

    1. People like Marquitta *are* the Church. There’s the church that calls itself the church, but isn’t, and then there’s the real Church.

  1. Yes, the church has and still is failing. Like Jonah, we are ignoring our great commission and staying in the do-nothing comfort zone. Until this changes, the world certainly will not change.

  2. We could ask the same about Germany. How did the Nazis, who started out as a small party, manged to gain control of a Christian nation? But we are not much different. I think most people, Christians included, just want to live their life and be left alone, so they go with the flow. It’s a form of complacency. They only do something when their feet is to the fire, but by then it is sometimes too late.

  3. I wonder what happened to Eugene del Gaudio–he apparently is still a one man anti-homo army. Never got the recognition he deserved for never giving up.

  4. One answer is the lack of leadership among Christian pastors. They only focus on their own church and needs (of which there are plenty), and let the world be the world. As Francis Schaeffer taught (which he got from Martin Luther), where there is civic injustice (like abortion) the Church should be the first to respond. Martin Luther proclaimed, “Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved, and to be steady on all the battlefield besides, is mere flight and disgrace if he flinches at that point.”

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