The Church Will Not Fail

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There do seem to be an awful lot of churches these days that don’t measure up to anything like a Biblical standard. Some are all but stand-ins for Antichrist. It’s discouraging to see what they do and hear what they say.

Mark Rushdoony said something to me, years ago, while I was writing my series on paganism in the churches–something I have not forgotten. He said all these churches, all of them, in all their sometimes rather silly multitude of denominations, belong by right to Jesus Christ; and the Lord has His people in all of them. It is these people who constitute the Church. Christ’s people. If there are none to be found within the congregation of any particular church, it’s only because the last one finally left. But wherever that person is now, he still belongs to Jesus Christ.

We are not alone. The world is wide, and we have more brothers and sisters than we will ever know.

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  1. “But wherever that person is now, he still belongs to Jesus Christ.” AMEN!

    PS: When you said, in the Marquita Ford case, that she is the church now, I didn’t know what to say because I didn’t know if she was a Christian. Now i understand. Thank you.

  2. It is said, as the darkness grows darker, the light shines brighter. For young people today to be rebellious, embracing Christianity is the best choice. I remember committing my life to Jesus Christ while in college – what a radical change that was to my lost friends.

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