‘The Path Forward’

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We’ve had crazy times in our country before. When the Chalcedon Foundation was founded in 1965, we were only halfway through those crazy Sixties and it was going to get much worse before it got better.

But we, as Christian reconstructionists, take the long view.


In Mark Rushdoony’s new essay, The Path Forward, we see there are no quick fixes, no short-term answers. We have to rebuild Christian civilization and culture even as the bad guys are doing everything they can to tear it down.

The belief that must sustain us is this: Jesus Christ is Lord of heaven and earth now. Not tomorrow, not next year, not a hundred years hence–but now. He is Lord now. And as such His victory is certain.

And we want to be in that number, when the saints go marching in!

‘How Liberty is a Result of the Gospel’

Mark Rushdoony, 'The Sweep of History' | Lee Duigon

This essay by Mark Rushdoony, “How Liberty is a Result of the Gospel,” appeared in Chalcedon’s magazine in 2013.


The ungodly “seek not freedom from sin but in sin”–which we see every day–and they want freedom from the consequences of sin.

But freedom in Christ, the freedom we receive when God in His grace drops the charges against us because Christ has paid our penalty, is transformative.

“The only way to change a culture,” Mark writes, “is by changing men, and this is only possible through the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

‘Selective Depravity’

How Did Moses Part the Red Sea? | The bible movie, Parting the red ...

We’re not there yet, but we seem to be getting there.

This new essay by Mark Rushdoony examines the insane turbulence of the era of history we’ve blundered into lately.


First they leave God’s laws behind; then they decide that they might as well be God, and dream up some new “laws,” new ways of deciding who’s good and who’s totally depraved and must be punished–by the state, of course.

All the rage in the streets, the confusion of justice with vengeance–it’s all part of “the death throes of humanism.” The beast is dying. It knows it’s dying, and it lashes out to hurt whoever it can.

Stand together, brethren.

‘The Long-Term Necessity of Building the Kingdom’

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This is a timely Chalcedon blog piece from Mark Rushdoony. Very timely!


We try to solve the world’s problems with worldly solutions; but we–and our sin–are the source of all the problems. That’s why they can’t be fixed from the outside. As long as we insist on doing things our way instead of God’s, Mark writes, “everything will go wrong.” As it’s been this year, so far.

“Until we build the Kingdom, first of all in ourselves [emphasis added], nothing will go right.”

Something to think about–deeply.

‘Lurching from Crisis to Crisis’

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Surveying the moral chaos and economic dislocation of our time, it’s easy to lose heart. But don’t do that.


In “Lurching from Crisis to Crisis,” Mark Rushdoony explains the pattern: “It comes from man playing god,” he says–men who “become blinded by raw power.” And yet the things they claim to be able to do–they can’t! “Our institutions, our social order itself, is a house built upon sand.”

As bad as it is, Mark writes, “It will not last.” The Holy Spirit will intervene, and bring down the curtain on this festival of apostasy.

Pray He acts soon.

‘The Lesson of the Empty Tomb’

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Scanning the nooze this afternoon, trying to decide what stories I ought to mention on this blog, actually began to nauseate me. Is there any price the Democrats won’t make our country pay, if it gets them back into power? (Hint: I don’t think so. Do you?)

This new piece by Mark Rushdoony on the Chalcedon blog provided me with a valuable course correction.


One quote pretty much says it all: “It is easy to be concerned about the events that swirl around us rather than the larger picture that we serve a victorious lord.”

That’s the point of Easter. That’s the lesson of the empty tomb. Jesus Christ is risen. Jesus Christ is Lord. And nothing sinful men can do can prevent His victory.

We have the honor to serve Him until He establishes His throne upon the earth.

‘The Resurrection and the New Creation’

Stump the Rector – Saints, Resurrection and a New Heaven and Earth ...

Many of us can’t go, physically, to church on this Easter Sunday 2020. But we still could use a sermon. Let this teaching by Mark Rushdoony, from 2004, serve in that office.


It’s a fairly long sermon, so you don’t need a fairly long introduction from me. The point is made simply: “Christ’s resurrection insures our own (1 Corinthians 15: 12-27).” God has promised to make all things new–including us. But neither sin nor death will be found in the new heaven and new earth that He creates.

We won’t be floating around on the clouds, strumming harps. We will walk upon a new earth in our perfected, resurrected bodies, and Christ shall have dominion over all.

For the LORD hath spoken it!

Mark Rushdoony: ‘The Christian and Upheavals’

Encyclopedia of American Loons: #2195: Mark Rushdoony

I’ve been looking forward to posting this new essay by Mark Rushdoony. It’s a “stand up and cheer” piece.


Mark recognizes that chaotic times are not exactly fun. “Upheaval brings change, and because we cannot see the future, the uncertainty causes us a great deal of anxiety.” But Scripture answers: “Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven. And this word, ‘Yet once more,’ signifieth the removing of those things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken will remain.” (Hebrews 12:26-27)

So let’s put our heads down and keep working: because “Evil men do not control history, so they are periodically shaken out.”

Look for some of the bad guys to go missing.

Mark Rushdoony: ‘Christian Reconstruction and Our Small Part in a Big Idea’

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Mark Rushdoony’s piece, in our current Arise & Build newsletter, offers wisdom.


For instance, “Addressing our national debt and fiat money is not within our reach as individuals but getting out of debt is. This small step can empower you now.” You may not be able to do the really big things; but doing what you can do is important, too.

Even more succinctly: “Our part of the future is the mess in front of us.” And really, that ought to be a big enough mess for anyone.

Often enough our part in God’s plan seems small and insignificant. But that’s how it seems to us, not Him. Only God sees the whole picture; and His hand is always on the tiller.

‘Actions vs. Academics’

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Mark Rushdoony wrote this for our Chalcedon newsletter, Arise & Build, January 2020.


The church’s besetting sin today, Mark observes, is disobedience: they don’t keep God’s commandments, but rather indulge in disobedience in their day-to-day lives, never giving it a thought. They’re good at studying theology, though. Ask them about any 16th-century religious controversy, and they’re good to go. But how that helps anyone today is anybody’s guess.

“Faith must result in faithfulness,” Mark says–not in terms of a “works salvation” (do so many good works of a particular nature, and you’ve earned your way into heaven), but a “working faith” that puts God’s word into practice.

Or, as Jesus Himself said, “Occupy until I come.”