Cats & Candles

And then there was the gavone whose house burned down because he wanted to film his car snuffing out a candle and the cat smacked it off the table and into the curtains…

True, most cats can deftly put out a candle. But a few aren’t really all that good at it, and we are all better off not leaving candles untended with cats on the premises. But some people will do anything to get on Youtube.

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2 responses to “Cats & Candles

  • unknowable2

    Yep. A lit candle on a tall candlestick and a cat are not such a good combination, especially if there’s something flammable nearby. I lit a candle in a short glass a while back and my cat all but went crazy when she saw it, but she didn’t try to snuff it out.


  • weavingword

    I had a scented candle in a glass on our kitchen table once. Walked out of the room to get something, and one of my cats managed to singe a big patch of fur on one side. Not sure if she was trying to rub against it? Lay on it ? Who knows, but it was a bad idea. Let me tell you, burnt cat fur is the WORST smell ever. I am glad she didn’t burn her skin, or set anything on fire. Now if I want anything scented I use wax melts. No flame required. 🙂


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