‘Shall We Gather at the River?’

In the absence of any hymn requests from readers, I’m forced to fall back on my favorites–like Shall We Gather At the River?, performed by Nathan and Lyle, with family and friends, in Denton County, Texas.

You’re never too young and never too old to come before the Lord with song.

6 comments on “‘Shall We Gather at the River?’

  1. I noticed on some of my replies yesterday, they disappeared after I posted them. It could be this computer program, or something else, I don’t know, but I will try again and see what happens today.

    1. That happens to me sometimes. I’ve found that almost all of them eventually show up later, especially if I close my browser and open it again. But note that I said “almost all.” One or two have vanished completely in the past.

  2. I had suggested the song, A Moment of Time by Carroll Roberson. See if it comes in this time.

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