‘School Demands Silent Cheers’ (2016)

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Don’t worry–they’re all cheering silently

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Attend this high school in Sydney, Australia, and find out!

School Demands ‘Silent Cheers’

Now, you may wonder what somebody is doing, who can’t stand any noise, attending a live sports event, complete with crowd. But if you’re a school official, you wouldn’t wonder about a think like that. Instead, you would just order the fans in the bleachers to keep silence throughout the game. Just in case there might be somebody in the crowd who can’t tolerate noise.

If you send your kids to public school, anywhere in the world, complete this sentence and win a propeller cap. I send my children to be “educated” by these idiots because __________.

14 comments on “‘School Demands Silent Cheers’ (2016)

  1. The only time I have seen referees demand silence is at football games when the quarterback of the visiting team cannot be heard over the din. From time to time, there has been an effort to lower the noise volume, but that it a matter of fairness after all. Still, it cannot be obtained if the fans choose not to comply; I don’t know if a penalty can be called — I know very little about the sport.

    The problem here is not the demand, it is the fact that people are becoming such sheep that they will probably obey it.

    1. I mean, really, what’s the point of going to the game if you can’t cheer or boo? That’s half the fun!
      Oh, to be in Yankee Stadium on Old Timer’s Day, when Joe DiMaggio came onto the field. That was really something.

    2. Your just a noisiest, Lee. Hater! Biggit! 🙂

      Just kidding, Lee. It amazes me how many people are rushing to submit themselves to such foolishness.

    3. I’m living proof. I actually don’t like noise, and I’ve never been to a football game. The closest I ever got was being behind the bleachers for a little while during a high school football game.

    4. Patty and I used to go to baseball games at Yankee Stadium when the seats were $15 instead of $300. I hardly need say we don’t go anymore.

  2. How much more ridiculous will it become? I probably do not want to know. I think I’ve about had all I can take of this nonsense.

  3. Wouldn’t it be fun if a student’s family sued because the student is terrified of silent crowds?

    1. That’d be great! Public school districts should be regularly and frequently sued, anyway.
      I want to know what no one has demanded a silent rock concert.

  4. I remember hearing in the news about a ban on clapping in Canada, at about the same time as the story in your post, but I believe it was for places like live theatres and speeches in auditoriums. They didn’t outright ban it, but students were instructed to do “jazz hands”, instead.

    Years ago, an elementary school principle banned hugging among the kindergartners. It was suggested they shake hands, instead. This was a school my own kids would have gone to after a move, had we not been home schooling them. To be fair, it turned out that there was a problem with the kids doing giant mass hugs that were blocking the hallway, refusing to break up and creating a safety hazard. I can understand that being a problem, but banning hugging outright is hardly a workable solution! After it made the news, the principle did eventually backtrack.

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