‘Some Wise Words from C.S. Lewis’ (2015)

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There do seem to be rather a lot of people who forget that science fiction is fiction. Or worse: people who expect life to be like television.

C.S. Lewis warned us about that, years before anybody had a TV set.

Some Wise Words from C.S. Lewis

Sometimes it’s not so easy to separate what you really know from what you’ve seen on TV or in a movie, or read in a novel.

And some of us don’t even try.

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  1. He cued onto something important. Drama and entertainment are nothing new, they are probably as old as humanity itself. However, in many homes, the television set is on during every waking hour, pumping out drama in the form of programs, advertisements and news. Everything on television is entertainment, and I’m not so certain that is a benign thing.

    1. Solon the Lawgiver attended the first play ever put on in Athens, staged by Thespis himself. Later, Thespis asked Solon who he’d liked the play, and Solon said he didn’t like it at all. “Really? Why?” “Because of all those lies you put on stage!” Solon answered. “We have them on the stage now, but someday they’ll be in all our business.”

      (As a writer of fiction, I can’t agree with Solon’s wholesale condemnation of it. But he does have a point.)

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