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I’m no one’s idea of a car buff. I can’t tell one model from another. I’ve never bought a record with a song about cars on it, despite having grown up in the 1950s.

But my car’s still in the shop today, and that has begun to make me antsy. A car is something you use in everyday life and it feels kind of creepy when you haven’t got one. You can’t go anywhere unless someone else takes you. It makes a dent in your independence.

All right, if you listen to NPR and virtue-signal by pedaling your bike to Whole Foods, bully for you–where do we put the statue? But for the rest of us–well, the car played a huge role in the creation of the middle class, and we’re not ready to sacrifice it to your Green New Deal. So go AOC yourselves.

5 comments on “No Car Yet

  1. Bikes aren’t such a bad means of transportation. I don’t have my license yet, so if I need to get somewhere, and nobody can take, I’ll ride my bike. Of course this only works if my destination is within a few miles of our house.

    1. Or if it’s not raining, or freezing cold, and you don’t have a week’s worth of groceries to transport. After all, I have a bike, too. But taking it out onto Route 1 or the Parkway would be suicidal. For that you need a car… if you can’t get a tank.

    2. I love riding my bike in the rain! 🙂 But, yes… it would be suicidal in some circumstances. And the baskets that are attached to the back of my bike can’t fit a week’s worth of groceries.

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