Here’s What Our Schools Call ‘U.S. History’

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Your school tax dollars at work–used against you, and against your country.

By the People is a new U.S. History textbook, published by Pearson Education, to be used next year by Advanced Placement students in public high schools nationwide. It describes our elected president, Donald Trump, as “mentally ill” and “racist” ( And those of us who voted for him aren’t very nice people, either.

Y’see, explains the textbook, us Trump voters are bad people ’cause we have too much “anger.” Gee willikers, why in the world should we be “angry”? Why, we should be thanking them for revealing to us that the president that we elected is a nut and a racist! We should thank them for showing us what creeps we are. How could that possibly make us angry?

If we had been nice people we would’ve elected Hillary. [Reaches for barf bag.]

And they make us pay for this! Taxes galore. They make us pay to be insulted and lied to. And we let them do it! That’s the part that I don’t understand: we let them do it.

When are normal people going to understand that the Far Left crazies who own our public education system despise them, hold them in extreme contempt, and operate the schools that we pay for as a means of turning our children against us? And against everything we value.

We are “educating” ourselves to death; and when we all wake up in Venezuela North someday, we’ll know whose fault it is.

Our own. For not stopping this while we had the chance.

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    1. P.S.–I mailed your book today, so you should get it in a week or so. The clerk at the PO said you gave me the wrong zip code, so I changed it to the code given by their computer. So let me know if your book doesn’t arrive.

  1. This is why education should have been left up to the local school boards of the states, instead of putting it the corrupt hands of a federal government that is way off base on what the US Constitution had in mind for it’s federal responsibilities. Local is always better!

    1. We need to abolish both federal AND state control of education.
      But even better, pull the kids out of public schooling altogether… and watch liberalism die.

  2. Great Post – Truth! This is how they control the narrative. They brainwash our children in school and when they leave college they hate America, Our Flag, Our Police, Hate ICE, Hate Our Military, Don’t know or care about the Constitution. They come out as Socialists or Islamists after being force fed socialism and the 7 pillars of Islam. We are a Judeo Christian Nation. It is not islamophia, It’s called preserving our Republic as it was Founded and keeping our American Ways. We don’t want One World Order One Religion praying to satan. WE are Americans. We Love GOD, America, and Our Freedoms. #KAG

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