Too Much of a Bad Thing?

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Trick or treat?

Ah, yes, of course–another blockbuster comic-book movie. Or is it something more than that?

Avengers: Endgame, three hours of so-and-sos running around in superhero costumes, opened in China a few days ago–and proved to be a bit too much for a  21-year-old woman in the audience.

This poor lass was rushed to the hospital crying uncontrollably, with difficulty breathing–they had to give her oxygen–chest pains, and hands that went numb, plus finger spasms. She also needed some counseling (

“She’s definitely a real fan,” someone commented on social media.

Uh, hello, anybody there? It’s a movie based on comic books. All right, three hours in a movie chair, that might make you cry. Just being in China at all would make some people cry. Crikey, what would’ve happened if she’d had to watch Old Yeller? And I found Bambi rather upsetting; but I was only a little kid at the time.

Well, crying over a movie, that’s one thing. Having to be hospitalized because of a movie, that’s off the scale.

We’ll have to wait and see whether it happens more than once with this movie. And if it does…

Hey, don’t look at me! I don’t know what to do about it.

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  1. Don’t patronize Marvel movies, but do patronize Christian and wholesome movies with a Christian world view. Better yet, support with your treasure Elijah and his movie making visions.

  2. I certainly don’t understand the appeal of these movies. Even less, I don’t understand the devotion some people have to these movies. Even the Star Wars movies, the first three of which were good movies, never inspired in me anywhere near the degree of awe that it inspired in so many others. I just don’t get it.

  3. My daughter and son-in-law love these movies and have taken me to seem them as well. They’re fun. I loved the OZ books as a kid and came to “know” and love the denizens within. I also adored Tolkien’s books and loved their characters. It’s not surprising people become enamored of fictional characters if the story is well done and these are well done. There’s nothing wrong with them as long as the “good guys” really ARE “good guys.” It’s when people start rooting for the BAD GUYS that we should worry.

    Of course, my “kids” are in their forties, not their twenties. The younger set has never managed to live a life OUTSIDE their cell phones and computers. That makes such movies far more important to them because it is where they live their lives.

    1. It depends upon what “important” means. Obviously, nothing trivial such as movies should represent what is TRULY important ~ God, family, obligations etc. ~ should be subservient to the trivial. However, there can be a hierarchy even among the trivial. Every year in September, I used read Lord of the Rings. It was a sort of ritual for me and it made ME feel better. There have been other things I have done over the years “ritually” if you will. Obviously, these things were not in the hierarchy of importance mentioned above, but they gave me (rather innocent) pleasure and so should not be dismissed out of hand.

    2. I read “Lord of the Rings” every two years or so. Pleasures are important! I’ve seen people try to live without them–no way I want to go there. I didn’t mean to be dismissive. I can’t always control my antipathy to comic book movies.

      No, those ritual pleasures do matter. I also re-read Agatha Christie and Freddy the Pig.

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