Wahoo! I Did It!

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I’ve never claimed to be a Mr. Fixit. When called upon to play that role, I dread it.

Today I had to unclog the bathroom sink. This job has been known to take me as long as two hours. It should take 15 minutes. The problem is that our bathroom is very small, the drain is inside a cabinet that takes up valuable floor space, and I’m just too big to get in there without contortions.

The last time I did it, or rather thought I’d done it, I finished the job in 20 minutes and proclaimed myself a living legend–until I turned the tap and water started spurting all over the place. It turned out that I’d forgotten to re-install a washer, so I had to do the whole blamed thing all over again.

Today, not counting going up and down the stairs for assorted items of equipment–less than half an hour! Calloo, callay, O frabjous day! I turned on the tap and nothing bad happened. I think I got all the parts in that should be in.

Dare I celebrate with a second cigar? Or would that be altogether too sybaritic, not to mention hubris?

But first feed the cat, she’s nagging me.

8 comments on “Wahoo! I Did It!

  1. Definitely first feed the cat. That should always be first priority.

    So you turned the tap and nothing bad happened … ah, but did anything good happen? 🙂 I just spent an hour and a half looking over my IT guy’s shoulder (figuratively speaking, since he was working by remote) while he tried to fix some problems with my computer, and although there were some scary moments, nothing bad happened. Unfortunately, nothing good happened either. Looks as though it’s time for a new machine. Fortunately, I found a temporary workaround for the unusable program, and I can learn to live with the weirdness in my hard drive folder display until I get the new machine. Sometimes we just have to cut our losses and move on.

    This attitude would NOT work with a plumbing system, however. Cautious congratulations (okay, I’m still a little superstitious about these things) on your major accomplishment with the drain. 🙂

    1. Ah, computer problems! They quickly lead me into a country where I have no understanding. I can’t even master the vocabulary. I’d be totally lost without Patty’s expertise.

  2. LOL! Please, not so loud. I’m a little jealous. Nevertheless, have that second cigar. It may never happen again. I’ve forgotten that Murphy’s Law about x parts minus 1 part…

    1. This is how it works: the job has got to be done, and there’s no one else to do it. Unless you want to pay. I’m too cheap.

    2. Most of them can be done by trial and error; and when I do them, it generally takes a lot of time. But one learns… one learns.

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