‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’ (Burl Ives)

Sometimes I whistle this hymn when I go for a walk, and several people have told me it was a pleasure to them, to hear it. And it’s a pleasure to me, to hear Burl Ives sing it–What a Friend We Have in Jesus.

3 comments on “‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’ (Burl Ives)

    1. It turns out there’s a passel of Burl Ives hymns available… but don’t worry, I won’t use them up all at once.

  1. I love this hymn.

    It occurs to me now how clearly Burl Ives — and other singers of past generations — enunciated the words of his songs. With many modern singers, including even the Fountainview kids at times, these aged ears of mine can barely make out the words because the singers aren’t careful enough of the consonants. So yes, Lee, please do play some more Burl Ives hymns, if only for us oldsters. 🙂

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