Prayer Request: Betty

Please join in prayer for my friend, Betty, a dear friend of ours. I haven’t been asked to give you the particulars: just that she has certain health issues that concern us.

Please, Father in heaven, have mercy on our friend, Betty, and deliver her out of trouble. Please, Father, heal her–as we know you can. We ask for this blessing in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

12 comments on “Prayer Request: Betty

  1. Amen. I will lift up the need right away. I also have a request for my son,
    Eric. He had a mild stroke last night, spent 10 yours in ER and is to have
    report and recommendations sent to his primary care phy. He is only 57, but has been having medical problems for a while. He is my baby, and I am so concerned.

  2. I’m praying for Betty. And I, too, need some prayers — for my friend Susan, who’s having some serious complications with her Parkinson’s. Please pray not only for Susan but for me, to enable me to help her.

  3. Father, we also bring Phoebe and Susan and their needs before your throne and ask for your merciful help in each situation. We thank you
    for your gracious love and care to each and every need, trusting totally
    in Your wisdom, power and compassion.

  4. I have prayed for Betty.

    I would like to make a prayer request (my first one):

    Please pray for my grandmother and aunt in Japan who are not saved yet.
    Please pray to God that they will know the Savior, and that they will be saved. They have heard the Gospel several times, but they don’t seem to have interest in it. We will really appreciate your prayers on their behalf.

  5. Joshua, I will enter your needs/ request in my prayer journal, and will be
    in prayer for your relatives, as salvation is by far the most urgent need.
    Strength and faith to you, too, my friend.

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