So Listen to the Webinar, Why Dontcha

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My wife has just listened to my 2016 “webinar” with Andrea Schwartz and pronounced it very interesting. She’s never wrong about things like that, so it’ll probably interest you, too, if you give it a chance. I posted it on this blog earlier this morning, so you can easily find it on the home page. If you’re reading this, you’re probably on the home page now. Funny how that works out.

I hope nobody minds if I don’t report on politics this weekend–which I will do, of course, if I think I have to. But only if I have to. I’m feeling just a bit used-up. I think I’d be the better for a nice cigar, followed by a movie. It’s raining, so I’ll need my umbrella.

I do enjoy doing interviews, but no one’s asked me to do one lately.

7 comments on “So Listen to the Webinar, Why Dontcha

  1. I already did listen to your Webinar, Lee. I found it very interesting, and very helpful with regard to my own interest in writing.

  2. I’ve been pronouncing your name Dugan instead of “Dweegin.” It would be nice to have a transcription of your webinar to share. It would also be nice if someday you produced a Christian movie. Most of them are run of the beleaguered mill “sinner finds faith” rather than a study in how good Christians actually live in their daily lives – how a family with children manage their trials and tribulations God’s way to effect positive results. “The Apes of Wrath”? Seriously? LOL.

    PS: Your voice is soothing, intelligent and much better than Lawrence Olivier’s. His is an actor’s voice. Your is a teacher’s, and a fine one at that.

    1. Good grief. To me it sounds like an outtake from a Frank Perdue commercial. But I do appreciate the compliment.
      As for making movies… well, I know what I like but I don’t know how to execute it.

  3. I’m not done. What I learned from you is that reading out loud what I wrote is a technique. I always did that but never knew it was a good technique. There are 2 stories I started over 20 years ago with only scraps of paper to show for it. “It’s Not in The Contract” – an attempt to find humor in absurdities. And “Is That You, Jesus?” – a testimonial with a cause and effect story line, like none I have ever read before. What I like most about the way you speak is your lack of hesitancy – no ers, ahs, uhs. Your words flow from directly from your fertile mind, with honesty; a rare quality for many speakers today where political speech always creeps in.

    1. The reason I don’t say er and um and y’know is I think about what I’m saying. That’s also why I talk slowly.

  4. Your webinar was thoroughly educational and intelligent and so were the questions posed by the moderator. This was a real treat for me and I look forward to listening to many more. Thank you. Done, I think…

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