Who’s the Biggest Freak in the Freak Show?

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In case you were wondering just what a douchebag is…

People Magazine ought to change its name to Creeple.

The biggest freak at this year’s Met Gala, as covered by People, is some alleged celebrity I never heard of, Jared Leto, who supposedly won an Oscar once for something or other (https://people.com/style/met-gala-2019-jared-leto-gucci/).  He showed up in a red Gucci robe carrying a wax replica of his own head in his arm; or maybe the wax head was on his neck and the real one was down there: it’s always difficult to tell, with today’s celebrities.

This is apparently a contest to see which ninny can wear the silliest clothes and waste the most money on them. What’s really scary to contemplate is the possibility that there exists an audience for this. It’s also possible that there is no audience and they’re all just doing it to impress each other.

Used to be, for 25 cents you could see the freak show at the Indiana State Fair. I’m sure it costs a lot more than that to see the Met Gala.

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  1. It becomes more bizarre by the day. What could this “person” possibly be thinking?!

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