‘Why Do I Read Bad “Christian” Novels?’ (2016)

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It’s important to reclaim cultural ground for Christ’s Kingdom: to our shame, we’ve surely surrendered enough of it. That’s why I read “Christian” novels that would otherwise be considered inferior product.

Why Do I Read Bad ‘Christian’ Novels?

We have to do better! I mean, really, look at us! If we can’t do better than we’re doing now, we might as well just pack it in.

4 comments on “‘Why Do I Read Bad “Christian” Novels?’ (2016)

  1. Have you ever considered putting excerpts from your books on your blog? You’ve got great material and it would be fun to revisit some of your characters/scenarios.

    1. Hmm… I wonder how I’d go about doing that. It might be fun to invite readers to nominate selections. Thanks, Heidi, I’ll think about that.

    2. BTW, if you click and visit “Books,” each book’s opening chapter is there to be read. But I don’t think that’s quite what you have in mind…

  2. Much of what we love in our culture, things such as individual rights, justice, fair play, etc. all have their roots in the Judeo-Christian ethic. Our literature has every right to be proud of Christianity and not hold it out as some second-rate way of life.

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