Cats Grapple with the Humans’ World

Some of these clips have appeared in other compilations, but they’re still funny. Especially the two cats trying to teach the treadmill who’s boss: the confounded thing just won’t learn its lesson.

A few of these cats tolerate being mildly and harmlessly teased by their humans: sometimes a cat will humor you. But don’t try any of those little tricks on your pet monitor lizard.

4 comments on “Cats Grapple with the Humans’ World

  1. By the way, did you see the article this morning about the grumpy cat passing away? Apparently, he had a bladder infection that could not be cured by his vet. He was said to be seven years old, and just died.

    1. Now Grumpy Cat is the very definition of a media star. Unlike so many of today’s stars, Grumpy Cat never became a slave to drugs of corruption. Grumpy Cat was unchanged by fame, he didn’t even allow fame to keep him from being grumpy. He had absolute artistic integrity. 🙂

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