Cat Shows Baby Who’s Boss

There are a lot of videos of cats head-butting people, but this is the only one in which the cat is bigger than the human. It looks like he’s trying to convey some important lesson to the baby. Please note the baby doesn’t cry: the cat isn’t hurting him.

It only hurts when they butt your hand while you’re trying to do a crossword puzzle.

5 comments on “Cat Shows Baby Who’s Boss

  1. That’s cute. Obviously, the cat wanted to be there, or it would have just left. It might have been more a matter of affection than anything else, but the cat didn’t realize it was able to knock this particular human over.

    It’s a good thing this didn’t happen out here in the Olde West. The famed Cat-a-lope, with its magnificent antlers can be a bit of a problem if they decide to head butt. 🙂

  2. I think most cats like small people with whom they feel on equal footing. this cat seems to enjoy the game and is gentle.

    1. It struck me that way, too. As Lee mentioned, there was a kitty kiss involved, along the way. Two innocent creatures playing.

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